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Walco Stainless IDOL Chafer | Chafing dish | Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice Expo | 2019

hello I’m Brian Joyce from Walco
stainless welcome to the Hawaii Expo today I’d like to demonstrate for you
our four quart Idol chafer the Idol chafer has really become the standard
for upscale chafing dishes in the industry it’s used in the finest hotels
restaurants and clubs really throughout the world and there are so many great
features with this product one of the neatest features of this whisper closed
lid it doesn’t slam around in the dining room so it’s much more luxurious feeling
and sounding it has a glass lid on it and this is important because your
customers don’t have to keep peeking inside to see what’s in it and because
of that the food quality is going to be better because you’re not constantly
letting the heat out these are all machined very exactly so that there are
no little openings on the side here which again are going to hurt your food
quality the lids pull right off these can pop into the dishwasher for easy
cleaning normally when you go to pull a pan out of one of these chafing dishes
you would use a spoon or your finger which scratches or fingerprints the
piece we built in a pin in the back that makes this very easy to pop it out these
are all 1810 stainless they come standard with an 1810 spoon holder this
particular unit is shown on a stand that you would put your fuel on or you could
put it directly on to an induction surface
the walco idol chafers are the most efficient to use in the industry with
induction it’s because of this three ply bottom on it that’s a layer of eighteen
Oh Luminim and 1810 it distributes the heat very well and
very efficiently an independent testing is shown at the walco Idol chafer
gets the most potential out of your induction Hardware of any other chafer
that’s on the market that’s the walco Idol four quart chafer comes in many
different sizes and shapes we have urns cold beverage servers and
many other items that go in this line go to and check
out our complete line of Idol thank you very much

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