22 Replies to “Village & Village Inn Final Thoughts”

  1. chanm01 says:

    Getting attached to your family members in Village because you know they will have to die? Not ridiculous.

    See also: Not being able to feed your family during the harvest in Agricola. I seriously hope they never make a version of that game where your family members are represented by something other than a geometric shape. That game is stressful enough without more drama.

  2. Mathieu Martin says:

    Never be ashamed of empathy! Great review

  3. nircMD says:

    excellent video, been sitting on the fence about this game because of perceived complexity.

    did you ever play Libertalia?

  4. nircMD says:

    would love to see a runthrough of this game, especially because ppl say it doesnt play well straight out of the box as 2P.

  5. Compy_Cube says:

    Kudos to the run-through and even more for saying that your emotional. Society wants men to be emotionless and I hate that, I wish I could show more emotion just ask my wife :). Nice going, I love all of your run-throughs. Its like I miss a friend when I miss a week and not watch one of your videos. All though it would be better on my wallet if I stop watching ;).

  6. Jerry Wolfe says:

    Your more awesome than you were awesomely 5 minutes ago, just finished with Final thoughts!!

  7. basslover1100 says:

    Another great run through, I am torn between Village and Macao………..

  8. Ozhan Sen says:

    I loved that emotional part of this review. 🙂

  9. Mary Anne says:

    Please believe that I don't mean this in an unkind way at all, but my boyfriend and I laughed until we nearly cried at your "redemption of the meeple" story. So Cute!

  10. Viðar Freyr Guðmundsson says:

    Great runthrough. I'd like to have seen it till the end of the game, but i guess that would have been to long.

  11. Rori Rants says:

    Aww, y'all are cute. Peace to the meeple. 🙂 (If someone makes fun of you about almost crying about a board game I'll punch them. That's unkind.)

  12. Mark Jackson says:

    Great summary and really evocative runthrough. Thanks!

  13. MirkAssassin says:

    That's pretty cool to have moments like that. 🙂 

  14. Barry Stephenson says:

    I love the stuff you do. So useful, and this play through was brilliant. And getting attached to the story of a meeple isn't a negative – you just come across as a nice, thoughtful guy. Thanks for taking the time to do these.

  15. TangTang Productions says:

    tom vasel say the core game is another boring euro game. wahahaha. it seems like he prefer another boring dice rolling ameritrash game. 

  16. Richard Guidote says:

    I saw one of your most recent video where you feature all your collection of board games and i dont remember seeing village in them. You traded village away?

  17. Ryan Werry says:

    Have you played the other expansion village port yet? Wondered how it interacted…

  18. The Welcome Mat says:

    Good final thoughts! Since I have 2 kids under 2, I usually play board games with my wife- so I appreciate reviews that are directed towards the two player perspective!

  19. Travelman Podcast says:

    Rahdo the thing that makes you such a great reviewer is that you have an emotional side to you. I'm sure that's why Jen loves you! Don't ever feel ashamed to cry on camera. You nearly made me tear up!

  20. Linkchitu G says:

    I just love Village, recently i bought the port and the first try was awful 😛
    Are you planning on getting one for yourself? I would love to see you playing it or talking about it.
    Cheers from Perú <3 !

  21. bunnycatch3r says:

    Games that evoke an emotional response is rare.

  22. matthlowder says:

    Richard is an example of a truly good soul.

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