100 Replies to “Two dead after Oklahoma tornado leveled a motel, mobile home park”

  1. Rich B says:

    The news clip in the trending section call it an "alleged" tornado.

  2. Shadrack Playz says:

    This is horrible.

  3. Just a Happy American-Canadian says:

    You ignore climate change and now you get killed?

    Oh well…thoughts and prayers 😁👏

  4. Check My Playlist says:

    Rebel media is live with Tommy Robinson

  5. The Memo says:

    Isn't a shame this didn't hit the mobile home park the leftwing Memo lives in

  6. Christopher says:

    In related "News", the leftist, anti American "Deep State" clearly now has the ability to create tornados and alter weather patterns.

  7. Little Dove Corr says:



  8. Boomslang says:

    oh man i like that fox 25 hat, i want

  9. mike larochelle says:

    maybe Russia did it!

  10. Emily Blechert says:

    In our Prayers. God Bless. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. cheryl bullen says:

    More homeless Americans! How's the planting season going for our nation's crops in the plains and midwest? What's the expected impact on food supplies?

  12. Edward J says:

    If you don't want to be devastated by a tornado…. DON'T LIVE IN TORNADO ALLEY! it's a pretty simple concept to understand…

  13. dosi- dos says:

    Man made tornadoes

  14. Silence is not Golden says:

    Let's hope and pray that those who were lost were low income Liberals 🙏🏻

  15. Danny Tubiolo says:

    mobile homes in tornado valley.. comical common sense joke

  16. Hairy John says:

    Take care, and stay safe folks!

  17. bradenevans514 says:

    I’m in Tulsa area and we got hit by tornados last night. Scariest moment of my life.

  18. MrL TLB says:

    …and what happened to that "Disaster Relief" Bill again? Ohhh a Republican Congressmen blocked it from passing on Friday, right?

    That is absolutely Sad!

  19. DIana Love says:

    Our prayers god bless all🙏🙏🙏💔

  20. Bryochemical Intuition says:

    We will survive and rebuild! We are not weak soft democrat soyboys. Thanks for your prayers and support my brothers and sisters!

  21. Karen Lewis says:

    Wow! Stay safe people.

  22. Leigh Barry says:

    To ALLL of the atheists😒 just please STOP!!!! WE GET IT….YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD!!! That's your beautiful right 🤗here in America, but please don't be a PETTY BETTY, CRYBULLYING those who DO!!!!
    It serves ZERO purpose and helps NO ONE!!!

  23. tico valle says:

    Somehow Democrats Clinton Obama are being blame for this

  24. John Mclean says:

    Prayers and condolences from Scotland 😢💙

  25. Jodie Holmes says:

    Too bad Republcians canceled the Aid Package that was going to go help them. They deserve what they get

  26. Luna Sol says:

    God help all Sols

  27. Arlene J Nordrum says:


  28. niklachik says:

    Trailer parks seem to be a magnet for tornadoes! Very sad that people died! Must have been a terrifying night!

  29. Aidee Flores says:

    DESTRUYÓpresidenteTrumppresidenteDEAD sucksTrumpDEADpresidenteDEADfuck you

  30. Adam Fernandez says:

    Allahu AKBAR America is looking like Iraq Syria afganistan libya yemen lol 😂

  31. Adam Fernandez says:

    Its not even hurricane season yet now thats when the big suckers give it to the bastards lol 😂

  32. Tablet One says:

    When tragedy hits Oklahomans no matter your politics, skin color or anything will keep us from banding together and gutting through. By God and all things holy we will heal and be stronger TOGETHER!

  33. Seymour Viagalishche says:


  34. poodle dog says:

    Say a prayer quickly for these people. May God have mercy on them all.

  35. AOD2874 says:

    "6 years ago el Reno was hit by the widest tornado in history that had wind speeds over 300mph but we'll call it an Ef3"
    Makes sense. The new scale does not show how powerful that F5 really was

  36. Swiatek702 says:

    All these people putting up "high five!" emojis thinking they're prayer emojis.

  37. Wanda Farah says:

    Prayers & Love🙏💟✝️❣️

  38. Ave Maria Kat Barracuda 44 DD.20 says:

    My Thoughts And Prayers Of Course As Tornadoes Aside From Hurricanes Are So Devastating As All Get Out. Condolences For The Loss Of Life. Now, There Are Certain Schmuck Troll Bots On Here Who Just Love Making This Political. I Hope & Pray That A Disaster Never Befalls Them.

  39. Sue Randall says:

    Prayers for them all.

  40. Patriot says:


  41. Thomas Lightningbolt says:

    eat tornado!

  42. Michael nunya says:

    Pity it wasn’t worse.

  43. PWD says:

    Trump just tweeted this is fake news.
    He has reliable sources: the half wit Fox News “personalities”.

  44. Mr Wonderful says:

    How am I supposed to feel bad for people who insist on living in tornado zone??

  45. Midnight says:

    FOX NEWS FAKE NEWS! Unsubscribe CNN Puppets

  46. B. W. says:

    Not to make fun of those suffering… but is it me, or do tornados HATE trailer parks as much as Dems hate those who live in em.

  47. hugh jorgan says:

    2:40 is a lesson for how ALL media should report the history of weather events on our 4.5 billion year-old planet. He used the phrase "worst in RECORDED history" (rather than the "worst in history"). This reminds people we've only been using the Fujita scale for tornado strength since the early 1970s. Kudos to Fox News.

  48. Rose Phoenix says:

    How amazing that tornadoes always hits but sometime that the tornado is not going to be on the same spot is going to be like something new but this is going to be like just to keep moving forward because you already know the story that from the past what happened to the present lost belongings and to the Future that is going to be something new but I cannot tell you the truth anything about it because some of you kids that are not pay attention or you are paint that you very carefully because nobody care about it is very important like of a green one but if someone doesn't care about it the green then they just keep it put away or not pay attention other people that really want to explain something about it but I'm not sure about anything what I'm saying because if something happens it's going to be a brand new one

    And PS I am just a handicap I am if you don't like my own words that you need to move on the responsibilities and fee pay attention because sometimes that if the kids are not paying attention then sometimes it could be losing life

  49. Mint Brisk says:

    Climate change is happening. And it’s going to get worse by either September or October. Give or take.

  50. Eat my Shorts says:

    Its not global warming.. it's called weather. This is what happens when you live in tornado alley

  51. V IE says:

    That cloud of haymakers did them wrong, stay strong fam

  52. Brian G. Bankston Sr. says:

    God hits another trailer park… seriously this is crazy! I'm in Arkansas and tornadoes only hit small towns and trlr parks… why God?

  53. NEWBEATZ MUSIC. says:

    Digging a ditch to duck in…..isnt hard to do…..

  54. Susie RN1814 says:

    God bless them and comfort them.

  55. Bob Mitchell says:

    Sad to see. Time America changed its building standards and stopped building match box properties! Check out the cyclone building code in Australia! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  56. rich s says:

    You won't get any help from the government

  57. Miranda Miranda says:

    Nice going trump.

  58. A Smith says:

    yikes. prayers for those people's

  59. Feeber Izer says:

    So very sad. Mobile homes and tornados just don't mix…
    Edit: I should have said don't play well together

  60. Nerds Playhouse says:

    It would be nice if God would point these at Democrat homes instead of trailer parks.

  61. Afternoon Dreamer says:

    It's only going to get worse…

  62. wulfina moon says:

    we let all the Scots irish in, what a mistake.

  63. Caboco Carlos says:

    I'm watching from Alaska but I am an atheist I am sorry, why not call for God? LoL LoL

  64. chris klein says:

    Pray for the victims and their families as they grieve the losses of their loved ones. Nature can be cruel sometimes.

  65. Gritty says:

    But, but, but…. I DoNt BeeLeev iN CLiMut CHain NoW muh traiLer iS a gonnEr… deY tooKin erR JebbS!!! (Spits thru front broken teeth)

  66. Claire Sills says:

    God Bless all of you. May things get better, very soon.

  67. James Merz says:

    We got to ban those tornadoes before anybody else is dead from one! But for real pray for all the families of the people who have lost their lives in this tragedy of mother nature.

  68. Michelle Henderson says:

    Prayers my condolences

  69. Mike Perkins says:

    Prayers are like masterbation.
    It only makes you feel better for a while, not the person place or thing you're thinking of…endorphins are released.
    Ignorant, primitive, superstitious fools…

  70. Hillary Hitler says:

    Hopefully they were liberals

  71. Hank Menendez says:

    Wow the worst thing of all is they will move into a mobile home park again in tornado alley , smh thats like building a home on top of an earthquake fault .

  72. Jeffrey Parks aka Jenasus says:

    The government man made chem trail storms killed those people.
    Let the people that perished not be forgotten.
    Wake up America. The government is targeting the farm land in America with weather wars being deployed against us.

  73. Tony V. says:

    Mobile homes in tornado alley makes no sense!

  74. DJ Compl3x says:

    Over 130 tornados in 5 days 🤔 Fox got some explaining to do 💯

  75. Javier Perwz says:

    Mobil homes? Move!!!

  76. Iam N. says:


  77. Santo Valentino says:

    Donald Trump doesn’t care about white people

  78. Chatla Suresh says:


  79. Robert Hudson says:

    It's not a trail of tears. It's a trailer park of tears. Ha get it Trailer park of tears. Fake news. The weather is fine.

  80. Amélie Marquis says:

    el reno seems to be a bad area for tonadoes…

  81. Marco Polo says:

    Tornado Ally People. Build double steel reinforce 12 inch thick "Concrete Domes Houses" with heavy duty all steel sliding window and door covers. Domes are much better and stronger in high winds and much safer then little stick and ply-wood houses. *"It's not you, It's not Co2, It's the Sun !"*

  82. deplorAble deAn says:


  83. Eric Penn says:

    why is it the tornados always attack poor people every year? every year i make the same post!! poor people everytime?????

  84. KnightInShiningASMR says:

    Sorry for your loss, Oklahoma.Thank you rescue crews for risking your own safety to try finding survivors.

  85. Shelly Kennedy says:

    Very sad for the deceased, may they rest in peace. Trailer homes / mobile homes generally are the wrong place to be in a tornado. Always go to a storm shelter if you’re in a mobile home and a tornado is approaching. Hope that the injured recover fully.

  86. Jay Bojorquez says:

    People need to stop living in such areas

  87. Elvin Ostrup says:

    Be careful not to pray TOO HARD, folks.
    All that hot air might just create another hurricane.

  88. InkRedAble Entertainment says:

    Prayers for OK

  89. Brandy Wine says:

    An where's the pres in this just like the Charlotte thing nowhere to be found an he is the pres of the people I am told not all a show

  90. {// WTF! //} says:

    So unfortunate. Wrong place at the wrong time. I'm no stranger to tornadoes here in flat open midwest farmland USA . Just had one rumble through a week or so ago. Ripped the hell out of a corn/bean field and took out a couple of sheds and a parked RV. As a twisted thought, if we want tornadoes to go away we need to ban trailer parks. They seem to attract them. Seriously, trailer parks use a fair sized hunk of inexpensive land. There is a reason why there have been no homes in many of the locations for a hundred years and there are now mobile home and year round RV parks mostly because of the stress of affordable housing. Many of the tennants are relatively long stay but transitory (3 to 6 month) cyclic contractors and tradesmen following work. There are, my guess, a dozen nukes and hundreds of refinery/chemical plants within say 50 miles of me all needing refueling and infrastructure maintenance on a periodic basis. Oklahoma/Kansas would be no different with the fracking, drilling and pipelines too numerous to count.

  91. ConservativeAnthem says:

    Imagine trying to ride out a tornado in a trailer park!!

  92. Jaylen Chapa says:

    I was like 5 minutes away from it

  93. Liana Hietpas says:

    I know a friend who lives there… it's really sad.

  94. Deplorable 4 Life says:

    It's Springtime in the American Midwest. I've lived in southern Michigan for 59 years and tornadoes have always been a fact of life here. That's why you really need a basement to shelter in. Motels and mobile homes offer no protection from tornadoes.

  95. M L says:

    Really sad It is a moment to stop and think that we should be spending more time building treasures in heaven where everything is safe.

  96. todd r says:

    Was in Edmonton and was returning from a reunion party with family. The winds were crazy as well as the rain. kinda nerve racking but just watched the news then went to sleep. we were about 20 miles away and the storm was heading north away from where we were. Sorry for the damage. Saw the damage from I-44, and could some of the tornadoes path in the grass and a large a solid metal street sign flattened into the grass. Wild.

  97. Yemen bakhoor incense بخور بنت اليمن says:

    Im so sad that tornado shouldn’t exist

  98. jenny wren says:

    The judgement of YMH is upon Esau. Trail of tears, famine will be Upon the land. Remember Katrina? Isreal your REDEMPTION draweth nigh!

  99. Merle Keller-DIckey says:

    That is sad .They got hit with a deadly tornado 5 or 6 years ago..
    They lost a baby and a teenager were killed ..
    God bless them and their families….

  100. Kenneth W. Lovette says:

    Are any claiming geoengineering?!?. Not saying much at all?.

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