TWA Flight 800 (Seconds From Disaster)

A TWA jumbo jet on a routine flight from New York to Paris, France. Suddenly, it explodes and plunges burning into the Atlantic. There are over 200 people on board. Is it a missile attack, a terrorist bomb, or a catastrophic mechanical failure? Now, using advanced computer simulation, we reveal what really when wrong on Flight TWA 800. Disasters don’t just happen. There are chain of critical events. Unravel the clues and countdown those final, Seconds From Disaster. America, New York City. John F. Kennedy Airport. July 17th, 1996. Security is tight at New York’s busiest airport. Tens of thousands of people will pass trough JFK today on some 1,000 flights. They are all potential targets for terrorist attack. In nearby Manhattan, terrorist Ramzi Yousef is in the US Federal Court. He’s on trial for trying to blow up the World Trade Center with a 600 kilogram truck bomb. But he’s also accused of masterminding a plot to kill hundreds of innocent people with bombs planted on 12 US airplanes. The FBI knows that many members of Yousef’s terrorist cell remain at large. And could still target planes for attack?

13 Replies to “TWA Flight 800 (Seconds From Disaster)”

  1. patrick molloy says:

    Didn’t expect this from Cartoon Network lol

  2. []Jackson/Ethan 3tYT[] says:

    I fuckin hate the gate caller guy

  3. BlytheWorld1972 says:

    So sad all the people killed all fool of hope 🙁 rip i hope there end was fast ..

  4. Hardcore MatC says:

    Imaging waiting there on the 747 for 50 minutes, only to realise they were on the whole time. Then, thinking all the bad stuff was over, you relaxed, then all of a sudden, THE NOSE OF THE PLANE FRIGGIN SNAPS OFF

  5. Aviation Land 2 says:

    My grandpa was on the flight as a flight attendant
    1 like = 1 prayer

  6. Dannysmokes says:

    I was at the ymca on castle hill in ny and hit my first homerun on this day and we saw smoke from where we were…idk y I decided to look this up but it just ran through my mind

  7. Gencturk92 says:

    the narrator said in the beginning that the security in new york airports tight ? this happened before 911 aswell

  8. Xiaya Bennett says:

    if I had a dime every time they said astounding discovery……

  9. Xiaya Bennett says:

    What is it with people and all the conspiracy theories? I mean really?
    And what year did this happen? B/c I'm 2004

  10. jordan rader says:

    Well then if it was the wires then its technically murder as its obvious you dont bundle mix the wires and also how come this didn't happen more

  11. Phoebe White says:

    It's a good job they died instantly. The suffering would have been unimaginable💔

  12. Glories says:

    I wonder how often wiring and other maintenance are actually thoroughly checked on these air crafts

  13. AisleRegretThis says:

    Something about how far back the centre tank is away from the section that came off that seems a bit… off to me. When you look at the actual photos of the sort of re-built thing it just looks too neat, how the nose came off.. :/ .. We'll really never ever know what actually happened and how it really broke up.. The animation might sway things a bit maybe..

  14. TheLeftyrighty says:

    Q: Why doesn't Trump need glasses? A: He already has 2020!

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