Weekend at the Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort

Located about a one and a half hour drive
from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, the Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort is a place for peace,
quite, pampering, and indulging. For us, it’s first rate service started
the moment we pulled up to the hotel lobby, and never stopped. Our little man, who rarely flashes a smile
at strangers, even allowed himself the royal treatment as he was carried into the lobby. Just don’t expect this kind of service if
you’re an adult. Tea in the lobby was a great way to start
the afternoon, but ice cold lemonade was on the menu as well. “Oh. What is it?” “This is lemondade”
“Thank you” “You’re welcome” “It’s nice. You’ll like it” After checking in, we made our way down to
our royal diggs, a luxurious king suite with a glowing view of the Gulf of Oman. It was hard to resist the temptation to jump
in bed to relax. The enjoining room had separate double beds
for the kids, but their eyes wandered elsewhere. “I see some treats” Those decadent sweets seemed to be everywhere
though naturally, they didn’t last long. Out on the deck, we had a great view of much
of the resort, giving us a chance to enjoy the serene coastal vibe as we planned our
day. Despite the in-room luxury, we quickly made
our way outside to enjoy the sun. “Oh look who we found. Are you relaxing?” “Yeah” We didn’t relax for too long. The kids were eager to find the splash pool. The shallow kids pool had them running around
finding new ways to keep cool. Pretty fun stuff, but don’t just take my
word for it. “So much fun”
“What did you say?” “I’m just having so much fun”
“Alright. Show me how much fun you’re having.” The resort has an adult pool too of course,
complete with a swim up bar and more ways to relax in the sun. “Are you relaxing?” “Maybe. Yes, yes” “Woah. That looks cool” “So good” “So good?” Let’s not forget the beach, where we found
a closed off swim area, more lounge chairs, and lots of precious shells. No toys needed here. “I actually heard it?” “You heard the ocean? Might it be the one behind you?” “No”
“The gulf” “No”
“I hear the ocean from this” “Really?” “I was kidding Apollo” As we hunted for more gems, we had a visitor. “What are you scared of?” “Jellyfish in the water”
“Jellyfish” “Dada said he saw three” “Where? I want to see one.” “Right there.” “I see it! I’m scared now! You made me scared!” That was a lot of excitement on day one. It was time to head back to those luxurious
rooms. “Alright. What’s up?” “You have this on your bed and we don’t”
“Looks like they left us a surprise. Not you guys.” “Good morning.” “Did you have a good sleep?” “What do you guys want to do now?” “Kids club.” “Kids club?” “What’s so special about the kids club.” “I’m tired”
“You’re tired?” “So you’re going to the kids club? OK. Kids club it is. But first, super hero costumes and a photoshoot. You tell me. Does it look like we’re in good hands if
a super villain arrives. The kids club was a real highlight, mainly
thanks to the rock climbing wall. “Superman’s going flying or rock climbing”
“Rock climbing and flying.” “Yeah” “Woah. Superman almost at the top”
“Arms out” “Like this Apollo. Yeahhhh.” How fun does that look. Sometimes, its great to be a kid. It was not easy to get them to leave. Luckily, we didn’t have to. As they played Superheros, Yashy and I went
looking for the spa. We’ve saved the best details for last. The Fairmount Fujairah has three separate
restaurants on site. Our first lunch at Canvas had kids offerings
and a delicious lamb biryani. Later that night, we enjoyed an incredible
array of seafood at the Copper Lobster. Starting with my favorite appetizer, the oysters,
which were raised in the adjoining Dibba Bay. These were large oysters but I made sure to
leave nothing to waste. We also enjoyed a great ceviche, the trio
tartar, a seafood couscous, and the Clay Pot Harra Lobster. The seafood here was fresh and delicious. Trust me. I’m an islander. We capped the meal with the Chocolate Fondant,
much to the kids approval. For breakfast each morning, we enjoyed the
buffet at Canvas, which had a great range of hot and cold options and lots to offer
the kids. “Chocolate cereal”
“Oh if you’re going to eat chocolate cereal that means you need to eat something healthy
too like an egg or something for breakfast.” “Awwwww. Why don’t they have just normal cereal here?” “What do you think?” “They also have oatmeal.” “Yay!” On our second day, we ate lunch near the pool
at Lava, where we found a few family favorites, sushi, pizza, and wings. The miso cod that I had was my favourite dish
at the resort, while Yashy went with Nasi Goreng, which happens to be one of her favourite
dishes. Since the breakfast buffet at Canvas is so
good, we checked out the dinner buffet on our last night, and it did not disappoint. Try the Turkish Chicken Kebabs if you find
them. “Where’s marshmallow?” “Marshmallows are there with the chocolate
fondue.” The Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort was a perfect
two day getaway from Dubai. The next great meal is only steps away and
the opportunities to relax are limitless. This luxury hotel is one of the best resorts
in Fujairah.

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