YOLO Inn | 욜老 민박 [Gag Concert / 2018.01.20]

(YOLO Inn) There. What’s that? Dear. I put that up so that we have good fortune this year. – It looks just like him. / – Isn’t it nice? – Is that a drawing or a photo? / – Very nice. – Oh, right. / – Huh? Someone suspicious was walking around in front of our house and I’m so scared. Who was bothering my beloved Okbun? Don’t worry, Okbun. I’ll protect you forever. Really, dear? – Of course. / – Thank you. A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach! A cockroach… Hey! Why did you hit me so hard? You’re worse than a bug! I’m scared of cockroaches. Grandpa! – Grandpa! / – Gosh… What is it? I was playing a mobile game and I almost died from not taking a potion. Last night, I almost died from not taking my medication. You shouldn’t play mobile games at your age. Go run around and play outside. Then let’s have a sword fight! – A sword fight? Sounds fun. / – A sword fight. I’m the bad guy. Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! – Die! Die! Die! Die! / – Hold on… I’m going to die soon anyway. That’s upsetting. Let’s play something else. – Then let’s play 007. / – 007! 007? I’ll go first. – 0. / – 0! – 7. / – Bang! – Argh! / – Argh! – 0. / – 0! – 7. / – Bang! – Argh! / – Argh! – 0. / – 0! – 7. / – Bang! Why do you keep shooting me? How long will you keep shooting me? Until you die, grandpa. What do you mean? Why are you here? Grandpa. You can win all of this with just $1. – Really? / – Yeah! You’re giving that away? Dear… $1. Here you go. $1. How do I play? When I move the arrow like this, you just tell me when to stop. Then you get the prize I stopped on. – Isn’t that easy? / – Good luck, dear. Let’s do this. Here I go. Stop! (You lose) Too bad. – $1. / – $1. Let’s go. One more time. – Once again. / – Yeah. I’ll get a good one. Stop! Too bad! – Too bad! / – That’s strange. – One more time. / – Get a good one. See? I told you he likes to gamble! We got $2 already! What are you saying? You brats! Get back here! He quit gambling ages ago! Gosh… What do you mean? Dear. If you’re angry, some hot tea should cheer you up. Hot tea? Here you go. You like herbal tea, right? Sure. Hot! Hot! It’s hot? Let me see. That’s dirty. Don’t put your finger in. – It’s dirty, isn’t it? / – Yes. It isn’t hot. It isn’t hot? Not at all. I see something floating in here. It’s herbal tea. More like tongue tea. Why would you be so disgusting? I didn’t put my finger in. How is it? Delicious. It’s good? Dear, you like taffy, right? I do? I brought taffy. – I don’t like… / – Taffy. Alright, dear. This is too hard and big. I’ll break this apart… Why won’t this come apart? Put your back into it. Hold on. I can do this. What are you doing now? – Hold on… / – Gosh… I’ll break these apart for you. So many crumbs… That sure looks good. Didn’t that go up there? It didn’t. What’s that? Taffy. I got it from next door. You didn’t pull it out of your butt? My butt? It’s from next door. You eat this. You pulled that out of your butt… Hello. Hey there. – Hello. / – This is YOLO Inn, right? Yes. Sir, it’s so cold out. Hey! Hot tea! I’ll warm up with this. Sir! – I feel so warm now! / – Good. What’s this? It’s taffy. It’s cut up into bite-sized pieces. – Honey, ah. / – Ah. Delicious! – Thank you, sir! / – Sure. – Thank you. / – Sure. Bokdol. Bokdol. No, no. It’s a drawing. Just a drawing. Come here. Sir. I’m here to vaccinate for rabies. – Here’s my dog. / – Yes. Honey. My back really hurts. Oh, no. Should I put a pain relief patch on you? Yeah. Where? Should I stick it here? No, a bit higher. So right here? No, a bit higher. Here? Honey. I feel like someone’s watching us! Who’s watching? What are you talking about? The dog is giving the old man a shot. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s for real. Honey. Don’t you think this room is too hot? Yeah? Then should we change into lighter clothes? Don’t look, honey. – Alright. / – Dear. What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you all doing?

4 Replies to “YOLO Inn | 욜老 민박 [Gag Concert / 2018.01.20]”

  1. Jane Bordeos says:

    Ohh my
    Thats jhunho??
    Of 2d1n?
    Wow!!! His good comedian.
    Tnx for videos and english subtitle

  2. michelle says:

    Omg I love it when he uses knowledge from 2d1n to put in his skits!!!

  3. n a b i l a A says:


  4. Bella says:

    2:33 is that the girl on the participation show???

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