36 Replies to “World’s ONLY Hello Kitty Wooden Igloo Hotel in Japan”

  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    Here's a link to my Toe-kyo Merch – https://teespring.com/stores/paolofromtokyo
    Check me out on the daily, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paolofromtokyo/
    Naruto Theme Park Video – https://youtu.be/7CsvwGLTx7s

  2. Nikki Villemaire says:

    I am subscribed to 20 something year old Englishman YouTuber (Pinkstylist) and he Loves (not likes) Hello Kitty! I'm pretty that if he stayed at the Hello Kitty hotel, he probably would never want to leave!

  3. BangTan Otaku says:

    Naw man, this video only made me hungry and wishful to visit that beautiful place

  4. Breanna Bunny says:

    I'd love to stay here! But my boyfriend would only go with me to make me happy LOL He doesn't like Hello Kitty much. I'm more of a MyMelody fan, but this is too cute to pass up! I want to go! I might want to make my own Hello Kitty bean bag since the one in the video is so adorable

  5. Andi H says:

    Hello Kitty overkill!

  6. Jaipiet says:

    Wow just found your videos, awesome, I looked up the price for the HK cocoon, and not sure 92,0002,000 yen per night per the hotel website.

  7. Erica Verbich says:

    Thank you for all your videos! My boyfriend and I love watching, and we actually just booked another trip to Japan after watching your videos and remembering how great our trips have been.. and how you always show us that there is still so much to see 🙂

  8. Grace Billing says:

    Omg your life is amazing and your energy makes my day . Keep being you 💗

  9. LateNightCrazies says:

    I want to go to there

  10. Kauan Oliveira says:

    Do they speak English

  11. Peni Parker says:

    I definitely wanna go to that hotel when I visit Japan

  12. Lego man says:

    First few sentences with references from a popular song, that's genius. And genuine.

  13. Jovie says:

    can you do q&A with Maiko pls

  14. Stephan Bruno says:

    Looks like the Smurf Village.

  15. Michael Hughes says:

    Holy cow!! My girls are gonna LOVE THIS. Thanks for this vlog;gonna make reservations for the near future. Thanks large, Paolo!

  16. Victoria Alimboyoguen says:

    My teacher would love that place

  17. Private Faces says:

    My daughter is now bugging me to take her there. Lol

  18. Care Lynn says:

    This is just AMAZING! My 3 Lil Granddaughters would Absolutely Love this 💖💗💜

  19. Melesio Rocha says:

    OH HELL YEAH HELLO MOTO MOTO🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎🤑🤑🤑

  20. mosindesire says:

    Love your energy when you talk about the food. Question, why as the dining hall or restaurant empty when you was there for dinner? Did you go at a odd time?

  21. Rochelle Ann Mallari says:

    So pogi naman nung hotel staff 😍😍😍😍

  22. alex montoya says:

    Hie maiko

  23. nil magsino says:

    Can you please do a video about Fujiko F. Fujio Museum in Kawasaki? I'm planning to visit Japan in 2020. Thanks a lot.

  24. cross roads says:

    That some sexy filipino english accent dude. 👍

  25. David Alobwede says:

    That beef looks good

  26. Osmo Osmo says:

    Hello Kitty truck…https://youtu.be/VcAnDV7_Q9I

  27. Rex Gilliam says:

    What are those soup pots called? the double story ones that are featured 10:30 into the video. Thanks.

  28. XcomicAX says:

    I would low key just get some ramen, rice, beef, pork, miso soup, and yea

  29. Haley Alexander says:

    I live in Africa and I have been to a karate Championship in Japan. I've never been to this place, so next time I'll see if I can go there. If I never saw this video, I would not have known about this place.

  30. Adbeel Karin Cálix Ponce says:

    Paolo make a video about Halloween in Tokyo please nyo!

  31. Shyho Gaming says:


  32. Aditya Chauhan says:

    The only reason I clicked was that I thought it was naruto theme park park 2

  33. wow pow22 says:

    When you wanna go to the hello kitty resort but youre allergic to seafood 🙃

  34. Ningthoujam Ajit Singh says:


  35. aukai says:

    As a Hello Kitty fan, I can see my future home in this video

  36. Nicholas Nunez says:

    I'm so jealous 😫 ur in Japan I want to visit so badly 😭

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