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What Would Average Andy Do for a Klondike Bar?

I should have mentioned
this before the show. I didn’t see you. Um. I’m sorry. I got busy and I didn’t
have a chance to tell you. But this was in the contract. Stay on the dot or else
you’re going to fall off. Why is this happening? It’s not– it’s the
Klondike request. I didn’t do it. Give me your glasses. Please. You can’t let this air. I have to let it air. It’s in the contract. Klondike– I’m not going
to say no to Klondike. I mean– Listen– There’s no end to this torture. They also requested– and
this is in the contract– that you hold this out. My God. Put this out also. In your other hand. Can you see me? How long does this
have to happen for? The whole show. Like that. No. Straight out.

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