You Made This Summer INNcredible for Children’s Inn families

I love Camp INNcredible because I make new friends and I see new faces and we get to interact more. Camp INNcredible aims to provide different experiences for children going through clinical trials at the Clinical Center and part of that is having them feel like a child again and being able to experience things that children would be able to experience regardless of their illness and treatment. Our summer camp ties in our different programming initiatives ranging from therapeutic, recreational, and educational. Although summer camp is primarily educational we still tie in the other activities. So, therapeutic for example are horseback riding trips. Last year, when I was able to go I remembered seeing the kids shining so bright and being so excited because it was an experience that they’ve never had before, they’ve never gotten to go on a horse. There was one mom who actually teared up because she never thought her child would be able to get that type of experience. We partner with local communities and organizations to be able to make childhood possible and be able to make those experiences possible, especially during the summer when they’re missing out on opportunities with their families. Camp INNcredible at The Children’s Inn is very joyful. Muna and my brothers, they enjoy it, they even attend it every day. They never miss it when we come here. My favorite activity at Camp INNcredible is doing robotics. It’s so fun for us, this summer camp here and my son is so happy to be with his friends. I think the reason that donors are so important here is not only does it allow us to continue what we’re doing, but it helps us continue to exceed what we’re doing. It brings new experiences, it brings new programs, new activities. And so, thank you to the donors for this because for these children it really provides this experience that they won’t ever forget. Thank you to all our donors and volunteers who make Camp INNcredible possible at The Children’s Inn. I thank The Inn for making Camp INNcredible wonderful. And I enjoyed the summer in Camp INNcredible. It was my best summer.

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