What I Eat in a Day (moved into my NYC apartment!)

And we are back. Hey guys, and welcome to my channel. Also, welcome to my new apartment and celebration of moving into my new space and having a very spacious kitchen. I thought I’d do a what I eat in a day video. This video is also in collaboration with iHerb. One of my favourites and most used service. If you guys don’t know of them already, they are a global leader in bringing the best overall value of natural products to customers all around the world and they also offer a triple guarantee to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied. First one is the value guarantee. Value guarantees that you’ll receive the best overall value in the world for over thirty thousand brand name natural products. The second one is quality guarantee. iHerb is a California based superstore. It guarantees that all their brands are authentic and sold in the US market and also all their products are shipped directly from a climate controlled warehouse. So everything is very high-quality and fresh. And last but not least delivery guarantee. They make sure that your order will be delivered to you and they offer free or discounted shipping to over a hundred and fifty countries in the world and if you are based out of the US I will leave a link (www.iherb.com/shipping) where you can go in there and you can check out your country’s shipping method. If you are curious of what I eat in a day. Just keep on watching So right when I wake up the first thing I do is drink a glass of water. Beautiful thing about New York City is you can drink the tap water. At first this was really new to me, but give use to it and I love it. I did some grocery shopping yesterday. So I want to see what’s in my refrigerator and see what I can whip up. Okay, I thought I did a lot of grocery shopping but my refrigerator looks still very very empty. Because I did a lot of cooking in college, I have kind of mastered the whole making something out of nothing. So yeah, we’ll see what I come up with. I’m just gonna make like eggs and sausage with a bunch of vegetables and just like throw things that I have around into one. I saw this at the supermarket looked really good. So I wanted to give it a try. This is just all natural sun-dried tomato with basil and tomatoes and chicken sausage. While that’s cooking, I’m going to throw in some spinach and tomatoes. This is just brown rice and quinoa mixed together. Can’t forget the Sriracha. You guys should see my little makeshift table. I love breakfast. I had a feeling that wasn’t enough rice for me. Better. Alright. So now that I’m done eating breakfast, I’m going to take some supplements. I usually like to take some vitamin supplements after every meal. I have my little stash right here. I talk about supplements pretty frequently on my channel. I feel like to be honest I feel like I have a very weak immune system. Anytime the weather changes or if I’m really tired or traveling a lot. I get really really sick and it’s like back to back sick. I get better and then I get sick again, but surprisingly this past month and a half I have been doing the most traveling I’ve ever done in my life, but I did not get sick and I really feel like it’s because I’ve been really on top of my vitamins, but I’m gonna share with you guys a few that I’ve been loving. My scalp is very dry. My hair is very thin. My nails are also very thin. So I would like to take some kind of hair, skin and nail supplement. This is Nature’s Way, Alive Hair, Skin & Nails and this is in gummy form and it is so good as you can see like it’s almost gone. These ones are really fun to eat. The second one I’ve been taking is Nature’s Way Alive Multi-Vitamin. I started taking multivitamins pretty recently. I would say it’s been about like four to five months since I’ve taken multivitamins. My trainer recommended it to me and ever since I have taken it it really boosted my performance in my workout. I was able to really tell the difference of taking multivitamins and not taking multivitamins, when I started working out. I’m just gonna take one. These two supplements. I’ve been taking for years This one is Nature’s Way Evening Primrose and this one is Nature’s Way Maca Root. When I started really researching about hormonal balance and how to regulate it. The two supplements that always came up in discussion were these two, Evening Primrose and Maca Root. So yeah. This one is really cool. This is beetroot. Beetroot is a really good antioxidant. It helps with inflammation. I love to put beet in my juices. It’s a lot easier to take some. So I’m just gonna take one of that. So yeah. So in total, there’s about like four supplements that I take after every meal. I’m not gonna lie, I actually I was working for a bit and then I just knocked out for like an hour but my body right now is extremely sore and it’s not from working out. It’s actually I was carrying so many heavy things yesterday because I was moving in and my arms right now feel like they’re about to fall off. It hurts. Yeah, I just need something to wake me up right now because I have a billion things that I need to do right now. I going to make myself a green smoothie. I got a blender yesterday. I posted a green smoothie on Instagram. A lot of you guys were asking how I made it. So I will show you guys. And that is how I make my green smoothie. Eating my leftovers from breakfast as I’m about to cook lunch. I’m gonna make chicken breasts. Also fry up some onions, tomatoes, kale and then I’m gonna top it off with some avocados. And this is lunch. Now it’s time to take my supplements. I’m gonna be taking my multivitamins and my Primrose, my Maca Root and my beets. Ok, so I have my steak here but first I’m going to season it. So, I’m going to take my supplements. Alright so that concludes my video and as always I will leave the links to the iHerb products in the description below and thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next video Byee

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