Vaporizer Review: Magic Flight Launch Box Unboxing

September 27, 2019 2 Comments

Today we are going to be unboxing the Magic
Flight Launch Box. This vaporizer is a budget friendly device that is simple yet elegant.
I really like how the packaging is clean and shows off the vaporizer itself. Lets go ahead
and take a look at what we got inside. Inside the box we have the vaporizer and a Magic
Flight tin box. Looking closer at the vaporizer itself it is really unique and is worth noting
that it is hand crafted in the USA. The design is very simple; you have an air path holes,
your chamber, and a battery port. It feels very personalized with the back sized featuring
a unique quote. There is a small ballpoint that keeps the chamber door closed. Now lets
move onto the tin container. Looking inside, we have the guide. I am pretty surprised at
the amount of content inside the guide. We also have a warning for the batteries, so
you don’t ruin them. You get a nice cleaning brush, two batteries with rubber protectors,
a battery charger, and a glass mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece attaches to the vaporizer
through the small hole on the front side of the device. Then, flip around the battery
cap and insert the battery into the unit. So my initial thoughts on the vaporizer are
that is very unique. The Device is quite simple, but you can tell that magic-flight put a lot
of love into their product. There is quite a lot of hype from this little device and
I am eager to try this out and find out how it performs.

2 Replies to “Vaporizer Review: Magic Flight Launch Box Unboxing”

  1. joemofo903 says:

    Its a choice little device. Use a third lung to rip through trenches and get ripped super fast

  2. Mr. Benjamin says:

    Biggest problem these is they are great at first but over time they start to hit very hard because you can't clean it thoroughly. I recommend the Flowermate 5.0s. Great vap for portable vaping and cheap at about $80 us.

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