Welcome To Frank Sinatra Junior’s Restaurant | Season 15 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY

Frank, where the
hell is everybody? This was supposed to be
our big opening night. I’ll tell you what
the problem is. Every successful restaurant
has a hook or a gimmick. That’s what we’re lacking. (GASPING) No, we’re not. Frank, you’re the hook! That’s right. We just need to make you
the face of the restaurant. Well, it may be the five
loaves of garlic bread I ate this morning talking, but
I think that’s a swell idea. (SINGING) You love the
meal, the fancy feel, the showbiz stories
while you eat your veal. It’s family dining
with a mobster feel at Frank
Sinatra’s Restaurant. Junior. (SINGING) The wine is red with
lots of bread, and portions, uh, bigger than
the horse’s head. (SINGING) You’ll burp up
sausages tonight in bed. At Frank Sinatra’s Restaurant. (SINGING) Here’s a
toast to our host. The food’s not great, but drink
enough and you won’t know. The guests will soon,
and Frank will croon– –a bee-bop,
doobie-dop Italian tune. You’ll dine like royalty at
Frank Sinatra’s Restaurant. We got big plans
to please our fans. Our cocktail waitress
has enormous cans. A men’s room servant
who will dry your hands at Frank Sinatra’s Restaurant. Our pizza pies
could win a prize. The jukebox catalog
is double size. It plays both Capital
and yes, Reprise. That’s re-preeze. At Frank Sinatra’s Restaurant. Gorgeous views. And top-shelf booze. Yes, we serve Jews. Um, that was never an issue. So raise your glass. We’ll have a gas. A seating’s limited
so move your ass and plant it firmly here at
Frank Sinatra’s Restaurant. Frank’s Restaurant. Frank’s Rest- aur- ant. [applause]

28 Replies to “Welcome To Frank Sinatra Junior’s Restaurant | Season 15 Ep. 2 | FAMILY GUY”

  1. Ugo Lam says:

    A Bag of Weed (800K Subscribers Special)

  2. Ugo Lam says:

    1:40 Pope's Magic Hands

  3. Party Ghost says:

    It’s crazy that these songs in family guy don’t get enough recognition

  4. MouldyBolog Bolog says:

    Rest in peace Frank

  5. David Henry says:

    Rest in peace

  6. L3goPK says:

    Love it

  7. kaio rie says:

    I want Seth to do a cover of the song this song was based on

  8. Amadeus says:

    This song actually make me want to dine there.

  9. Jason Macaranas says:

    I’ve been listening to this song for the 100th time.

  10. Coursaire says:

    say what you want about seth… that man knows his tunes

  11. R M says:

    Wait FSJ died?? How? If he's really the son to FS he wouldnt be THAT old

  12. The USA says:

    1:04 did Stewie just DRINK.

  13. Ash. Ⓥ says:

    Stewie is gonna get drunk 🥴:)

  14. Redgum says:

    We gonna ignore the fact that Stewie just straight up downed a tumbler of whiskey?

  15. Kelceus GD says:

    I unironically listen to this song

  16. Benedict Delim says:

    didn’t anyone notice that stewie drank a cup of beer

  17. Jaiheem Santiago says:

    Nice song

  18. PrPv423 -? says:

    is it weird that i actually like it

  19. RRoJ says:

    I would buy an Seth + Frank Sinatra album. R.I.P Frank Sinatra Jr

  20. Vinicius Machado says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY?! Why did both Frank Sinatra AND his son have to pass away so soon?! WHYYYYYYYY?! Such a tragedy! D:

  21. Berto Gonzalez says:

    I could listen to this 5 times a day

  22. Oliver Jackson says:

    I only liked this episode cause of this plot

  23. Shibe says:

    When Brian said the part and top shelf booze I fell in love with his voice <3

  24. SCT 2016 says:

    Stewie drank booze at the age of one

  25. Darkstar263 says:

    I don't really watch the newer episodes to be honest but I do still enjoy the musical numbers. This is now one of my favourite songs in the show.

  26. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    I kind of want italian food now

  27. Erik Cintron The Mite says:


  28. SJ14 says:

    Frank Tufano’s restaurant

  29. Connor Erhart says:

    The way the queen eats gets me every time.

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