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YOLO Inn | 욜老 민박 [Gag Concert / 2017.09.09]

(YOLO Inn) Gosh… Today is the 60th year that I’ve been living with my husband. Okbun! Okbun! Gosh… Dear. Where have you been all day? Today is the 20,000th day since we met. – 20,000… / – So I picked 20,000 flowers for you. They’re beautiful. Let me put this on you. Hold on. How do I look? Pretty? So pretty! You look so pretty! This remind me of when I first met you. When we first met? Shall we go back to that time? Really? I’ll strip first. What are you doing? Why would you start stripping? To wash my back! We met when you washed my back. Oh, right! Silly me. I washed your back when we first met. – Gosh… That hurt. / – Gosh… Why does it hurt so much when it was so silent? Gosh, I bet that hurts. Thank you… For teaching me how to love. I’m thankful you taught me how to be loved. Stop it. People are watching. We can cover up with this. But they’ll still see. No, they won’t. Come on, brother. I told you someone would see! Someone will see! Wait up! This is so tiring. – Are you okay? / – Where did you kids come from? Who are you? Hello, we live in the village nearby… – I’m Deulle… / – And I’m Dallae. Deulle an Dallae. Sir, give me any newspapers you have. I want them, I want them. – What’s with this fool? / – My brother isn’t a fool! Gosh… So what brings you here? I’m sorry, sir. But do you have any empty bottles? – Empty bottles? / – We don’t. No empty bottles. But I have some candy. – Want some? / – That’s alright. I got cookies. Want some? That’s alright. Then what do you want? Nothing. It’s alright. Tell me what you really want. $5,000. – $5,000? / – We don’t have $5,000. We don’t have $5,000. We accept credit card too. Oh, come on! – Why you… / – Stop hitting my big brother! – Gosh… / – Dallae, he’s mean. Let’s go. – But we should still say good-bye. / – Right. How polite. Go ahead. Sir, you’ve been living for too long. – I’ve been living for too long? / – No… – You said it wrong. / – Right. Tell him. Sir, I hope you live until this year. – Nice! Let’s go! / – What? Get over here! – Hurry! / – Get back here! You brats! Dear… Dear, don’t get angry. It’s a good day today. – Our 20,000th day. / – Right. I made some yellow corvina. – Your favorite. / – You made yellow corvina? Gosh… I bet your back hurts. You have a cold too. Why’d you make this? – You love yellow corvina. / – I sure do. Go ahead. – Is it okay? / – I’m fine. I meant is the fish okay? The fish is fine. Eat up. This is too disgusting to eat. Eat up. If you’re in love, you can eat this stuff. – Alright. / – Go ahead. – How’s that? / – Delicious. I picked up a peach on the way here. I love peaches. I picked this up so it’s a bit dirty. That looks delicious. Hold on… – Dear… / – Here you go. I’ll eat it later. If you’re in love, you can eat this stuff. – I’ll eat it later. / – Eat it. I ate the fish. Eat it. I’ll eat it later. – I ate the fish… Promise. / – I’ll eat it afterwards. – You promised. Eat it. / – I will after it’s over. – I’ll eat it. / – Alright. – I’ll make sure. / – Alright. This is good. Dear… – Come here. / – What is it? You got some on your face. Even after 60 years of living together, you still can’t look into my eyes. I’m so shy and I get butterflies. – Look at me. / – No! – Come on. Look at me. / – No! – Look at me. / – Anyone there? Who are you? I don’t see so well. Sir, I booked a room at this inn. – You did. / – Honey, it’s over here! – Wow, this place is great. / – Right? Hello! So what’s the story between you two? It’s our 100th day as a couple. And this is our first trip together. Eat up and enjoy yourselves. Really? Wow! A peach! This looks delicious. – This is yummy. / – Thank you. – I bet you are. / – Thank you. – You can go to your room. / – Thank you. – I’ll bring some rice punch. / – The fish… Good. – I’ll bring some out. / – I’ll go feed the cow. Alright. Cow. That’s it, cow. Oh, come on… You young fool! – Gosh… / – Get over here! Sir! Please hear us out. This fool started showing off with his jump rope and I tripped over it and now I’m in a cast! You’re the one that tripped… – You jerk… / – What are you doing at my house? Honey, stop it. Come here. I’m shy. It’s just us two here. So what? Hold on. I feel like someone’s listening from outside. Nobody’s listening. No. I was jumping rope… You jerk! – I was jumping rope… / – I never jumped rope! – Nobody is listening. / – Really? Why do your lips look like cherries? – My lips look like cherries? / – Yeah. Let’s kiss. Oh, gosh! – Come on… / – Have some rice punch. You jerk! You punk! Eat the hay! What are you doing? You hooligans! Get out. Look at this crazy cow! Those guys are bad guys! You’re the same! Get out. I can’t stand the sight of you. Gosh… I lived 60 years with a man like that. I’ll die early… Ow, my heart hurts. My heart… My heart must be broken. Honey, it’s so great being alone. I love being here with you too. Really?

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