Weight Loss Surgery Success – Should Weight Loss Surgery Be My Last Resort?

Hello. This is Dr. Tom Clark from The Center
for Weight Loss Success. I’m a board-certified beriatrician as
well as weight loss surgeon. Over the past two decades I’ve helped
thousands of people lose weight and keep it off for life. Well very
often we get lots of questions concerning weight
loss surgery. One of the more common questions I get is “Should weight loss surgery be my last
resort?” Good question! Absolutely not! However it shouldn’t also be your first option either. Certainly you should be
trying medical weight loss plans activity
exercise plans. But for anyone who’s struggled with
weight and has tried multiple weight loss programs
with very little success than I would encourage you don’t wait!
Increasing age, increasing weight, increasing health
problems. They only increase your risk. For the past 20 years surgical procedures have evolved and
become much more safe and effective The technology and the monitoring, especially
during surgery, has improved tremendously. So we can do
very big operations safely on fairly unhealthy people. That doesn’t
mean you want to be one of those unhealthy people. This allows us to
operated on even bigger less healthy people in a very safe environment. But again, I would get I would encourage you not to wait until your health deteriorates. It’s not worth it. The risk does go up having surgery at an unhealthier weight and more medical problems. and a later age. So, if you’re considering weight loss surgery don’t despair. I encourage you, lets’ sit down but sit down and review how to improve your risk and make
you the best surgical candidate you can be. Interested in more? If you would like to receive 21 free videos on the top questions you need to ask when considering weight loss surgery please go to our
website www. MyWeightLossSurgerySuccess.com If you’re interested in more about the
Center for weight loss success good to our corporate website at www.cfwls.com See in the next video!

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