WHAT TO DO in TAMAN NEGARA rainforest – Excursion from Mutiara Taman Negara [Malaysia Vlog 5]

If you are new here, I am Eileen I have traveled to 42 countries Now it’s time for country number 43 together with my boyfriend Jose. I traveled to Malaysia Malaysia is situated in Southeast Asia and has borders with Thailand Singapore Indonesia and Brunei. we traveled around mainland, Malaysia for 18 days And we took a bus to come here to the river and now we are going to take boat About three hours to go to the jungle Good morning from the rainforest in Malaysia, Taman Negara It’s again a beautiful day, very peaceful Got a good night’s sleep Hiking in the rainforest a deer! So here we are the salt lick, where we just saw a deer. But there are also tapirs here and bears This tree is huge it’s one of the tallest trees in the rainforest There’s something there but I don’t know what This is what we saw yesterday with a bird in it and now it’s gone flying First tropical rain in the rainforest, of course, it is called a rainforest for something We left for a half day excursion from our hotel So we came by boat here and We are what is supposed to be the biggest tree in the forest And it is really big 2nd stop Mahseer Fish Sanctuary 3rd stop, walk to Lata Berkoh waterfall It’s a hornbill! Hello everybody, we arrived at the Cameron Highlands and we are here in the strawberry Park Resort

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