World’s largest Underwater Restaurant | The “Under” in Norway | Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant

„My name is Nicolai Ellitsgaard and I am
the headchef here in „Under“. And my ambition with this restaurant is to show tot he rest
oft he world the variety of different kind of seafood, that we have here in the southern
Part of norway and try to teach people more about thinggs in
the ocean, that you can eat.“ „You get so inspired just looking out the
window. New ideas will start popping up all the time. Just by looking out the window we
got inspired to do a desert with sea wheat. Because we saw,how the sea wheat was dancing
in the waves. Adn b y serving these ingredients we hope that we can wake up some people to
see, that there is more in the ocean, that most oft he people know and use.“ „My name is Kim Halvorsen, I am a marine
biologist, trying to understand what is going on in costal waters. Now I am working together
with the restaurant „Under“. And thsi place is unique, because you actually go from
land down in the deep and you can see there and observe everything in a way that is not
possible otherwise. It is trip into another world. So that is actually one of the few
places inthe world, where you can make discoveries.“ „I am taxing them all the time, when I find
something new, sea wheat or a shell, I am taxing: what is this, what ist hat, can we
eat it.“ „This is my kitchen garden. I love, being
in nature and averytime I go to work, I do not have to drive 15 minutes to do something
in nature, I can stadn here 5 minutes , fourish some sea wheat , go in the restaurant and
start cooking with it, that is pretty amazing.…this one has the taste of a thruffle. It is pretty
cool, I think to use sea wheat, that hast he same taste of thruffle, because I do not
really want to use thruffle, because we do not have any thruffle here in the southern
part.“ „I do not think anybody comes purely for
the food here. I think it ist he whole expereience, that will draw people.“ „I would not value one more than the other.
I would try to get a table at the window.“ „You know, fish can recognize human faces.
Mabe they are looking more at us, than we are looking at them.“ „I think, that is quite curious: they are
looking at you, eating their brothers.“ „I think, they hope, we will not eat them
as we…“ „ We do not want to tell people, what they
are going to eat, when they come.It should be a surprise. If you know, what you are going
to eat, then you have already set in your head: I do not like that. But if you just
get it served and with the presentation, than you will be like: woooh and taste it then
: nice and beautiful. The restaurant here ist just as it is: mindblowing and the food
should just be as mindblowing as well. And right here I have the chance to do the kind
of cooking, that I really love.“

15 Replies to “World’s largest Underwater Restaurant | The “Under” in Norway | Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant”

  1. My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

    First. And largest.

  2. Ruslan Kagirov says:

    The case when the building is matter.

  3. Kutter_TTL says:

    Has anyone noticed later in the piece, the audio and the video don't quite sync up?

  4. Stian Kolnes Thomassen says:

    Beautiful shot mini-documentary!

  5. vaio_pv says:

    I wished the tables were wider and chairs were more that library chairs.

  6. Suhail Mohamed says:

    This isn't the first. Here in Maldives, we already have an underwater restaurant.

  7. Jonàs Valls Bosch says:

    Good idea but I don't like the building.

  8. meandafantasy says:

    I love the sincerity of the head chef – "what is this? what is that? can I eat it?" 😀

  9. s Jones says:

    This is not the first

  10. kuton michael says:

    Look at you eating them brother.. Lol 😂

  11. Cranky Knuckles says:

    Where is the SHARK???:)

  12. Peter Piper says:

    £199 for an unknown 18 course meal – no risk, no fun! I reckon I'd try it if I had the chance.

  13. berlinSunRise says:

    0:16 that music does not fit at all

  14. didiandiano says:

    Such a cool design but at such a bad location! Bad visibility and only seaweed to look at. Imagine this at a tropical location with crystal clear waters, coral reef and colourful fishes.

  15. Dawn Zuppelli says:

    it would be better vegan.

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