Which is the best honeymoon & family resort in Munnar? Enjoying Munnar on A Rainy Day

Hello everyone. This is Sujith Bhakthan from Tech Travel Eat. Its drizzling here, slightly cold, misty Munnar! How will it be? Wont it be awesome. So we are going to Munnar in the rainy season. I like going to hill stations when its slightly raining. Especailly going around in off season is my passion If you are coming to Munnar, you should drive Munnar Thekady route atleast upto Koothar You can see lots of tea plants and orange trees on both sides of the road. You can see the tea plantaion here There are orange trees in the middle of that. Lots of oranges are seen ripe on the tree. Lets go check it out I am now standing below an orange tree. Its written here that you should not pluck oranges. Its not correct to pluck from another persons place. So I am not plucking any. Its drizzling now. I am standing between tea plants below an orange tree. You can see oranges ripe on the trees from far itself. I cant resist myself but I am not supposed to pluck so leave it. Now its 3.45pm. We are now in the Munnar Thekkady route. Seeing the climate we thought we shall stay somewhere around here itself. I checked goibibo and found a hotel Golden Ridge and got it in a good offer. So we are going to stay there today Its Golden Ridge. Its close by. I think its a small property. Lets go and check it out. My choice wasnt too bad. I understood that after I came here. I am standing in front of the hotel now Its an awesome place. Its raining, misty.. I am enjoying it. We saw this space and thought of taking a video Now we are going to the reception I am first time seeing a cardamom chain like this. Is it for me? Its very good. We have checked in. This is a luxury valley view cottage. It has an awesome valley view here. Its very foggy outside. If you open the door it will come inside too. Lets see the room and come. Its a huge room with a good bed. I liked these chairs a lot Here they have TV and all the amenities. Nice mirror They have a mini bar. Lets check the bathroom Its huge. You can run around here. Its a very good one Almost all the common amenities are here. Its good. I had an awesome massage from here. They have a spa here. I took an ayurvedic massage. The massage was average. Had a steam bath and feel so relaxed now. Now we are going to have food. From the time we got here the fog hasnt reduced Its full time foggy here. An awesome ambiance. The fog is still there so its cold too. Good restaurant and good ambiance. Now its 11am. We are in a relaxation mood. Should go out and see around the local places. There is an activity called spice walk. Shall go there. After that there is a place called Muniyara. Shall go and see that too. We just had food and came. There is a nice swing here. There are activities like carroms here Then you have indoor games too. Its nice to relax here Its almost noon but still its cold. You can see the mist rising up. Nice to see it go. Its an awesome view You can see a 180degree view from up here The main advantage here is that. You have a mountain or valley view here Its not moutain. Its an awesome valley view The main attraction here is spice visit. They have a big cardamom plantation here You can see lots of cardamoms here Its so nice to walk between them. We are walking all around. There are lots to see. Basically cardamoms need cold climate. You can feel the cold when walking here We finished the cardamom visit and now we are going to see Muniyara. Its 3-4km steep down from where I stay. Only then you can go to this place. We have mountains on both the sides filled with mist. I am in the middle of both the mountains. Our Golden Ridge resort is on top of this mountain. We had seen this rising mist from the hotel. Now we are going to see Muniyara. Its an awesome place. We are now at Muniyara. We are now on top of a mountain. We walked up here. You can see lots of room likes here. This is where British people stayed long back. That is what is said I am not standing in front of an ARA. You have enough space in this Here there is another one. It is all made up of stones These rocks are carved or cut and made to these types of rooms here. There are lots of different places in Munnar to check out other than the normal ones. This is one of the best places. If you havent come to Munnar, then do come here and find out this place. It will surely be a good experience for you guys. We stayed here peacefully for 2 days. I hope all of you liked this video. Do subscribe to see our Malayalam travel videos. If you are watching it on facebook then do like my page. If you liked the video, then do share it with your friends. Until we meet with my next video, bye bye

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    Been on this route OMG tghe Munnar-Thekkady stretch ! Full of spice trees like cardamom, black pepper on one side, tea plantations on the other…. although we couldn't spot wild elephants at Thekkady, the boating on lake and the visit were worth it. Would love to repeat on a monsoon day. Beautiful breathtaking India! God bless India!

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