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What to See at Eden Nature Park & Resort

We are here at beautiful Eden Nature Park
and Resort As you can see in my background It says ‘I love Eden’ or ‘I heart Eden’ I truly agree to that statement I really love this place I’ve been here 10 or so times And I’m still in awe every time I come here One of the free amenities of the resort Would be the mountain trail which we tried To follow, I think a fourth of the way yesterday And this part is actually also a free area
for guests You can take photos here and There’s a sort of gazebo good for weddings
in the background I dont know if you can see it The Fishing Village and swimming pool Are free for overnight guests Entrance is free We went to the swimming pool earlier and We had a lot of fun even though We only stayed for probably half an hour The Fishing Village is actually a fun part
of the resort as well You can fish tilapia, cream dory and catfish But one of the staff members also told me
that They have milkfish or bangus sometimes You can have your catch cooked in their kitchen And served around the fishing area as well Or in your room Another free part of the resort would be the
playground We had Indiana Jones, that’s the free ride And there is a sort of old-fashioned playground Where they have swings and slides and climbing
areas It’s among the pine trees so it’s a shaded
area It’s very enjoyable for kids Guests at Eden Nature Park who are not staying
overnight Can avail of a guided shuttle tour Actually it’s still available for overnight
guests If you want to avail of the guided shuttle
tour You can just book it at the Day Tour Center The guided shuttle tour lasts for 45 minutes And it has three stopovers The first stopover would be the flower garden It’s a huge manicured garden With different types of flowers There are fields of flowers there It’s very pretty and colorful On that part as well is the sunken amphitheater Which is a great venue for weddings There’s also the rainbow pass Right beside the amphitheater It’s a good place to take photos Especially if you are looking at Pre-nuptial or engagement shoots It’s a very conducive place because it’s romantic The second stop for the guided shuttle tour Would be the Tinubdan Tinubdan means origin or well-spring It’s a cultural village Where you can find sculptures of the Bagobo
tribe Depicting scenes of the Bagobo tribe of Davao Close to that would be a nipa hut The nipa hut is actually the traditional Filipino
dwelling And you can see the regular fixtures inside
it Like a ladder going up to the attic side Where the bedroom is supposed to be And then just seats and where they can cook
their food It’s a very simple house made of bamboo, on
stilts The next stop is Lola’s Garden ‘Lola’ is Filipino for grandmother The garden is called that way because All the plants in that garden are actually A grandmother’s favorite In Lola’s Garden is one of the most iconic
parts of Eden Nature Park which is Mayumi’s Wishing
Well The wishing well is covered, or The water of the wishing well is covered With gumamela flowers of different colors It’s actually the perfect place for a selfie If you’re into that kind of trend That young ones like us do Every time we go to beautiful places like
this Lola’s Garden also has a concrete carabao Or water buffalo which would not really complain No matter how many times you climb or ride
on it There is also a herb garden right below Lola’s
Garden Where the restaurant gets the herbs for their
recipes You can see a very nice view of Davao City In Lola’s Garden So that’s pretty much it for the guided shuttle
tour I’ll you guys next time on my next review Thank you so much for watching today’s video If you liked the video Please click on the thumbs up Subscribe to Philippine Traveler for more
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