TUI SENSATORI Barut Fethiye | Resort Tour

Good morning everyone my name’s Tara.
I’d like to welcome you to our beautiful TUI SENSATORI resort here in Fethiye, Turkey. I’m on one of the TUI Reps here in resort. We’re also known as Guest
Relations within this concept. Welcome to my beautiful resort. This is our beautiful bar area, which is
also known as the main lobby lounge bar. It’s open all throughout the day and the
evening. We’ve got light entertainment during the nighttime, too at our beautiful piano
station. This is where our resident musicians Jack and Hakan perform every
evening and create such a lovely environment, whether you’re here as a couple, with your family or with small children, too. Okay, so we’re now entering our main buffet restaurant… So, you’ve got loads of different options
in here. There are different seating sections… you’ve got adults-only, the mixed area,
family areas for the children and also you can eat outside, too.
There’s so much choice in the main buffet restaurant. Healthy eating is
possible here with so many different choices. Our delicious pastries are to die for… While you’re in Turkey why not try
the local cuisine and treat yourself to a traditional Turkish breakfast. We have
something for everyone to enjoy, including our smaller guests. They can
help themselves to these sweet treats and traditional breakfasts, or something a
little bit more close-to-home. Feeling very oriental in our Tao à la carte restaurant, specialising in beautiful Chinese cuisine. Not one to be missed.
This restaurant’s really accessible because you can access it from the main
family pool area, through the main lobby bar and also through the adults-only
section of the resort. Just above the main restaurant you can see our
beautiful terrace area. Just here we’ve got our Neoman Lounge and Restaurant, which specialises in Korean, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. It comes with a separate sushi bar. This restaurant has got an added charge of 25 euros per person. That just
gets charged to your room and you’ll pay it when you check out. Directly over the other side,
we’ve got our beautiful Amber à la carte restaurant, restaurant which is specializing in your
traditional Turkish cuisine definitely one I’d recommend you try out while you’re here in beautiful Turkey. And just in the middle, and brand new this
year, is our gorgeous adults-only lounge terrace bar. You get beautiful views
in the evening of the scenery, the mountains and that gorgeous sunset. Not a
lot of guests know but if you’re not booked into the à la cartes either side of
here, you can still use this bar as long as you’re 16-years-old and over.
Here’s one of the machines that you can book your à la carte
restaurants on. You just tap your room key, select how many people, which restaurant
you’d like to go to, and what time and a little confirmation ticket will print
out with your reservation. I hope you’re all hungry because right now we’re
heading down to our Sunset Grill restaurant, which specialises in steaks,
gourmet burgers and grill-type food. To be completely honest, you do need
a big appetite to eat here, but I definitely recommend a visit while
you’re here. There are so many food options in resort.
During the daytime, not everybody knows but the Sunset Grill restaurant,
where we are now, is also a snack bar. From 12:00 to 15:00 we have a self-service sandwich station, a toasting machine and fresh jacket
potatoes every day from 15:00 until 16:00. This is our lovely seating area here.
This is one of my favourite places because you get the most beautiful
breeze from the sea. While you’re in Turkey you have to try traditional Turkish
pancakes, also known as Gözleme. You can have
them a little bit more traditional with is normally minced meat and cheese
however you can have them a little bit more sweet if you’ve got that sweet
tooth like me with honey sugar and butter. Just see our lovely lady
behind me… She makes them fresh every day and you can enjoy them from 11:00 to 16:00 here at the beach. So, also we have our Hotel Guest Relations staff. Here is the lovely Meltem. Hotel Guest Relations can help you with cabana bookings, à la carte restaurant bookings and any general queries and questions that you may have.
Let’s take a walk over to our TUI Guest Relations desk and see what the girls
are up to… So, we’re just coming out of the main lobby
lounge bar now and I’m going to take you outside about beautiful adults-only pool
area as soon as you come through the main lobby bar just simply take a right
and you’ll be there within no time at all. This is probably one of our largest
pools in resort and it is a beautiful one. You’ve got a swim-up bar, you can see
it just behind me, and you’ve also got sunloungers by the pool. This pool is
available for anybody that’s 16- years-old and over. I’m going to let you in on a little secret now, which not too many of little secret now that not too many of
our guests know about just behind me over the bridge you can see another part
of our adults-only pool and this is actually heated at all times not too
many people know about that one the path that leads to many different
destinations if we just go to the left we’ve got our fantastic activity pool there’s a select amount of different
activities going on all throughout the day for example every day at 12:00 we
have our fantastic aqua aerobics for everybody to join in with something for
our smaller children is our fantastic sprayground and splash pool. There are slides inside the splash area and it’s something the little ones really enjoy. Just an
overview of our activity pool… A little hint and tip not too many people know is
this activity pool is actually shaped like a man. Just where we’re
standing on now is a ball and it’s supposed to be a man holding a
ball. Just for your information, you might not have known it before. Oh, and this is
Lauren, part of our sports and wellbeing team. Morning! Fancy a dip in one of the swim-up pools? it’s time to head down to one of my
absolute favorite areas here at the SENSATORI, which is the cabana part
of the beach. You’ve got lovely little picnic tables here, which are linked to our
beautiful Sunset Grill restaurant. Now I’m going to show you some of
our cabanas, which are a real VIP treat for the day. Just look at that scenery.
What you can see out there are locally known as the Fethiye famous 12 islands. Of course, the best way to see these is via a boat. Look at that beautiful golden sand. So, here’s something not everybody knows…
Did you know that Loggerhead turtles are actually now classed as endangered species here in Fethiye? It’s very sad I know, however, the locals work so hard to
protect them all as much as they can. Here’s one of our cages and this is just
where we’re protecting the Loggerhead turtles’ eggs during nesting season. The best bit of advice I can give you is… the best time to see the turtles is at nighttime. As soon as it goes dark the turtles tend to come out of the beautiful ocean
here and lay their eggs. However, for when the eggs are hatching there’s no
exact time to see them. I was lucky enough to see it happen last year, and it was
during the afternoon, but I’ve been told it can happen at any time. So, if you’re into
your animals and your wildlife, definitely take a stroll down here, whether it be
afternoon, evening or during the morning. These are our beautiful beach cabanas.
They are 60 euros for the day, a one-off charge. You can enjoy them from 9:00 to 18:00. They’ve got a beautiful bed inside, made with a comfortable mattress, and then you’ve got your
private deck with a parasol and sunloungers. So, you’ve got a little bit of shade
and sun for when you want it. Everything is butler and waiter service inside.
My personal favourite thing about them s there’s a button. Every time you
press the button, a waiter comes to take your order. So, it’s a real VIP Treat for the day, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion. Definitely book one. This is our lovely pier area and you get
the most beautiful breeze when you’re at the end of it. We’ve got buses and we’ve
got taxis here, but what better way to get across to Fethiye than on
our beautiful shuttle boat that goes every day, twice a day. Also a little hint…
If you go into Fethiye on market day, which is a Tuesday, we run the boat
more or less every hour just because it’s so popular and it gives you a little
bit more flexibility. So, I’ve just got off the speedboat on the way back from Fethiye
and I’m ready for a drink. Let’s hit the main clubhouse bar nearest
to the beach. This is our lovely clubhouse bar. Günaydın, Yousef.
This our clubhouse bar, also known as the sports bar. If there’s any sporting
activities on the TV like there is now, such as football and Formula One, it will all
be shown down here. Fancy a game of table tennis or ping pong? We’ve got everything here. Here are some of the facilities on offer at our TUI SENSATORI resort in Fethiye. Just here at the clubhouse is our sports and wellbeing desk area. If you need any information about any of the activities
or facilities that we offer please come and speak to the team. Just remember your Guest Relations team are always available for any questions or advice about the
facilities we offer in resort. So, we’re just going to wave goodbye to our beach
area and I’m sure we’ll be back soon… This is our towel station. Help yourself
to as many towels as you like… There’s a box here to dispose of
the dirty ones. It’s in a perfect location just on the main pathway, on the way down to the beach, and it’s also just down from the main pool area. Just by the clubhouse
we’ve got our lovely children’s play area, which is under cover at all times, so they
can have some shade. It’s open all throughout the morning, afternoon and on into the evening as well. This our fantastic slide pool. I always say it’s not just for the children but everybody can use it. So, I expect to see you adults
on it as well having fun. They’re not open at the moment, however, they’re open
every day from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 16:00. Just to the right as well we’ve got some
fantastic tennis courts here in the resort. We have something called social tennis on a daily basis for everybody to join in with. However, if you’d rather play
among yourselves in your own party, at any time, just ask the Barman for the
tennis racket. As long as there’s not an activity going on, you’re more than
welcome to use them. Let’s go this way and see what sports activities are
taking place. So, we’ve got a football pitch onsite here at the TUI SENSATORI.
As you can see, a game of social football is taking place right now. We have a
fantastic fully-qualified and experienced sports and wellbeing team here in the resort. Plus, a range of different activities on every day. As you can see, we’ve got football going on at the moment on our lovely football pitch, just
located at the front of the resort. We’ve also got archery. This is all
bookable via our TUI SENSATORI app. This app is absolutely fantastic and I’d
definitely recommend that everybody downloads it, just so you don’t
miss out on anything and you get the most out of your TUI SENSATORI experience. This is our adventure team. Your children are in very safe hands
here at our beautiful TUI SENSATORI Play House and Sensory nursery. Why don’t we go inside… There are so many different activities that go on inside the Play House. Just to mention a few, we have unsupervised sessions, which are something for the whole family to come inside and
enjoy. You can interact with the children together and also this time of year it’s
a nice place to come in and get a little bit of shade as well, especially for our
little guests in resort. Then we have our fabulous supervised sessions, which
are run by our fantastic childcare girls here in the resort. We have Silly Science Lab sessions, as you can see with the lovely wigs. We have sleepover club as well and Stay and Play sessions, which is another thing for whole families to enjoy. The Play House is bookable via the TUI SENSATORI app. Sessions become available to book 24 hours
before the session begins. So, for example, if there’s a session starting at
18:00 tomorrow evening you’ll be able to book it on the app at 18:00 this evening. Our evening entertainment includes some
fantastic shows, every evening at 21:45. There’s also a bar at the back and
there’s plenty of seats for everybody. Something that not everybody knows… Tuesday is my favourite night because it’s our tribute night. We
fly in acts from the UK especially for our guest’s entertainment purposes.
Also on Sundays, we have Comedy Cellar, which is adults only and that’s directly
after the main show, so you get the best of both worlds and get to watch it all.
This is our lovely boardwalk area. This is just a secret walkway. It’s a short cut towards the beach area. This takes us right down to the wellbeing platform, the sunlounger area and one of my favourite areas, which is home to our beautiful hammocks. If you really want a lazy afternoon relaxing definitely take a seat in our wonderful
hammocks. They’re located by the clubhouse bar towards the beach area. Just a little tip, the hammocks are really fun to be in. You can swing with that beautiful breeze from
the sea. However, they’re not really very they’re not really very easy to get out of! So, if you’re into your yoga,
Pilates or meditation, the wellbeing platform is definitely the place for you. You get beautiful cool breezes from the ocean and beautiful views to go with
it, too. Every day from 9:00 we have something called an awakening stretch. If you haven’t already downloaded the TUI SENSATORI app I definitely recommend that you do just so you don’t miss out on anything at all, like some of our fantastic sessions that take place throughout the day on our
lovely wellbeing platform. Something that not everybody’s always aware of is every Monday and Friday evening we have something called a ‘movie under
the stars’ and it takes place right here on our lovely wellbeing platform. We have
a big projector screen and beanbag chairs. The stars are all out – it’s such
a beautiful setting. We’ve got brand new films such as ‘A Star is Born’ and ‘Mary
Poppins Returns’. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether it’s for the adults,
families and children alike. We’ve also got a fantastic in-house
resort beauty salon. It’s very popular for men to get a typical traditional Turkish
shaves and ladies can get their nails done. Bookings at the beauty centre can be made direct. They’re open 9:00 to 21:00 every day. This is a really important stop on our lower ground floor. This is our doctor’s office.
We hope none of our guests ever need to use the doctors, but just for your
information, there’s somebody here 24/7 and it’s the
doctor himself or one of our lovely paramedics. Everyone say hi to our Paramedic, Bushra. Our TUI SENSATORI resort is award-winning, as you can see by all our
certificates and awards placed on the wall. Here’s our beautiful
indoor swimming pool. You can come here to get some shade or relax a little bit. This pool is also heated at all times,
which not everybody knows. So, we’re just on the lower ground floor
now and this is a little shortcut that I always take. Just on the lower ground
floor, out of the doors and on to the decking. This will take you right up to the main reception area and I personally find it a lot quicker. We’ve also got
professional photographers on site so if you’re celebrating anything special, like a
special occasion, or you just want to capture your TUI SENSATORI holiday
moments, I’d definitely recommend visiting our wonderful photography studio. We know nobody wants to leave our TUI SENSATORI holiday, especially our amazing resort here in Fethiye, however when it does come to that time to leave this
is one of our many options for comfort before you transfer picks you up and
takes you back to Dalaman Airport. This is our free of
charge of courtesy room. You’ve got lockers in here, a small
lounge area, separate shower cubicles and a towel rack. It’s so you can get yourself comfortable and you can freshen up before you make your way back home.

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