URBEX | Een gigantisch verlaten resort in Egypte met 12 zwembaden

In this episode I’m in sunny Egypt with Janine. Because of the terrorist attacks, tourism decreased. Some airlines don’t fly to Egypt anymore. IF you come here, they advise to stay inside the resort. So you feel like a prisoner.
Because the decrease in tourism, some resorts are abandoned. We have a rental car and see if we can get inside some of them. We have no clue what we can expect, nobody explores here. I don’t know if the places are guarded. The only benefit is that we explored in Tunisia and some places worked out. So I guess something works out here aswell. I’m curious what we’ll see. It’s eerily quite here. We drive around and see the sad aftermath of the terrorist attacks and the change of the travel advise to Egypt. Many projects are halted and we see abandonment everywhere. This road leads to an abandoned resort. Exploring here is difficult. There are people on every corner of the resort. They’re not amused we are here. You can avoid them by making a detour of a few miles, but you will be probably be seen in 5 minutes. More difficult as expected. In Tunesia there were 1 or 2 guards and here they have guard booths everywhere. Multiple guards roam around. I hope something works out.
Doesn’t look too good. On to the next… The car just fits… We have the beach for ourselves. A lot of beach beds. We tried several resorts yeserday. It was difficult, nothing worked out. Guards everywhere which sent us away. We’re here now very early and it looks desolate. Ihope we have more luck today. They blocked everything with wood. We are on the grounds without climbing any fences. This is just 1 of the 3 resorts on this terrain. Gigantic ! The biggest abandoned resort to date which I’ve seen. Everything is arid. It’s a miracle we didn’t bump into somebody yet. I don’t expect to see much decay because of the dry climate. There will be dust & sand only. Do you think there is somebody on that chair normally.
-Good chance. Maybe we are here earlier as them. I see 2 staircases and furniture.
-Pretty modern though. This way is blocked… Check this, the pool.
It looks like it goes into the resort. It’s closed now, but it was possible once to swim through. Janine gets company. Another resort in the distance, which is abandoned aswell. One of the biggest pools I’ve ever seen. Right?
It’s really big. The buildings are closed really good.
Every window and door is blocked by a piece of wood. Janine almost lost her fear of dogs, she made a new friend. Poor dog. We didn’t bring any food. This is insane. The resort even had its own casino. It’s pitchblack inside so we skip it. We checked the whole place. Didn’t find a single entrance inside the resorts. And this friend keeps on following us. We gonna do our best. They really pay good attention.
-They already sent us away once. We made it inside. We have to whisper because we hear sounds and we don’t know if there is somebody inside. Other explorers haven’t been here yet, so we have to take care. The explore starts really good.
Check this.. Which resort has a pool going through the lobby? It’s decayed aswell. This is just 1 of the 12 pools.
Isee it’s a rapids pool. You can see the pumps. It goes through the restaurant and lobby. The restaurant… and the lobby on the other side. Pretty unique. Haven’t seen that before.
Ithink it’s already one of the coolest abandoned resorts I’ve seen. Did you ever see it before? You’ve been to quite some active resorts.
-No never saw something like this before. BTW, it was really hard to get inside. We we have to take extra care. So here you swim inside the resort. With this view.. The restaurant. If you are hungry the staff can throw some food. Or get a cocktail. Towards the lobby. Then wave to your parents. And swim outside and enjoy the sun again. Fake plants, but with a “urbex” look.
Even the plastic leafs fell on the ground. It’s wierd to walk here alone, when you know that normally thousands of tourists were celebrating holidays here. Very wierd. Somebody walked here barefoot. That’s another bar right?
-Yes. I also see statues and stuff, pretty cool. Here’s the buffet. The outside part of the restaurant. Looks awful. It’s difficult walking around here. Glass windows everywhere. We will be seen if somebosy walks outside. Check that staircase. We hear noises coming from everywhere, but it’s probably the wind. It’s pretty modern, but it got abandoned in 2012. Perfume with oil.
-Is the shop open or closed? Open.
Take care. Bottles with perfume. You can see we’re in Egypt. Some souvenir leftovers. Funny there are some items left.
Most has been emtpied. Almost every room is locked. This one is open. Better not peek. There’s an active resort next to it. The rooms look pretty neath. When you would clean everything, this resort could be taken in use again. Just a big cleaning. This resort had really bad reviews. Especially the food was terrible. What did they say?
-That the food was really bad. Maybe somebosy lived here after the closure. It’s a mess. Toilet paper on the floor.
-I think people have been inside after the closure. We should check if there are suites.
-Let’s find out. And I’m curious if there’s a wellness part.
-I guess so. I think that door is open.
-Check it out?
Yes. Room 1477. Check this.
-I think it’s a suite. The bedroom is the room next door. With a very nice view.
-Really? nice. A view on the sea and the pools. Make sure you don’t get seen. You can see people in the distance. Probably tourists. This was probably one of the most expensive rooms.
-I think so too. Bathroom. Looks good too. A nice bathtub. I see a paper. I gonna check if there is a date on it. In the corner normally. Dec 8th 2012.
One of the last guests.
-Italians. Another one. A paper. It’s so dusty. Dusty paper. The animals make use of the resort aswell. They make a mess.
Should I put the cleaning sign on the door? On the first look, it looks like the resort is still in use. But when you look closer you can see the decay. A minibar, let’s check if we can get a drink.
Too bad.. emptied.
-Only mouse poo. Nobody was here for a while. A juxebox, cool. An American bar.
-Check the barstools. I haven’t seen one in a while.
Are the vinyls still inside? Here are the songs. I don’t know a single one. You stumble upon some cool things. Everything is well preserved. It looks clean again, but when you look closer. Footsteps in the sand. The kitchen. Everything is still present. A beauty center. Check this, really cool. One of the nicest resorts I’ve seen. A wash basin. Which color do you take Janine?
-Pink ofcourse We go explore and it becomes a womans day out. Iexpected a “cool” explore and we end up exploring a beauty salon. It’s an abandoned salon !
-Indeed and well preserved. Hair dye. It’s a real time capsule it looks like suddenly closed and nobody ever came back. Much more fun than a empty resort. You don’t get happy when you see this toilet. Somebody took a dump. Rubber bands. Curlers. Idon’t know much about it Idon’t have hair anymore. Here are some magazines. These date from 2008. A nice Egyptian cover. The options of the salon. Nails, epilation, facials. breading hair. The pictures look old. Let’s check. 12 euro for hair breading. Let’s check the children corner. There’s another bar here.
-I see disco lights. Pretty boring. Let’s see if the door is open. Locked. We also explored some other resorts where the guards were very friendly. We are experiencing something here…. We are drinking tea with the guards. We don’t get that chance often.
They invited us when they saw us, really nice. Beautiful abandoned hotel. The only thing we understood that the owner changed recently. I want to get out ! Leave the cat, I want to get out ! Janine is being dressed. A giftshop. On a succesful explore!

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