Village Inn’s Breakfast Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast Challenge!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited tonight. I’m going for overall win number
815 and this spread of breakfast just looks absolutely amazing! I’m in actual
St. Petersburg, Florida. I’m at the 4th Street location of Village Inn. I’m
taking on their “Randy Santel” Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast Challenge! Now,
I’ve only got 30 minutes to finish everything here. It’s equivalent to
pretty much five breakfasts, so there are three of their massive plate-sized 12-inch pancakes, and then we’ve got two full orders of their stuffed french
toast. Now, the French toast made from French baguette loaves, is there’s eight
pretty much pieces I think but they are topped with bananas and then whipped
cream and then pecans, and then on the inside it’s stuffed with a marmalade and
cream cheese, but we’ve also on all these pancakes, there’s just a whole bunch of
healthy fruits on top. Not only is there the bananas on the French toast but
we’ve got apples, we’ve got strawberries and then we’ve got blueberry, but if I
fail this thing within the 30-minute time limit, it’s going to be $29.99.
If I win, I’m going to get the meal free, I’m really hoping they’re gonna give me
some delicious pie, if I have the room, and I’ll be the very first person to win
this challenge. Let’s get it started! Alright big big thank you to Danny the
franchisee here. He’s got three restaurants, Village Inn Restaurants
around the St. Petersburg area in Bay Pines, Largo where I was last night, and
then here the 4th Street in St. Petersburg, but nobody’s beaten this
challenge before. I’m the first to take it. We’ve got 30 minutes. Let’s shut up and
eat, and if I win, I’m gonna get a sweet t-shirt to add to my collection, so we
got a win now!! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Alright gonna start out with some
stuffed french toast! (cheering) The filling is amazing, gonna work on some of the blueberry side first. Each pancake is about 1 pound. (clapping) Big thank you to my Further U team for
getting this all set up! Done with pancake #1. Randy! Randy! Randy! Done with the French toast portion! These pancakes are so good with all
these toppings! And if Adam Moran or Beard Meats Food is watching this, we do have some people wearing your apparel to this challenge
so you’re represented in St. Petersburg, but he did buy a shirt from us to cover
it up. (laughing) I don’t have the option, but there’s definitely no beer chug after this. I learned the other day that donuts and beer don’t go together and i’m sure
this doesn’t either. That is not part of the challenge so
we’re gonna finish up and get my finishing time and then we’ll do the pie, ugh, because I really need that. (laughing) Then we’ve just got some fruit. (cheering) The challenge is over, I finished in 17
minutes and 20 seconds, so yes!! Thank you guys all for being here, but before I do my outro, I just want to dig into this. They’ve got all kinds of other pies too if you’re interested. (cheering) I’m the first to win so it’s the new record
for the “Randy Santel” Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast Challenge here at Village Inn Restaurant, the 4th Street location here in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Big thanks again to everybody here at Village Inn. Thank you guys for watching!

100 Replies to “Village Inn’s Breakfast Pancakes and Stuffed French Toast Challenge!!”

  1. Randy Santel says:

    Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! This challenge was so delicious and BIG thanks to Danny the Village Inn Restaurants franchisee for putting together this challenge promotion in St. Petersburg, Florida. There are over 150 Village Inn locations nationwide, and the food is so delicious, especially their breakfast foods and pies!! There are a few more Florida challenge videos upcoming, and thank you all for your time and continued support via watching our videos!!

  2. Vonsic says:

    I so wanna eat this. Doubt I can finish it but I would try!

  3. Moonbot 7 says:

    Last 3 videos have the same “Randy Santel Challenge “ lol way to think outside the kids meal box

    Edit: awesome they take such pride in their franchise

  4. Fit Fogey says:

    I was waiting on pins and needles at the beginning for you to say “healthy fruit” and you didn’t disappoint. Nice win hoss!

  5. Mike Mcintosh says:

    Sometimes these pancake challenges are the hardest. So much carbs a sugar telling the body to stop!

  6. A. Zhrul says:

    Someone should make videos defeating Randy's record right after he make it

  7. Sweet Potato says:

    Randy Santel – the future President of the United States of America!

  8. cmlmonstar 007 says:

    Looking forward to the challenge if I get to visit my relatives in St. Petersburg FL

  9. Señor Zorro says:

    Eat dem pancakes!

  10. Rahul Raj says:


  11. Shawn Stone says:

    Hey Randy! I just subbed today! Great Channel😁

  12. Klaudia Sura says:

    Did you have a food coma? 😂

  13. Angel Shea says:


  14. Dog Life says:

    Way to go! I could eat this all day long lol Two of my favorite things to eat! Have a good day!☺

  15. arska180 says:

    Is there already some epic plans ready for the 1000th win?

  16. Brandon Howard says:

    Congratulations on being the 1st to win that challenge brother.

  17. Daniel Weavet says:

    Great job on the win randy and making before the time limit 👍

  18. Inderjeet Singh says:

    Did you like the Indian food? No disrespect but just asking?

  19. entirely possible says:

    Good one Randy

  20. Chris Goulding says:

    Sorry I ain’t commented on some of your videos for the last few weeks..great job Randy and another win 💪

  21. TheWorldLuvsABastard says:

    A bottle syrup and an ice cold gallon of milk and I would love this challenge!

  22. ThisB424 :P says:

    I have to ask.. Why do you kneel on your knees instead of sitting in a chair? Im newer to your channel and have always wondered. Thanks!

  23. HI Expectations says:

    You call this a challenge I think a 10yr old would destroy this challenge

  24. Amanda Anderson says:

    This is the difference between America and the UK. Our portions really are bigger!! But it looks so delicious.

  25. Move Advisor says:

    All that sugar on that fruit is about as healthy as cocaine

  26. Derek GA says:

    There’s also a bunch of healthy fruits on top, ha ha stop who are you trying to kid, yourself or us, there’s nothing healthy about that combination of food never mind the quantity, it wouldn’t be good for any one person to consume that any week never mind an equivalent amount of food regularly in challenges, drop the healthy bull it’s not washing pal

  27. Joe Vigil says:

    This is a short message okay Randy sorry 😐 about that . Yo-yo Randy congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊 on getting that yummy 😋 yummy 😋 great 👍 big WIN that food was amazing and that pie 🥧 looked good as well but I will see you on your next video!😍😍🙏💯😊💕🤗🤗😊💯👍😊🤗😋😋😍🍾🍾❄️🥶🥶☕️☕️🥘🥘❄️❄️🥤🥤🥤🥘🥘☕️🥶🥶👈🥤❄️🥘🥤🥘🥘🥘😘🌙🌙🥧🥧🥧👻👌😐👍💯💯😊💕💕😋🎊🎊

  28. Francesca/ lichfieldcity69 says:

    Congrats on another brilliant win.. So many wins around the world. What great memories to have. X

  29. Destro says:

    at 6:33 before he presses the timer to finish if you look at his plate there is still a blob of cream or something white on his plate right neat the handle end of the spoon and it's not a small blob of cream or whatever it is either

  30. Josh Josh says:

    I would've just cut it all up from the get-go and shoveled it in my mouth with a fork.

  31. Has Sal says:

    are you reading or something? Sound like a damn robot ffs

  32. Linda Lovehate says:

    it look delicious 😋, did it taste good ?? I can hear u talk all day…..😁😁😁.like ur voice.

  33. Fontressa Foxx says:

    Looks good minus the strawberry I'm allergic but I love them but not the hives and itching.good job.

  34. Pah G says:

    Throw some narration over the sped up eating scenes ala beard meats food or man v food, there's a reason they do that

  35. The Apemen says:

    My guy went for a pie afterwards, for the heck of it

  36. that girl in okc says:

    I was worried for you when I saw all that bread. You dominated! Way to go Randy 💪❤

  37. KDB says:

    Dude, your getting really FAT…watch out man.

  38. Wolverine Scratch says:

    Probably the easiest challenge I've seen the food looked so good

  39. Maltebyte2 says:

    Awesome nice win! I would say just take it easy for a while now! We wount go away!

  40. Wayne D says:

    I have a great challenge for you Randy let's see you eat your own head!

  41. Daniel And Nathan Flowers says:

    Only you can eat this challenge cleanly!! Your healthy fruits looks like they have alot of sugar on them!! I love your laugh, it is infectious!! How does it feel to have a challenge named after you, that is pretty cool? Great job as always! Have a great day Randy!!!😊💜

  42. Kai H says:

    Randy! Gratz on returning back from intensive workout!

  43. Kai H says:

    As far as the challenges go, this takes the 'cake' for being closest to being 'RANDY' healthy xD

  44. Mor-Gan's says:

    GO ATLAS GO!!!!

  45. Fight Food says:

    Randy Santel knows the ‘taste of victory’ more than anyone.

  46. Matt G says:

    Easy breakfast!!! Let me 2 days Ahaha !!! Good job Randy !!

  47. Cường Icer says:


    Randy Santel: eating breakfast for dinner

    Me: wait ! that's illegal

  48. Tim I says:

    Check your A1C. Lordy.

  49. Jacob E. Miller says:

    This one must've been very very challenging to swallow those pancakes. Great job!

  50. Kevin Norris says:

    Sweet challenges are always harder in my opinion. I myself could eat a lot of food but when it comes to sugary stuff, I can’t eat too much of it. Great win Randy

  51. Ralph Charfauros says:

    Great win Randy!! If I can make it to a Village Inn, I definitely will try their stuffed French toast. I do have a question. Are you sitting down or kneeling during your challenges? It looks like you are kneeling but I could be mistaken.

  52. Raw Bliss says:

    owns several hundred shirts
    Wears the same shirt every day

  53. Tori sanchez says:

    Of course I live in largo and I missed you!!

  54. Nostradumbass 8 says:

    When Randy has his blood drawn they tap his leg like a maple tree and wait for it to slowly drip out.

  55. R J says:

    His mouth is like a wood chipper when it comes to these food challenges 👍🏻

  56. Boomer85 ! says:

    That presentation looks horrible.. Gordan Ramsey would smear that on the wall and have a nose bleed. Bet it tasted good tho

  57. Christopher Donn Ramirez says:

    I like how you entertain the viewers while eating those humongous foods. I really love watching your videos. More power Randy!

  58. Jason Nolden says:

    I can't help but feel sick watching this. Funny, why am I continuing to watch. Weird.

  59. Lisa Vyse says:

    Brilliant Randy great as always love Lisa n Laura xxx 🤗👌

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    Brilliant well done

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    I guest 16,15.

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    Great video again Randy! That breakfast looks more like dessert 😂

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    Wait wait a second !! No Diet coke ?

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    You’re a champ randy! Idk how you eat all of that

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    Always shaking his head up and down ! 😲🧐

  67. Jared H says:

    Where's beard 👀…

  68. Pip Smith says:

    Have you ever did an eating competition at wuhan's ground zero market?

  69. Jamal Khalil says:

    Dude you struggling while trying to talk , take a break man

  70. Rebecca Isbell says:

    It looked good, good job.

  71. phil g says:

    i am still waiting to hear some hip hop beats

  72. Percy boy says:

    That looked fantastic 😊

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    Can you please do a collab with Matt Stonie? That would be legendary!!!!

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    Have you ever done a chitlin challenge? 😂

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    Another great video as always

  77. Malaki727 says:

    That looks nasty look like bunch of craps on a plate
    Randy got so damn fat

  78. AGFuzzyPancake says:

    With the pie. What a beast!

  79. GibbyDzUpholstery says:

    Way to dominate Randy!

  80. K Sonny says:

    Randy,,, there’s nothing healthy about the fruit on that plate. They have all been cooked down In a sugar bath… hence all the syrup in the blueberry and apples.

  81. Fab Four Fan says:

    i done seened me some reely fancie pans cakes in, my live but you’res look moore: gooder then they dose can you gived me the receepie plese !?

  82. Russel Hunlock says:

    Blood sugar test after the challenge, 12,698.

  83. Jasmine Bullock says:

    The best pies in the world besides mine!!! 😍 French Silk is my brother's favorite (mine too when I started high school), Lemon Meringue is my mother's (I couldn't get with the topping), and my CLASSIC 2 desserts I always had The Brownie A La Mode and the Pecan Pie. 💖💖💖 great job champ!

  84. Carolyn A says:

    Nobody needs to eat whipped cream for breakfast.

  85. David Martinson says:

    Hahaha! Don't puke Dogg!

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    Love watching your videos

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  88. GIANNI says:


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    Why was Raggedy Ann thrown out of the Toy Box?

    She kept sitting on Pinocchio's face, saying "Lie to me!" Lie to me!"

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