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Whitetail Resort – 2019 Fangun Project

okay welcome back to whitetail project
on bold decision 2019 a unique feature of this project was was the steep
terrain it the vertical on bold is it’s actually kind of
dangerous but we got through it we started setting the volts
we got the volts in and then we started making piers out of concrete versus a
concrete vault these piers are about two and a half yards of concrete we had to
transport them also with our track hoe and again the unique the the scary part
of it was was the steep terrain after we got our bases in we started setting
towers and once we got the tower set we started setting the fan guns we did put
in 42 new fan gun Technos m12 we put in five tr-8 we did project on
snow park and bold decision plus drop-in the reason we chose to go with our
headquarters chose to go with more tech news this year they use less power that
means that we don’t need to run the compressors as much they make their own
air where we have a an air plant that produces the air these have their own
air compressors and it’s more cost efficient. Another unique thing was this
summer we had no rain, no rain is happy here we’ve got to get a lot done we do
have the wiring left of course we’re working a little wiring today we have to
wire all the guns up and so we’re excited you’re gonna have some nice snow
and bold decision and snow park this year plus drop in
thanks for being with us today we hope to see you back here this winter enjoy
the Powder on Bold, Drop In, Snow Park and the rest of the mountain

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