7 Replies to “Trini and John get down and dirty – Calistoga Mud Bath”

  1. David Moore says:

    Everett Curry and Jennifer Carpio and Me and Synthia Redic went here!!

  2. chris1pugsley says:

    I really have to go there, that mud bath looks very relaxing.



  4. Jeffrey Bohémier says:

    Why pay for what’s readily available in nature? There’s plenty of places to go lay in deep mud without having to pay someone for the experience. They limit how long you can enjoy it as well, whereas you can find places with deep mud that you can stay in all day.

  5. jyothi bandaru says:

    Could u please let me know how to maintain and heat the mud tub… Please

  6. Elias Pettersson says:

    "What's in the mud?"

    "Its 10% pete moss, 10% clay, and 80% elephant feces."

  7. Future Trunks says:

    I have always wanted to mud baths like this and get my body totally immersed in the mud I have always wanted to really try that!

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