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Valentine’s Day At The Rainbow Motel

I’m here with Stan, Stan manages this place. Tell me how you come up with the ideas for the suites. They’re basically just what people would want. Lot of motels do not have them. So we wanna be different and unique. You gotta fill a niche in the marketplaces. Correct. You wanna show me around? Sure. Touch of brass! Wow. A lot of polishing going on in here. There you go. There you go. I like this room because it’s more unique, more to the community. To the community? How do you mean? They like this room better because it.. – looks better.
-It’s ornate. Richy lookin’ as I put it. Richy. You even paint all the furniture. Yes, bed and all. Alright, Stan, now which room are we in now? We are in the sweetheart room. Look at your wall. Unicorns, mystical, unique. Yeah. So this would be one of our mystical, unique rooms for like the girls that are mystical and unique. Yeah. Every three weeks we actually wipe the walls with bleach. With bleach? -Yes.
-Ok. How much bleech do you think you go through in a month here? Probably a case. Per room? Or, for the whole hotel? -No, for the whole hotel.
-For the whole hotel. Because, I actually use bleach to boil out my jacuzzis. You boil out your jacuzzis? Yes. Alright, Stan, where are we now? We’re in little Vegas! Do you have like a cheaper version of this? Called Little Reno, maybe? -No.
-No. When it was built, I think it was the theme of walking into a casino. Right. Where you would have your craps tables, -your cards.
-You got the cigarette smell too, -Everything!
– which makes it authentic. Is that a 3 or 4 showgirl size jacuzzi tub? I’d say about a 4. You said, you actually have a family connection to Vegas in some way. Wayne Newton. Third distant cousin on Dad’s side. -For real?
-For real. Does he every stay here? No. Now, Stan, I am a huge Star Wars fan! So I am busting, figuratively, over this room right now! This is Space Walk! Like you’re walking on the moon! -And this is suppose to be..
-This is my spaceship! It’s a spaceship. I gotta tell ya, I kinda feel like Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, right now. Will you be my Chewbacca? Sure. Great shot, kid! Chewwy, get the canons! OOOAAAHHHHHHHH! I often say about places like these, with these themed rooms. If it weren’t a place for lovers, you can have like a kid’s birthday at a hotel like this. Correct. We have had birthday parties in here. You have had kid’s birthday parties here? Yes. Recently? I’d say within the last 4-5 months. Really? Alright, we should probably get out of here. Cause, I’m sure this is a popular room and it’s probably booking up real fast. -Hey!
-Oh. -What the hell?
-Oh. I hear you dude. Hey, have you guys seen two Ewoks? -No.
-No. Alright, now I’m joined by Diego. Diego cleans the rooms here. I was thinkin’ since I’m The Man Of The People, I’d help you clean a room. Would you like some help? -That would be, yeah. That would be awesome.
-We can knock out some rooms a little faster. Alright, Diego, let’s do it buddy! -Everywhere.
-Yeah, everywhere all around there. Yeah. Yeah, definitely needs bleach everywhere. If, like, it’s a smell that bad that people leave like in the room. I just- I have a mask in my car like yours. I hope that’s toothpaste. Is that toothpaste? Who knows? -Oh for the love of..
-Who knows.. You have got to tell me about this bed. This bed is made into a burger. You’re missin’ the boat a little bit. I feel like there’s a lot you could do in the hot dog space in here. A big stuffed hot dog that you could whip around. -And..
-Right. A taco could be another one. Are the plush tomatoes hand made? Yes. Everything is hand made. -You’re a craftsman.
-Yes. Little bit of artist. Yeah. You just gotta make sure you pass those skills – on to the next generation.
-Yes, yes. I gotta thank you for all the time you spent with us today. Showin’ us all these rooms, fantastic! Well, I really appreciate it.
-Fantastic. Oh boy. That’s alright. I don’t know why you’d spend money on all those fancy hotels downtown, when the Rainbow Motel has everyhting they do! Oh! Almost everything. Happy Valentine’s Day, love birds!

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