Zombieland: Double Tap 2019 | Bar Fight Scene

It’s so cool he like wear that. Querq? Yeah? I think you got a little something here. Oh, what, that? Oh, yeah that just a… That just a tattoo. Sorry, you got a tattoo of a zombie bite? No, it’s just a tattoo I got one night in Bernalillo. Huh. All right, everybody. Just take it easy. Everything’s find. Nevada, why don’t you whip up some of your signature… All right. That was a little weird, huh? Yeah. All right. Just calm down. We’ll just have a drink have drink, you know. So we can just kind of celeb… Celeb… Excuse me. It’s okay It’s just nerves from the fight. Just… Uh, you guys, I think Albuquerque might be infected. Me? I’m infected? You got bit twice. Ah, Flagstaff! No, no, no, no, no. That’s a lie. Trust me. Okay? Trust me. I don’t get bit. I never get bit. Know I know you get bit. I don’t get bit either. We’re slippery. See? Are you okay? I’m find. I’m totally find. I’m find. You are? I’m find. Okay guys, he’s find. He’s find No, he’s not find. No. No. Flagstaff you starting to look like a T-800. Terminator 2. No. No, no, no! No! Move! Move! Get out of the way! Oof No! No! Flagstaff, you breaking like 10 commandents right now! This is for what you did to the Beast! Unh! Sorry. How you doing? Bad. How are you? Bad! Sorry shoes. Sorry Elvis. Oh shit. Oh! How you doing now? Still bad! you wanna swing? Which? How would that benefit me? Shit! Help! Shoot him! Shoot him! I don’t wanna hit you! Shit. Gun! Gun! Gun! Oh, shit! Stop shooting! I got this! Great, because I’m reloading! Don’t swing! Don’t swing! Don’t swing! Swing! Shit! No, no, no, not me! Not me! Oh fuck! Hasta la vista, baby. Thank you. Thank you very much. Those guys are dicks.

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