Why Hotels Never Provide Toothpaste and 16 Other Insights

Staying at a hotel, you expect a certain level
of service. But what you probably don’t realize is that
hotels have lots of secrets and rules you’re not supposed to know. So how about looking under the hotel bed and
finding out what they hide from you? Here’s my list starting with: 1. Hotels don’t provide guests with toothpaste
for two main reasons: it’s either too expensive or, surprisingly, not expensive enough. For budget hotels, buying toothpaste, which
qualifies as a medical product, costs too much; for 5-star hotels, on the other hand,
there isn’t any toothpaste manufacturer that’s upscale enough to be present in their
rooms. Also, choice of toothpaste is a very personal
issue, and what’s fine for one guest might be unacceptable for another. 2. Ever wondered why they never use fitted sheets
in hotels? They might be convenient, but they’re impractical
for hotel use. The sheets are changed much more often than
you do it at home, and the elastic becomes worn out all too soon. Besides, it’s a nightmare to store fitted
sheets: they have to be of two different sizes, one for either type of bed. It’s just easier to take two universal flat
sheets per double bed and get on with it. 3. Speaking of sheets, you must have noticed
that bed linen and towels in hotels are almost always white. This has two very different explanations,
though they don’t preclude one another. The first is convenience, of course: when
everything is white, it’s easy to wash it all together and use bleach to get rid of
any possible stains. The second explanation, however, is customer
experience: according to public polls, people perceive white color as luxurious and fresh,
which makes their stay more pleasant. 4. Hotels overbook their rooms on a regular basis
and sometimes must ask guests with reservations to choose another hotel when they’ve already
arrived. This happens because there’s always a certain
number of no-show guests, and hotel managers take the risk of overbooking not to lose money. Often, however, you’ll be safe if you’ve
paid for a room in advance, not just booked it. 5. If you see an unusually attractive price for
a room on a website, be careful: it might not include a mandatory “resort fee.” If you have an option to pay for a room in
advance, you’ll see the final cost at the checkout. It’ll normally list the initial price you
saw before booking and all the extra charges, resort fee included. If you decide to pay at the hotel, though,
you might be up for a surprise when you check out, so always make sure to read the fine
print. 6. The time of check-in and check-out is fixed
not to annoy you. It’s done so that you don’t barge in onto
guests who stayed in the room you’ve booked, and the hotel staff could clean the room and
prepare it for the next guest’s arrival. By the way, the check-out time is normally
about 11 am to 12 pm because hotels care about your well-being. They not only let you have your breakfast,
but also give you some time to prepare for departure without hurry. 7. You may have seen a rather weird thing in
many hotels: a phone in the bathroom, especially just next to the toilet. If you wonder who would need such an amenity,
you’d probably be surprised to know that it’s an actual requirement for hotels to
receive a 4-diamond rating from AAA. But come to think of it, this also makes pretty
good sense: for example, if you slip and fall on the wet floor of the bathroom, a phone
can be handy to call for help. 8. Most hotels have a safe in every room to protect
your valuable belongings, such as documents, jewelry, or even excess cash you don’t want
to carry around in an unfamiliar place. But it might be wiser to choose some other
way to ensure their security. The thing is, hotel safes use pass codes instead
of regular locks, so chances are that someone in the hotel might know the master code. If a potential burglar somehow learns this
code, they’ll be able to open any safe in any room — including yours. How do you protect your stuff when traveling? Let me know down in the comments! 9. Returning to bathrooms, which I often do,
I don’t know if you noticed, but hotels typically don’t provide plungers in rooms. This isn’t some security fault: it’s done
on purpose. You see, hotels want you to have a feeling
that you’re the first person ever to enter the room you’re staying in. It’s a question of your comfort, which is
the primary concern of any respectable hotel. And a plunger in the bathroom, according to
anonymous polls, makes people think that the toilet may malfunction at some point, which
doesn’t help the image. So, no plunger for you, sorry. 10. Most — if not all — hotels have fully
carpeted floors, and there’s a couple of very good reasons for that. First, it’s your safety: you’re far less
likely to slip and fall on a carpet than on a wooden or tiled floor. Secondly, it’s much more cost-effective
because it’s faster and cheaper to replace a spoiled carpet than change the whole flooring
in a room. And finally, carpets add to the sound-proofing,
which you’ll be thankful for if you have overly active neighbors. 11. If you think that a star rating of a hotel
makes it better or worse depending on the number of stars, I’ve got a surprise for
you. The number of stars only represents the amount
of facilities and services this or that hotel has, such as free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool,
a 24-hour reception desk, and so on. A hotel might have 5 stars but still be dirty
and unfriendly, while a 2-star one could provide fewer amenities but be a much more inviting
place. That’s why it’s best to check guests’
reviews before choosing a hotel to stay at. 12. If your hotel has card keys with magnetic
strips, make sure you put your key card apart from your cell phone and wallet. The problem is that key cards are re-written
quite a lot, and they’re designed for that process to be quick and easy. So a fairly strong magnet, like the one in
your cell phone, can erase your key card, and you won’t be able to get inside your
room. The hotel will surely provide you with a new
card, but that’s still inconvenient. 13. Ever wondered what a continental breakfast
is and why it’s called so? In fact, the name comes from the UK (which
is a group of islands), and it means a breakfast that’s served in the continental Europe. It may include pastry, sliced bread with different
toppings, meat, cheese, fruit juice, and hot beverages. 14. Many hotels only accept credit cards as a
form of payment, and without one you won’t be able to book a room directly or use the
paid services provided by the place. It may seem counterintuitive, but it makes
perfect sense. Booking a room is just the first step of your
stay at a hotel. During your vacation or business trip, you
might use the mini bar or other paid services that you’ll only have to pay for at the
check-out. If your debit card has not enough funds on
it to cover all your expenses, the hotel has no means to get their money apart from suing
you. If you pay with a credit card, however, all
the additional costs go to the bank, and everyone’s happy. 15. Many people think that hotels usually don’t
have ceiling light fixtures to create an intimate and at-home atmosphere, but that’s only
partly true. In fact, there are hotel rooms with ceiling
lights, but they’re mostly of an expensive type. The real reason for that is, as usual, the
economy. Wall fixtures and lamp stands are much easier
and cheaper to maintain and service, while ceiling lights take a lot more money to install
and replace. Still, wall lamps do create an intimate surrounding,
don’t they? 16. Choosing between a cheaper and more expensive
hotel, think about what the purpose of your stay is. Expensive doesn’t always mean better: budget
hotels often provide lots of free services to their guests, while posh ones will likely
charge extra for everything they can. This happens because cheaper hotels are focused
on independent travelers, often coming with families or partners, who pay for everything
from their own pocket. In case of expensive ones, the target audience
is business travelers, whose companies pay for their stay, so they can simply bill all
their costs to the guest’s employer. 17. Isn’t it kinda annoying that many hotels
don’t have a socket near the bed? In fact, the time is to blame in this case. Lots of hotels around the world were built
before mobile phones and other portable devices became so popular and widespread. Back then, of course, they didn’t need bedside
sockets, and many of them haven’t yet caught up with the times. You can avoid this issue if you stay at a
hotel that’s been built relatively recently. To sum up, it may be just a plug to you, but
it’s sock it to me! (Those of you of a certain age will actually
get that joke.) Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
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