Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

In less than a week we’ll be moving to Tokyo, Japan So we decided for this last Christmas, instead of buying each other presents We decided to buy each other a vacation.. to Vietnam! um.. so we are the only people on this entire glorious beach yep.. this beach is for me I love you girl I love you too, Sunshine Happy vacation One of the best things about coming to a resort like this is that you feel like you can really reconnect with nature [screaming] Oh my god, there’s fish coming oh my god, there are fish coming! ahhh… fishies.. huh.. shark [screaming] I don’t want to be on vacation anymore! Ahh.. yes. That’s more like it I can see the ocean, but we don’t have the fear of impending death from sea creatures… There’s a bee attacking me I see that, he really is He’s right on your butt You see him? // No. // Right by your arm. Why won’t you be friends with me?? Actually, on second thought, I’m going to stick to my comforts of city life. Simon and Martina do extreme sports! You got this girl! ahhh.. motherf****** why me?? and.. she’s up! Good job, girl! Umm … what am I supposed to do now? longboard …. ahh…. Oh! Here comes a ****ing wave! You’re wiping out!!! Are you okay?

44 Replies to “Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort”

  1. Gina Nguyen says:

    Im glad you guys chose some of my favorite homely meals. It was also the first 3 things I had my white bf try. He also loved it :).

  2. 이현진 says:

    that "Braise Pork" look to Philippine "Adobo"

  3. travel monkey says:

    May the devil be with you

  4. Pinky Jazmin says:

    it good for u guy to go o vietnam at winter xuz it basically like summer there, cuz in the summer… it rains.

  5. Chaotic Casual says:

    Relationship goals tbh

  6. vigor says:

    Please come to Southern Vietnam! There are my Vietnamese communities in the western world, especially in the US, including me! Vietnam is so underrated and I'm sure you guys will have so much fun learning about Viet culture. I love your channel!! ❤️ greetings from California! 🙂

  7. Alicia Latour says:

    I love you guys so much ! My boyfriend and I gift each other vacations all the time now ! Mostly for our birthdays but this past year we didn't they each other Christmas gifts and I think this year will be the same so we can save up for our international adventure ! Glad you 2 had a relaxing time ! Would love to meet both of you one day ! It would be an honor !

  8. Captain Blue says:

    I love seeing you guys have fun, it makes my day!~

  9. dreamRcaid says:

    I love love love how you guys make the most random, even obscure sometimes and in funny but difficult-to-guess ways, references of songs to one another and within seconds the other always starts singing along. That is freakin adorable and quite superhuman of you, really. Guessing references is hard!

  10. Cécilia Trần says:

    OMG!You come to Da Nang Viet Nam?You should call me!I will be your free tour guide and take you to the best restaurants in Da Nang but you didn't!!!!

  11. Hao Le says:

    Lol brazed pork is normal for me

  12. Jessica Dang says:

    if you ever visit Vietnam again, please arrange a fan meeting lols would loveeee to see you two lovely person in real life 🙂 besides, if you need recommends on what and where to eat, let me know so that I can take you around or give you some info 🙂

  13. huy mac duong says:

    Where is my Viet squad?

  14. Alex T. says:

    Im from Vietnam and my grandma and aunt lives in Da Nang and i went there and i scuba dived it was fun.

  15. Alex T. says:

    The pork is awesome you get kinda bored after eating it everyday

  16. Christina Nguyen says:

    your in my home town

  17. Kim Nguyen says:

    Next time you visit Vietnam, stay in Ho Chi Minh city. You'll find all the best and authentic foods there!

  18. Thatoneangrygirl says:

    Pls Pls come back to Vietnam there's still so much to explore 😀

  19. DerpsAre Awesome says:

    it feels so nice to see people like vietnam even though i was born in Australia but i am with by vietnamese parents i visit vietnam once a year but i havent been there in so long its been about 2 years now

  20. Space Corgi says:

    I'm from vietnam

  21. fugu fugu says:

    are you guys from T.O ?

  22. Tonie Chrystine says:

    What is this resort called ? Thank you !

  23. Masterquang says:

    I'm very proud of you Martina for pronouncing pho correctly 🙂

  24. Dee Ocky says:

    "Star-anus" LOL ! you guys are funny ! love you.

  25. When Darkness Does says:

    Why is Martina so wonderful? Simon is also just adorable! Why? I cannot handle them!

  26. My TaeBae says:

    I go to Vietnam every year with my parents and this year I'm going in April to September!
    I know that place.

  27. kimjiro4591 says:

    im a simple Vietnamese

  28. Mattia Hajmeli says:

    the farts at the end 😂😂😂

  29. delfin7461 says:

    what's the name of the resort you stayed at?? it looks amazing

  30. Donna Love says:

    Where did you stay in Vietnam… spook beautiful.

  31. Shiela P says:

    I love the Butt-pat battlesXD HAHHA Martina is so Gorgeous<3

  32. alpha and omega fan says:

    Hey I have an idea. Lets go on a vacation where U.S soldiers suffered Hell everyday with damn commies shooting at them. Sounds like a fantastic getaway. You know where burning houses of Woman and children baked and cooked. Woohoo

  33. Ss Ss says:

    Do you like PHO?

  34. Elsa&lisa says:

    I love that padded porch .i could live there!

  35. Tammy Nguyen says:

    Go to southern vietnam next!! Ho chi minh city(or Saigon as I call it) is street food heaven!!

  36. Rin-Chan 凛 says:

    Vietnam is a wonder place both my parents were both raised in Vietnam and I went to Vietnam two summers ago and I really liked to experience where my parents came from and the food is glorious and my moms cooking is glorious too since she cooks Vietnamese food every single day but I never swam in the beaches because my mom won’t allow me too😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  37. Edward Zabala says:

    Man! You guys know how to live. I think I need to visit that resort one day.

  38. Emy says:

    So I'm not sure if there's a point in commenting on older videos.. but oh my, that congee looks so interesting, do you think you could ever do a recipe for it? 🙂

  39. Ragna R says:

    Simon is so bee-utiful that the bee can't resist him (I had to) 🐝🐝🐝🐝

  40. Quốc gamer says:

    Oh việt nam của tôi

  41. Bunny Bustard says:

    You two are so in love. It's sickening XD <3

  42. EC _9700 says:


  43. Patricia Pan says:

    Thank you

  44. Pamela Johnson says:

    How is it that i never saw this video before after watching for 3+ years? You guys are adorable in this together, just like you are still adorable now.

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