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TVJ Midday News: JUTC Bus Driver Now in Police Custody – September 24 2019

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it’s Tuesday September 24 good afternoon
I’m Herman green with your midday news a special welcome if you’re watching
online at one spot mediacom the drive of the jamaica urban transit company J UTC
boss who was accused of fatally stabbing attacks the operator yesterday at the
intersection of Washington Boulevard and Patrick Drive ins and Andrew is now in
police custody he was held when he reportedly turned up for work this
morning he is to be questioned by the police
meanwhile opposition spokesman on transport makiel Phillips says there
needs to be some law to eradicate the chaos which now takes place on the
nation’s roadways on a daily basis I’ve been asking for a policy some
intervention from the Minister of Transport and the government itself
which has not been forthcoming you know we’re hoping that the police get to the
bottom of of what has taken place both in the New Kingston area and the doing
any party area and hoping that you don’t say the best occasions will veto arrests
in the meantime mr. Philips is questioning the use of surveillance
cameras which were installed on the Ju TC buses some months ago he has spent
money in putting me and security on some of the buses so it begs the question
what has happened so so that expense and if it is something that is is happening
but also you can deal with some of the hostility and tears on the roads by by
enforcing the law for one and also bad by a policy the government itself means
that we’ve been saying that there’s too much chaos on the roads are free-for-all
system a free-for-all system that has been taking place on the road and that
there needs to be a the government means at least step in the comments from mr. Philips comes on
the heels of an incident yesterday where a taxi operator was injured we’ll have
details on that in a story later on in this newscast
in other news Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlet is going to London today in an
effort to alleviate any fallout in tourist numbers after Thomas Cook’s
collapse on Sunday the tour company which offers packages to various tourist
destinations including Jamaica unknownst its decision to enter into
compulsory liquidation and cease operation immediately however despite
scores of current and future visitors to Jamaica utilising the company the
tourism minister says Jamaica’s preparation will lessen the impact on
the tourism product has been ahead of the curve in terms of our recognition of
where tourism is going and the impact of the the fourth Industrial Revolution
that is having on the industry overall he notes that technology has been
driving industry changes linking visitors directly to suppliers where by
forcing all traditional tour operators we are not surprised because we have
known that the OTAs have taken a big chunk of the distribution trade we see
what XPS doing we saw our Travelocity is doing button and and so on
but more importantly we see that the customer now has the power to make his
own choices and to book himself so it’s a it’s a whole disruptive arrangement
that has taken place in the distribution trade which has to be recognized and
those who didn’t pay the price president of the People’s National Party P&P dr.
Peter Phillips has suggested that there has been no significant improvements in
the economy since his party left office in 2016 he was speaking at Monday’s
press conference following the annual conference of the opposition party the
point-to-point inflation rate in August 2019 was 4.1 percent the same as it was
in 2016 the fiscal surplus was 0.4 percent of
GDP the same as it was in February 2016 the current account deficit is the same
2.5 percent of GDP the NIR is only marginally above about 200 million US
dollars above where we left it in 2016 he again took issue with economic growth
projection projections the government had admitted that 5 percent growth in
four years would not be possible all the loose talk of 5 percent growth in 4
years has been replaced by a sobering reality that growth is now declining it
was 1 percent in the last quarter and the projected out turn for this year is
to be less than 1 percent meanwhile the pnp president is lamenting the lack of
water in the corporate area due to ongoing roadworks
dr. Philips argues that the projects are badly managed the fact is they don’t
have the resources and not providing the trucks and for months they have been
promising that people will get water we have a similar problem with businesses
that have been forced to close because of the way the road work has been done
businesses along the constant spring road corridor businesses along the
Hagley Park Road corridor businesses around Porsche sinsemilla Square all of
which really leave the economy poor and we know take a break here on the midday
news but stay with us more news after these messages welcome back continuing the news a
killing counter killing and chaos that’s a situation that has marred the
transport industry this morning leaving commuter stranded bus operators fearing
for their lives and several groups calling for calm hundreds of commuters
left stranded Tuesday morning across the corporate area and sections of st.
Catherine it follows a deadly dispute allegedly between a robot taxi driver
and a Jamaica urban transit company J UTC driver on Washington Boulevard in
Saint Andrew Monday evening it’s understood that an altercation developed
between both drivers during which the taxi operator was stabbed the drive of
the Ju TC bus also received injuries this video that has been circulating on
social media shows the injured taxi driver being taken from the scene but he
later succumbed to his injuries he has been identified as 27 year old Aquino
Britton of an Brooklyn in st. Andrew following the incident several voice
notes were heard on social media threatening balance to Ju TC drivers in
retaliation for the killing always later in what is believed to be a retaliation
a different Jo TC bus driver was shot and killed on Oxford Road in Saint
Andrew J UTC drivers then withdrew their service fearing for their lives amid the
chaos we spoke with Transport Minister Robert Montague this morning who called
for calm among stakeholders a number of presidents are spoken to the management
at UTC this Transport Authority and the police the police have given an
assurance they have increased patrols and Mongo as a matter of fact they are
now setting up operations block for the plan is Spanish toward the port to
provide increased patrols on the route the opposition has also issued a
statement calling for calm in the sector up to news time and emergency meeting
involving the police taxi associations and unions was still
in progress at the ju t c in the meantime commuters have been struggling
to get to their destinations along we are you with a novice
I don’t know because the boss is charging $300 at all panels which was a
sergeant Adonis Acosta bus it’s understood that taxi drivers were also
charging passengers up to $500 for fares some commuters told TVJ news that they
were forced to return home as they could not afford the cost and had no other
option energy minister favell Williams has given more insight into the
government’s decision to wind up the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica pcj she
was responding to criticism from the parliamentary opposition that the
decision was done hastily and without consultation in a media released today
Miss Williams said the decision was deliberate well thought through and
timely she suggested that resource is at the pcj are not being used to their full
potential mrs. Williams pointed to human capital
and assets on the PC Jai’s balance sheet which she said were underutilized
he said the pcj is also appropriating more than 1 billion dollars or 2 billion
dollars from every litre of fuel it supports to support its operation
additionally the pcj has idle commercial and residential real estate asset and
five billion dollars in cash and deposits on its balance sheet as at
March this year Ms Williams said the decision to consolidate petroleum
ethanol limited into a petrol jam eliminates the markup on ethanol which
the decision regarding Jamaica aircraft fuelling services will cauterize its
losses and we go down to an item of news just in TVJ News understands that
Jamaica urban transit company buses have resumed operations but J UTC corporate
communications manager Sir Thomas Tom’s says it will be done on a phased basis
now we’ll have more on this developing story in primetime news at 7 the
National Water Commission NWC says the water levels at both dams in the
corporate area have increased but warns that the country is not in the clear
just yet Ministry of Minister with responsibility
for / no charge Junior made a declaration at
a press conference this morning as of today the hermitage dam has moved up
four percent to 44 percent the Moana reservoir is now at 38 percent which is
an increase and improvement from where it was two weeks ago which was below 32
and if we continue to get rainfall which we are told we will we can look towards
the hermitage dam moving upwards to 50 percent and the moon reservoir upwards
of 40 what this means is that we’ll have more water to provide but we will still
have to conserve we go down to news in sports it’s as you were on the red
stripe Premier League table for you WI FC and Mount Pleasant Football Academy
after both teams fail to find the back of the net in their Monday night contest
at a Tony Spalding Sports Complex you WI goalkeeper I’m al Knight came up
with some important saves on the night to keep the scent and based team at bay
but the students could not find a way past the Mount Pleasant defense the
result sees the you WI remaining 6th on 5 and Mount Pleasant 7th on also on 5
points in cricket three wickets apiece from Shamar Springer and Imran can led
the Jamaican Tala was to a narrow 5-1 win over the Barbados trident in a
low-scoring affair at the Kensington over last evening the tally was put to
bat were dismissed for just 127 with Glen Phillips 41 and Rama Lewis 27
getting the most runs Jason holder Sandeep Lakshman and Raymond reefa also
ended with two wickets each now with 128 wants to get for victory the tridents
were restricted to 122 for 9 from their 20 overs Jason Charles top scored with
31 while refo got 26 this as can bagged 3 for 19 and Springer
3 for 32 do in Smith also picked up to 422 and that wraps up the
midday news I’m Herman green remember join us at 7:00 for the prime time news
package on behalf of the news sports and production teams good afternoon

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