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Hi, everyone. So, you’ve got a party coming up, or maybe you’re hosting
some friends for a game. But you want to put
out more than just a veggie platter and
some potato chips. That’s why today we’re
raising the bar on bar snacks. I’m chef Emily, and you’re watching Aprons Cooking School Online. (MUSIC) For the snacks, we have two
we’re going to make today. We have Candied Chili-Garlic Peanuts and a Chorizo Pigs in a
Blanket with Sofrito Truffle Mayo. Sounds delicious,
but first we need to start off with our peanut recipe. So over here, we have a pot with a
candy probe thermometer. We are going to add in
three-quarters of a cup of water and two cups of granulated sugar. And we want to bring this
sugar up to 240 degrees. And that’s gonna take
a little bit of time. Also, give your sugar a
little bit of a shake so that way, that water evenly
distributes it in the pan. So leave it alone, let it go. And once that sugar
comes up to a boil, you’re gonna slowly start
to see the bubbles change. All right guys, so if
we take a look here, we are at 240 degrees. Perfect. We do need to remove
the thermometer, though, and it’s pretty hot, so I’m going to carefully pull
that off with a towel. Set that aside. And we have our
other ingredients, which we need to
add in now. You have chili pepper flake, a little bit of garlic paste. I love garlic. So good. Some salt. And don’t forget those peanuts. These are salted peanuts, but
we added a little extra salt. Okay, and now we’re going to
give these a really good stir. You definitely want to
constantly mix this and scrape the bottom. Because that way, we can get
the sugar agitated a little bit and it’s going to
start to crystallize. I’m going to turn the heat
on just for a moment, and give that still another stir. Make sure you have your
parchment-lined tray ready to go. We’re going to add
these on to our pan. And whatever you do — I know
you want to eat these now, but you got to wait
till they cool down. I’m gonna let these peanuts
cool down for a moment. I’m gonna go ahead and
clean up some dishes and grab the ingredients for
our next bar snack. All right, so we’re ready for
our next bar snack — our pigs-in-a-blanket. I do need to cut up our chorizo. If you haven’t had chorizo before, it’s a Spanish, dry-cured sausage. We do want to cut
it a little bit smaller, so we can fit that theme of the bar snack bite-size pieces. So I just cut
this link in half, and I’m going to cut it
in half one more time lengthwise. And then we’re gonna
cut these into thirds. Just like that. Okay. So for our dough,
we’re using a buttermilk biscuit. We’re going to divide them
up a little bit smaller. If you guys are
familiar with these, we all use these at home. I’m always afraid of the
popping part of this, but just gotta give it a quick tap, and there you go. I want to separate each piece, because I’m going to cut
one of them in half. So what we’re going to do
is we’re going to rip this in half, and that way we can take
two of these together and put one half on each. So you have two little
dough balls there. We have some bench flour. So we’re going to
take a little bit, sprinkle it down. And I’m also going to sprinkle a little
flour on top of each one of these, and on my rolling pin, because it will start to
stick a little bit as you roll out. Okay. What we’re looking for is a
six- by six-inch rectangle. So if you need a little help with that, you can pre-measure out
your flour drawing like so. And this flour is going to keep it,
again, from sticking. You don’t want too much. And there is something
in dough called gluten. And you can see it is a
little bit tough to roll out. But if you give this a
little bit of time to rest, it’ll start to hold its shape. And we’re going to cut
these into six strips each. You want a total of twelve. Who’s good at math? I have to cut it in half. And then I’ll cut each
of those into thirds. Okay. You don’t have to be perfect. They’re all going to taste
delicious when they’re done. All right. Now that
we’ve cut our strips, I’m just going to scoot
these up just a little bit so I can clear my area, and we’re going to bring in our other ingredients
in just a moment. But I’m going to go ahead and get all this area wiped down. So be right back. All right, we got our chorizo and our cilantro leaves
picked and ready to go. We’re going to start
from left to right and add our chorizo down first, then our cilantro;
we’re going to put them onto this parchment-lined tray
to be baked off. So I like to do one step all at the same time. That way, you’re not going
back and forth with the cilantro and chorizo. And then taking your cilantro —
I’m doing two leaves per. If you don’t have cilantro, you could also use some basil. Now that we got those, I’m going to start on this end and I’m just going to roll up just like that. You always want to put the
seam-side down on your tray, so that way it doesn’t unroll. And it just looks better. “Presentation side” is what we call it. Do three by four. Spread them out nice and
even so they bake evenly. (MUSIC) They’re going to go right into our oven. I have a 400-degree oven preheated. I’m gonna open that up. Stick it right in. Now we need to make our
sofrito truffle mayonnaise for our pigs in a blanket. So, I have one cup of mayonnaise. To that, we’re going
to add our sofrito. Sofrito literally
translates to “stir-fry.” It’s used in a lot of
different dishes. Everything from stews, soups. It’s made up of tomatoes, bell peppers,
red onions, oregano. I’m gonna add two teaspoons of truffle oil to this. If you haven’t had
truffle oil before, try throwing it on
your pizza. It’s really great. I’m going to add
salt and pepper. So give this a good mix. I’d say this would be even great
with some wings, tater tots. There you go — tater tots. That sounds delicious. So now let’s check on our
pigs-in-a-blanket in the oven. Beautiful, golden brown on the top. I’m really excited to go ahead and give one of these a taste. I’m going to go ahead and dunk into our mayonnaise. That is delicious. I love the cilantro and
the chorizo together. It’s funny because you wouldn’t think that’s a biscuit. It kind of reminds
me of pizza dough, but it’s super soft and flaky. It’s small enough where it’d be great to have a few of these and share amongst your friends. Overall fantastic. Now I really want to
try these peanuts. You can definitely see a chili pepper flake in there. Mmm. So crunchy, sweetness, saltiness. All of our favorite things in a snack. So don’t be afraid to raise
the bar for your next party. Use the link to download these delicious snack recipes, and be sure to check out our other Aprons Cooking School videos and subscribe for more great content from Publix. Thank you for watching.

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