‘Why Are You An Ass?’ πŸ‘ Bar Rescue S7 Sneak Peek

So this bar is owned
by Mike. – Put that on that.
– Jon: Mike is in debt.
You ready? – A million dollars.
– No. Mike’s losing
about $15,000 a month.
He’s almost out of money. I don’t know why all
the ( bleep ) round trays
are downstairs. God ( bleep )! – There’s Jay.
– ( bleep ) – ( bleep )!
– Jon: That’s Mike’s son. – What can I get ya?
– Can I get cherry vodka sour? That is the bartender right
there, whose name is Vanessa. I’m sorry, I listened,
but I didn’t listen. – Cherry vodka sour.
– ( giggles ) Do we know how long
Vanessa’s been working there? Jon: Two weeks. So, there’s Joel. Joel leases out
the food operation. – Taco plate.
– Jon: And there’s Joel, Jr.,
his son. They run it
as their own business. Now, Chef,
I hear through the grapevine that their food is
actually good. I mean, it looks like
a pretty nice taco – that he’s eating there, right?
– Yeah. But how greasy are his hands
when he’s done? When you go bowling, do you want
grease on your fingers? – No.
– The science of food in
a bowling center, is it shouldn’t detract
from your game. The food is mistargeted. So to keep all these lanes
running… – That’s a lot of lanes.
– …in the back… I almost ( bleep ) it up. – …Myles, Sr. and Myles, Jr.
– Yes. Myles, Sr. has been fired
nine times. He’s been hired ten times. – Okay.
– Mike: Myles. I need you in back. So there’s Christalle.
Christalle is Myles, Sr.’s
daughter. Tonight, one of their bartenders
got in a car accident. She’s fine, but she can’t
come to work tonight. Well, I’m a hairstylist
by trade. Jon: So Myles says my daughter
can bartend. She has a bartending license. – Great.
– Hi, guys.
How’s everybody tonight? This is very much a family
business if you think about it. ( bleep ) beer is warm. – Is it?
– ( bleep ) yeah, it is. Jon: We have three separate
family dynamics working in here all at once. Oh, shoot.
It’s been a while. – Got it?
– Yeah. Here’s what I know.
I know this place has
incredible turnover. ( bleep ) bullshit. Jon: I know that the staff
does not like Michael. I know the customers
don’t like Mike. I don’t know why, but there’s
something about Mike… I’ll be back for that. …that’s alienating employees,
alienating customers. I’m concerned
that Mike is just… a dick. So for recon tonight I brought
in some younger local singles to see how the staff
treats them. – Oh!
– Oh, I’m gonna get fired
for that. I won’t tell him. I hear he’s a real jerk. Don’t like Mike. Can we do three lemon drop
shots, please? – Lemons–
– I have to go get lemons
because there’s no lemon. They have no lemon.
None of this is good. Be right back. Come on up, Jeep. What does it take to get a drink
around here? Who’s behind the bar right now with our bartender walking out
of the bar? Look at the bottle of whiskey
sitting on the bar. Can we just pour our own shots? You can really help yourself.
There’s a shot glass. There’s the whiskey.
We’re good to go. – I’m sorry. You’re welcome.
– Thank you. Alex: So we finally got
the lemon drops. – Wonder what that tastes like.
– Jon: We’ll find out in a
second. Ugh. Holy ( bleep ). Ooh, I wouldn’t say
that was successful. They’re bitter. Can we order another drink?
Can I do an Old Fashioned? – Old Fashioned?
– Yeah. They ordered three
Old Fashioneds. Thanks. Holy ( bleep ). It’s not what I was thinking. Honestly, she was happier
when she didn’t have a drink. Do you mind
if I get a water? – Sir?
– Excuse us. – What?
– Can I get a water? – Man: Uh-oh.
– I’ll be with you when I’m
done. Okay? If you’re trying to get under
my skin, you’re getting there. Whoa.
Shots fired. – Alex: What?
– Anthony: He asked for a water. They’re the biggest spenders
in the room, I think. Why would he disrespect them? Can we get a drink over here? – What can I get you?
– Um… three shots, please. – How much?
– Five dollars. Okay. Talk about a bad night. How many shots have you had
in the last hour? This man’s gonna argue
with his customer. – They’re cut off.
– Ah. – Oh.
– Mike: No more.
Can’t serve you more – than three shots in an hour.
– We’ve only had one. – He said you were cut off.
– Why? Because I said so. – How much do you weigh?
– Why does that matter? That’s how much
you can drink. Wow, he’s an asshole. And I can actually ask–
tell you that I’m not gonna serve you any
more if you wanna keep it up. – And he’s putting his hands on
– I’m so uncomfortable that he keeps touching him. I’m not serving you any more. You got a little bit smart. To the wrong person. Well, yeah,
but it’s my place. – Why are you the wrong person?
– I’m the owner. Why don’t you leave? – Whoa!
– Oh! You want me to show you
how I’ll call the sheriff? I can’t watch this.
This is unbelievable. – It’s time to get under Mike’s
– Uh-oh. He’s gonna lay into him. – Hey, guys.
– …drink until we get– – How are you?
How many drinks have you had?
– Hi. – Uh, two.
– Jon: Two? You intoxicated at all? – No.
– No? No. – Do they appear intoxicated
to you?
– No. How would you feel if I put my hand on your
shoulder like you did him? And pretty much said
I don’t like you. I don’t want you here
because I said so. I guess I’d be upset. You’d be upset because the
person who did that to you
would be an ass, correct? – Yes.
– Why were you an ass to him? I wanna understand.

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  1. Queen-Wolf88's Youtube channel says:

    I would never work for this asshole

  2. Dylan B says:

    Looks hella scripted lol

  3. The Price is Right Review says:

    Oooh I so wanna watch this episode

  4. Alex Stringfield says:

    And people wonder why people hate boomer owned businesses.

  5. Cameron Heidelauf says:

    I like what John taffer just said about Mike he is a dick lol that just made me laugh out loud here

  6. fourtwentynick says:

    Lmfao I love how they put the Peach Emoji in the title

  7. cliff dewey says:

    2:38 lol

  8. andyt2k says:

    Lol Johns undercover's getting kicked out

  9. Silas Halden says:

    This bad is more incestual than a mobile trailer park in Alabama

  10. bp exotics says:

    what ep is this

  11. SunnyKip Denny says:

    OOOOOOOH BRING IT ON, I can’t wait to watch this episode.

  12. Regular Invader says:

    Miles Sr. Was fired 9 times and hired 10 times?🀨

  13. 667mumble says:

    Dude was more than an ass, he was a douchebag

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