Why are lodges in the Kruger National Park so expensive? Rhino Africa’s Travel Tips

Hi I’m Sarah, explaining the cost so you’re
not lost, and this is Rhino Africa’s Travel Tips Today we want to know, why are lodges in the
Kruger National Park so expensive? This is a common question many of our consultants
get and yes, at first glance your price can seem high. But when you stay at a lodge in the Kruger,
or anywhere of a comparable standard, your accommodation cost will come with many added
extras, even your park fees. It will include three delicious meals a day,
all game drives in a private vehicle with a ranger and a tracker too. It often includes a high tea, sundowners and
local drinks as well. SO that means all the gin and tonics your
heart desires. It’s an all-inclusive safari and one that
you’ll always remember, a trip of a lifetime that is worth every cent. Another factor is that the premier lodges
are all based in concessions, private reserves within the Kruger, and you’ll enjoy an exclusive
experience within the reserve. For example, there is a limit to the number
of vehicles per sighting, so you’ll never have to battle other vehicles for views of the
wildlife and the rangers will know exactly where to go to find the animals. To find out more about the Kruger National
Park visit our website rhinoafrica.com, and if you liked this video don’t forget to
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