100 Replies to “Watch Designer Give Small NYC Apartment a BIG Makeover On a $100 Budget”

  1. aries 44 says:

    Grey linen wouldve been a better option

  2. CookingCakeShow - Livia Pucci says:

    Mmmm i dont really like the final result 🤔

  3. Lloyd Prosser says:

    No thanks

  4. Kati says:

    That fridge ended up looking so cheap.

  5. Kim Akwei says:

    The plastic wrap on the fridge is going to peel off in like a month and look shabby.

  6. kathy Turner says:

    I think she did great. There are so many things you can do but just need a little push.

  7. One Word says:

    Some people just pretend to know how to redecorate a home. This woman is one of them. Rethink your job you suck at it.

  8. desert_bird says:

    I bet the rent is ridiculous for that small ass apartment.

  9. knmonlinemedia says:

    I got my curtains at family dollar for $10. That was a hideous mess! 🤮

  10. ManuelPabloArnao says:

    Great job for $100

  11. Beauty Plush says:

    Those curtains are ugly af! She would have been better getting a pair at Walmart!

  12. xGusty Zzzz says:

    Girl to man: "it's tiny!"
    Man:"yes, it's tiny."

    Me thinking: 2 inches?
    Reality: talking about apartment.

  13. Te'Yanna Bailey says:

    I could have done that…

  14. AfricancoolChic says:

    What makes a room an apartment? I keep seeing American videos where they call rooms with ensuite bathrooms 'apartments'. If you walk in and you instantly see a bed, it is a room right!

  15. Katherine Walker says:


  16. Mac Anthony says:

    what you guys expect with a budget of a $100?????

  17. aldown says:

    i'm sorry, but this is awful

  18. Marc G says:

    Why with every small apartment they never divide off the bed from the rest of the room and always seem to put the bed right near the window.why would you want a bed in direct light when you could have the sofa in the light and enjoy the natural light

  19. Rolco X says:

    I don't think she should have graffiti the curtains, it wasn't popping.

  20. bbygrlpt2 says:

    I liked it! Before it looked like he didnt give a 💩 bout life and thats a but scary. Now it looks like he’s tryin to live a decent happy life. Like he actually cares!! Lol

  21. Ms L says:

    This was a waste of time. The LAYOUT needs to be changed!! Put the bed closer to the windows, hang white sheers from the ceiling to divide the sleeping space from the living space, use fresh & bright colors to keep it feeling open. Highlight the seating area a bit more and don’t waste that $32 on that tacky wall fabric. Use that on LIGHTING! My goodness this was frustrating to watch.

  22. monivideosable says:

    Was good but I hate fabric that can't be washed, specially if it's glued to the wall.

  23. feewaybilz says:

    Her decorating style is about as bad as her dress style

  24. Willis Taylor says:

    Daniel is totally Geeky Gorgeous !! 💕💕

  25. Karen Banks says:

    Looks like a CHEAP MOTEL!

  26. M Kreeger says:

    What the……. no. No, no, no.

  27. maria marroquin says:

    Too cheap

  28. FurMomma says:

    Girl what did you do to his apartment????

  29. zui xiao says:

    Only people who don’t read would sort the books by color! It looks super tacky and says the books are just there to look at. I always always organize my books by categories!!!! Those I need to refer to often should be easy to reach. Sorry, cant relate

  30. ShaistaTally 1608 says:

    Video was too fast even couldn't see properly before and after effects😩😩😩

  31. Dona Donova says:

    You know, I,am from Prague.(I,am native) .So I can compare.Our flats are in average twice large, than flats for young people in NYC.I,d never live in 1 room which represents kitchen, bed room and living room.I live in the center of Prague, my flat is 3 rooms one with 2 terassess . And I think that the boy in this video is too, too polite 🙂 when saying that this makeover is avesome , cause it is terrible! 🙁

  32. Tanja Cavalli says:

    sorry but it looks like a cheap hotel room

  33. Wesley Carr says:

    The hell is she thinking 🤔

  34. Vanessa Rodarte says:

    now he’s deffinetly not gonna get laid, why’d you do him like this

  35. LauraLove says:

    Stay neutral. She didn’t have to paint the wall!!!…. that’s so permanent. Naaaaaahhhh.

  36. regalblue41 says:

    Funny thing is,She didn't ask him what he wanted,She just did a bunch of crap in the Hope that he would like it……

  37. justine may says:

    I recommend to install more storages to hide all of his small things

  38. Stephanie Garcia says:

    Interior DECORATOR. You are NOT and do not have the range to be an interior designer.

  39. Just Being says:


  40. • Khaos • says:

    Sorry that’s a no from me sis

  41. Lola Ritter says:

    What a waste of $100

  42. manic hairdo says:


  43. Leilani Laupua says:

    "If you put things in your online shopping cart, the companies will actually send you a discount code" the only good advice.

  44. d.marie_radha says:

    wow they'll let just anyone call themselves a designer these days… this redesign is YIKES

  45. Andrea Joian says:

    What do you mean these books gotta go?

  46. Alba D says:

    He looks like John Travolta LOL

  47. TheRawBabe says:


  48. Lilly Says says:

    Deep shade of green? In a tiny space like this? Not a good idea at all. Light colors and mirrors. White curtains. Three main accent colors and symmetry

  49. Sumida Ryogoku says:

    I would be super angry if soneone put those fugly curtains in my apartment !!!

  50. Visual Mind says:

    I'm sorry for saying that but this is the worst makeover that I've seen on YouTube… 100$ is not a lot, but this just looks really bad 🙁

  51. DragonflyRevolution says:

    He didnt pay for that did he? I'd be pissed. Looks too fem for him

  52. genu o says:

    Oh ya'll this needed $300 and some furniture movement.

  53. Latanya Kitchens says:

    And I bet he's paying an arm and a leg too

  54. feisty the skunk says:

    Not only is it awful, but he also has to paint the wall when he moves out. A huge NO

  55. Del Picsla says:

    She went over budget

  56. Le _ Kariuki says:

    He's cute and deserves a better apartment makeover 💞

  57. Blessed Mrs V says:

    Nah bruh alot of diy ideas from Dollar tree and the thrift store would have flipped this apartment easily. She sucked.

  58. Debora Urbano says:

    I hate those curtains she should have kept them white. Or a solid color.

  59. Erica Quint says:

    Every other interior designer: “You spend 1/3 of your life in your bed, so make sure you only use quality fabrics to make your bed”

    Some hack who’s been given $100 to makeover a room: “Just buy some cheap shit at Wal Mart or whatever”

  60. chisoxfan708 says:

    He finally got a woman (other than his mother) in his apartment.

  61. Greatest Ever says:

    I understand what she was going for with the curtains

  62. Bonnie Belmondo says:

    a Murphybed-Couch-Combo
    would have been the right idea
    and a panel between fridge
    and sleeping place a MUST

    Sorry, Rachael – no Abo 🙄

  63. Donna Weber says:


  64. Demarie Elle says:

    The only thing I liked was the book shelf idea and the green wall

  65. Who Cares says:

    Curtains look like trash

  66. JL Shannon says:

    be careful painting a rental, you could violate your lease

  67. padrote lopez says:

    Rachel looking bigger and slower and super old. What happen?

  68. One brain cell left says:

    I’d want my 100 dollars back

  69. Monica Toca says:

    Right when I saw the green paint I thought “yeah no bueno”

  70. Cat C. says:

    Shelving books by color = librarian nightmare. "Can you help me find a book?" "Do you remember author or title?" "No, but it was pink!" lol

  71. freddie meyer says:

    i want those curtains . …rest looks like a budget hotel room

  72. ANGELA P says:

    Rachel REALLY!? I could have done a better job!

  73. timerty says:

    She made it look gay.

  74. Ali Ma says:

    "After this shenanigans of a makeover, I would've just bought and smoked $200 in Crack, because I was so disappointed!"

  75. Utah Man says:

    Those curtains gotta go!

  76. Diana Ashton says:

    Fabric completely clashes with paint color but otherwise interesting, pretty sure you could have picked up something at goodwill

  77. Tracey Burnett says:

    Converted motel room

  78. Rooster TaurusCancer says:

    I need this👍💚🗽, i didnt like it

  79. biggmonie says:

    She is hott!

  80. Heather Rosé says:

    That fridge hack tho

  81. Elizabeth Brower says:

    HIDEOUS curtains. And I hate the teal wall too. Too dark

  82. An Lu says:

    She took $ 100 and had someone clean the apartment.

  83. Maria M says:

    Very cool…

  84. Summer Stimson says:

    I loved this video.

  85. sharon mcmann-morelli says:

    never knew about the stainless sticky paper👍🏼

  86. Loi Laing says:

    In all my years on YouTube I've never left a negative comment, but the only thing good here was the fridge. The dark colors in such a small space, the hideous fabric on the wall, and the spray paint on the curtains. Mercy.😬

  87. Keisha Bryant says:

    A for effort. I can honestly say wow. Im glad he liked it. What inbthe hecknis going on with these spray and paint.

  88. Ashley Nichols says:

    ugly asf, could have went to a thrift store / looked on craiglist for free stuff and got him some new furniture or decor… those curtains are a childish mess and the green wall, those curtains and the pink and green striped sheets for the bed? no…

  89. I H says:

    Wow! I love it… So easy and so inexpensive.

  90. BerryJucce says:

    There's 4 different things going on. You can tell this is not her cup of tea. It looks like an outdated motel. I feel bad he has to now see that hideous room everyday!

  91. Donna Rowell says:

    The curtains are beyond UGLY! Gross! My toddler could have done that!

  92. Rahaf Hussein says:

    The bedroom is very New and clean an very nice

  93. Infrared 22 says:

    He hated it. It looked worse. She has horrible taste.

  94. D Riley says:

    This is a tv show, and we spray painted curtains.

  95. Kitty C says:

    She ruined that apartment

  96. Jennifer Lambert says:

    Like the thumb tack idea 👍

  97. lee sheckler says:

    Nooo the curtains and stripe wall is a no no!!! Ew

  98. Ralph Gehteha says:

    The guy is 32? Only…? Makeover time due for himself!

  99. Diego Merlini says:

    You call that "designer"? Terrible outcome.

  100. Evelyn Rubia says:

    It's nice

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