TUI SENSATORI Riviera Cancun | Resort Tour

Hello and a very warm welcome to the
TUI SENSATORI Riviera Cancun. My name’s Calum and I’m one of the Guest
Relations team here. Today I’m going to be taking you on a tour of the
beautiful resort, that I’m lucky enough to work in every single day…
So, come and follow me and I’ll show you what this TUI SENSATORI resort has to offer… You’re going to step off your transfer bus
from the airport and be welcomed by our amazing bellboys. They
will greet you with a big massive smile. So, next to our concierge
team we have our Guest Relations team. Every accommodation block in this resort has its very own personal concierge. Now a personal
concierge is where you can go to do your restaurant reservations. You can block book those in advance, or if you would like a restaurant reservation for
the same evening, you just need to book it by 15:00 in the afternoon. Now the rooms here at the TUI SENSATORI resort come with their very own whirlpool bath. Everyone has a minibar in the room, which
is restocked regularly with beer, soft drinks and snacks. You also have
24/7 room service. Now, when you first arrive at the resort of
course you are going to want to kick back and relax, especially
for the first couple of days as you’ve just been on a 10-hour flight.
So, what better way to be able to do that then the different pools
we’ve got across the resort. We have our premium pool… The premium pool is
accessible to anyone who’s staying in the premium section, but of course, if you’re looking to access it then you can upgrade directly when you
arrive. You do get some extra benefits included, like aromatherapy in
your room, a pillow menu and your Bali beds and sunloungers will be put out for you
in the morning as well. If not, then please do not worry, we do also have our
adults-only pool. That’s open to anyone who’s over the age of 18-years-old. We do also have Bali beds and sunloungers around there, that are on a first-come-first-serve basis. All our pools across the resort come with
their very own swim-up bar, so you can get all of your drinks
throughout the day from those bars. I’m now bringing you into our children’s
pool area because here in this resort we really want to be able to keep the young
ones entertained and on their toes, while they’re here on holiday. Just next to our
children’s pool area we also have our splash park where the little ones can
come, get involved and have some fun. And they can use it
as many times and as much as they like throughout their holiday. To get your
pool towels for the day, or even if you are going outside of the
resort on one of the amazing trips that we offer here in Mexico, then you just
need to come to one of the pool towel huts around the poolside or even
down on the beach and you’ll be able to exchange those on a daily basis. Just
next to our children’s splash park we do also have a little place where you can
come and grab a bite to eat. And this is a little place called Pizza Pizza! It’s
open from 11:00 in the morning until 15:00 in the afternoon. We have
the lovely Kevin here who’s actually freshly making the dough for the day, for
all the pizza that will be served here at Pizza Pizza! If you’re more of a
beach lover than a poolside person, then please do not worry because we have
a beach here at the resort. We also have Bali beds and sunloungers down on the
beach. If you want to reserve a Bali bed for the full day, you can do
that with your Personal Concierge team. The beach is a really nice place
to escape to, in this resort, and it’s definitely a place to come to first
thing in the morning, especially if you’re into yoga. At 7:30 every morning we
have awakening yoga, where you can do yoga with our professional experts, in
front of the sunrise. As well as our Bali beds and sunlounges that we have
down here on the beach, we also have our kayaking activities that you
can also get involved with. You can just come down or check out our SENSATORI app to see when it’s going on. I’m now at our beach barbecue area. So, once you’ve had a really fun and active day out on the kayaks, doing a bit of pottery painting, or even around the poolside… To go to a restaurant and have
some lunch, you can get yourself to the beach barbecue. It’s open from 11:00
in the morning until 15:00 in the afternoon. You can get hot dogs,
burgers, nachos and drinks here. Then, get yourself straight
back around the poolside. It’s quick, easy and convenient, especially for any young
children travelling in the resort. As you can already, tell this beach has absolutely
all sorts for everyone that will be here with us on holiday. Now I’m forgetting
one of the most important parts, which is of course your beach bar… Here we have
Aaron, who’s one of our bar staff behind us this morning. You can come
down here, you can get yourself a cocktail or you can get yourself another drink
from the bar and of course, you can enjoy some of the amazing sights that we have out here. So, we’re now in the Spoon restaurant, which is our main buffet restaurant. This is open every day
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s open from 6:30 in the morning until 22:30 in
the evening, and it offers a wide range of food for all ages, and from
all across the world. So, let me take you around the restaurant and
show you the selection of food that we offer in Spoons. If we just walk over to
here, this is where we have a selection of fresh fruit for you to try
in the morning. There’s also a full selection of different yoghurts for you
to also have. In the Spoons restaurant, we do have an
open-plan kitchen, which means that you can watch our chefs freshly prepare
dishes throughout the day. In particular, in the morning they make waffles and
pancakes for you to be able to indulge in. Throughout your holiday, we have several different restaurants for you
to dine in, that will definitely stimulate your senses throughout your
holiday. One of the restaurants I’m in now is at one of our à la carte
restaurants called Siena. This offers an authentic Italian menu. You can have
freshly cooked pasta, or pizza straight from the brick oven. It’s a really nice
restaurant to come to especially as a family. As well as the food in Siena
restaurant, my favourite thing about here is definitely the little
terrace area that we have just outside. It’s perfect if you’re an Aperol spritz
lover because we have our very own Aperol spritz minivan. And you can come here and you can get Aperol spritz All Inclusive, on tap, from the van.
It’s the perfect way to end your evening after your meal. This
restaurant that we’re now coming into is Zocolo, which is our Mexican à la carte
restaurant. Now for anyone that’s coming to the resort and you want a fun
Mexican night with sombrero hats, unlimited amounts of tequila for the
adults and a great Mexican atmosphere with traditional Mexican food,
then this is definitely the restaurant to come to. In the centre of the resort, we have our
very own Starbucks. Now Starbucks here is an additional charge, as it would be
if you were to purchase a coffee in one of the stores, but the prices here are
extremely cheap. They are cheaper than what you’d expect back in the UK. Now this
restaurant is one of Latin America’s best 50 restaurants. The restaurant
is called Le Chique. The food here’s designed to amaze and amuse
you. The food is actually deconstructed and then reconstructed to look like
something else… Le Chique is definitely a restaurant for
you to pay a visit to while you’re here, especially if you’re a little bit of a
foodie. Here’s where we also have our swim-up pool bar, where you can
come and get served your drinks throughout the full day. Now our sports and
entertainment team in this resort are made up of a local team, so let’s go and
meet them and see what they get up to a daily basis across this resort. Here at the beautiful TUI SENSATORI in Mexico, we have a lot of activities for all of our guests. We have Spanish lessons every
morning so you can come, learn and then speak Spanish just like us. As
well we have some archery every morning and private sessions of
every fitness class that you can think about. Hi! Welcome to the tennis courts. My name’s Monica and I’m the tennis pro. I’m waiting for you for your
intermediate, advanced and beginner lessons for children. If you’re into your fitness
and a bit of a gym-goer… located just next to our spa, we have our
24/7 fitness centre. You can come up and use this at your own leisure and we
also have personal training sessions that you can get involved with on a daily basis. If you’re looking for that extra relaxation and rejuvenation while you’re
here, then we have our very own spa. The spa here offers a variety of massages, treatments and facials, but for our TUI guests you do also have a complimentary water journey
experience, that you can take full advantage of. This is about 45 minutes to
an hour… you can go into the Jacuzzis, the steam rooms and the saunas, and it’s just
a nice little bit of time for you to be able to kick back and relax. If you’re
here for one week, you will have one complimentary experience
to use. Or, if you’re here for two weeks then you’ll have two complimentary
experiences for you to take advantage of. So, as well as our Vassa Spa that we
have here in the resort, we do also have our sky massage platform. This is a
really nice little added touch that you can add to your massages. It’s located
down by the beach and when you’re booking with the spa team, then you can request that your massage is down on the
beach. You can rest assured that when you drop your little ones off at
our Play House that they’re going to be taken care of and that there’s
absolutely all sorts for them to be able to get involved in while they’re here.
The Play House is run by our local child care team so let’s go over and meet
them and see what the Play House here is all about.
Welcome to the TUI SENSATORI Play House. You can come to
play from 9:00 until 17:00 with your children from 4 to 12-years-old.
You can also come and leave your children from 10:00 in the morning until 12:00.
I’m bringing you into our roof garden area now. This is where your main evening
entertainment will take place. So, for example the likes of our Michael
Jackson shows, our Bruno Mars tributes and even our circus shows will be
happening in this area. It’s also a nice little place to come during the day.
You can kick back on one of our comfy little beds. You can get yourself
drinks from the adults-only Mojito bar and you can sit back, relax and enjoy it. You’ll also get some amazing views of the resort, as well. That’s everything from
me today, but I hope that you’ve enjoyed the tour of this TUI SENSATORI resort.
If you’ve enjoyed watching this video, please subscribe to the TUI UK
YouTube channel. On behalf of myself and all of the team here, we hope that we
can welcome you to this resort sometime in the future…

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