VB 411 – Beach Rules & Dog Ordinance Rumor

hello before we get started with our
next episode of VB for one one those of us who work on the show wanted to take a
moment and remember our eleven colleagues and member of our community
whose lives were tragically lost on may 31st and the four who continued to
recover they were our co-workers our friends and
our neighbors all United in a common goal of making our community a better
place through their work there are not enough words to convey the loss we as a
city have endured nor to praise the first responders who heroically charged
into the building that day and through the pain and loss our community came
together we are grateful beyond words for the outpouring of support to the
families of the victims and those who work for our great city yet even in the
shadow of a tragedy our work as a city must go on the water flows from the tap
the lights come on the trash is collected and so to our show must go on
our colleagues would expect nothing less of us and with that let’s get back to
work hello and welcome to VB for one one I’m
your host missus information the know-it-all in City Hall here again to
bring truth and clarity to misconceptions and rumors the topics of
the day are all about our beautiful beaches some recent events have people
talking about what activities are and are not permitted on our sandy shores to
get us started there is one thing to keep in mind our beaches are all public
that means they are for everyone to use residents and visitors alike now it’s
easy to forget that and think they are private property especially for people
who are lucky enough to live right next to the beach sometimes there are private
or permitted events that temporarily restrict access to a certain area think
music festival or even construction like the current beach replenishment project
otherwise our beaches are for everyone to enjoy throughout the year so let’s
get the four one one on what is and what is not allowed the ultimate goal of
course is to keep the beaches clean and safe it all comes down to respect for
each other and our beaches now there’s a lot of fun to be had along our shores
from a game of beach volleyball or flying a kite to building sandcastles or
seeking buried treasure with a metal detector just make sure if you’re
tossing a ball or a frisbee that you do it behind the lifeguard stations so they
have an unobstructed view of anyone in the water and if you find it too hot
during the day it’s perfectly okay to hang out at the beach at night as long
as there’s no fire and you’re not planning to sleep under the stars now
that said there are some items and activities that are prohibited on the
beaches parks or grassy areas as a matter of public safety
there should be no glass containers alcohol public intoxication littering
fires including grills electric or motorized vehicles except city manager
authorized use by disabled persons or authorized by a special event permit
riding horses on the beaches or dunes unless authorized by a special events
permit or leapin overnight additionally swimmers
should take care to stay within 50 yards of the shore and follow instructions of
city lifeguards please also note that it is unlawful and unsafe to swim within
200 feet of a fishing pier we don’t want swimmers getting caught up
in any lines getting hooked or near bigger fish who may be baited into the
area oh and do keep your bathing suit on at all times because changing a public
public nudity including swimming in the nude obscene displays or indecent
exposure are all off-limits when you have to use the restroom please find one
in fact it’s probably a good idea to know where they are before you really
need one at the resort area there are public restrooms at second 17:24 30th
and 31st streets along the boardwalk public facilities are also available at
Croatan beach and Sandbridge hours and availability may fluctuate depending on
the time of year at all locations a complete schedule can be found on our
web site www.kpbs.org/news/evening edition Alicia
it doesn’t matter no dogs from 1st Street to 42nd Street now the short
answer is this the city has not changed the rules about dogs on the beach or the
boardwalk this year the particular section of the city code regarding dogs
on the beach was last amended on March 25th 2014 to allow dogs on the boardwalk
and grassy area beside it from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
between Memorial Day and Labor Day the prior to that dogs weren’t even allowed
in those areas at all during the summer season as for no dogs on the beach
between Rudy Loop and 42nd Street during that same time frame well that’s
been on the books since Virginia Beach merged with Princess Anne County 56
years ago in fact we couldn’t find any reference to a rule that allowed dogs on
that stretch of the beach at any time during the peak season
so in summary between Memorial Day and Labor Day no dogs on the beach between
Rudee Inlet and 42nd Street unleash dogs are permitted on beaches north of 42nd
Street before 10:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. provided they’re under the control
of their owner or leashed now leash dogs are allowed on the boardwalk and
Atlantic Avenue between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. finally please note that service
animals are exempt from these prohibitions under the Americans with
Disabilities Act or a DA if you’d like to see the evolution of the city code
pertaining to dogs on the beaches along with links to animal control’s website
and their FAQ is about this issue we’ve got it all on our companion website
wwlp.com /v b 4 1 1 simply click on the article about leash laws and they’ll be
listed in the sidebar and now you’re in the know thanks for joining us today is
there a burning question you’d like to have us answer we’ll send me an e-mail
to ms info at VB gov calm and we’ll get on it thank you see you next time you

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