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December 12, 2019 1 Comment

Hi! I’m Jody Matheson, and I’m here to bring you a Taste of Your Neighbourhood. Today, I’m at August, in Beasville. “Welcome to August” Thank you. I’m here to have dinner with Beth and Clayton. Excellent! Come on in. Oh, hey guys! How are you? Oh, I heard you were huggers… Oh, that’s great. How are you Clayton? Please, let me join you. “Can I offer you a beverage?” What would you recommend? I think you should have the Fielding Estates Pinot Grigio. And I’ll take the Great Lakes Crazy Canuck. I will have the Silversmith Black Lager. “Excellent. And for dinner?” I think we’re gonna start with the duck rolls. I think Jody should have the Seafood Stew, and I think I’m gonna have the Rueben with a Caesar Salad, and I think we should just order Clayton dessert. Maybe, the Sticky Toffee Pudding? So, tell me about the bar. During our construction, our thoughts for our bar were some 2×4’s, some plywood, maybe ceramic tile and we’re good to go, and a local carpenter came in and told us he
didn’t like that idea and that he would build us a bar if we designed it. He came in, and he took all the measurements, he built it, and right before he was to leave on a European Cruise, the night before he left,
he was here till the wee hours of the morning, putting the last coats of polyurethane on, so that we’d be ready for our opening. I’m guessing you’re going to treat him well at the bar? Bob will be welcome here to eat for the rest of his life. That’s excellent. I feel very classy with the wine amongst the beers. Am I overdressed? We’re pretty casual here. I noticed you’re
always wearing sneakers. Always. In the first few months that we
were open, we had a really nice couple that came in. First time they were in, they were in jeans and sneakers, and I was wearing dress pants
and dress shoes, and they walked in, and said, “Oh we’re under dressed for this,” and they walked out. I didn’t like it. I vowed at that point,
sneakers only. What’s it like working together though? What’s the secret? Are you allowed in the kitchen? I try to stay out of the kitchen as much as
possible. Now, you’re both chefs. We are. Tell me about how you met. We actually met in a kitchen after we graduated from Niagara College. I had been hired on as a full-time, and Beth was hired on as a part-time. I was a semester ahead of Beth in school, and I had top marks in my class in my first year. In my second year,
there was this mysterious person that beat me by a whole lot, and it wasn’t until we were working together, long after school, that Beth admitted that that mysterious person was her. Is this your revenge then? The marriage? So was it love at first sight? I think Beth barely tolerated me for
the first little while. We competed for the same job and she did it a whole lot better than I did. How often do you eat in the dining room? It must be strange being served. We never eat in our dining room. It’s strange having our servers serve us, and there’s always too much
going on for us to be comfortable out here. What a wonderful choice. Now, if you’re out here, who’s preparing our food? That’s Peter. With all the menus that we do, and the catering, it actually takes two of us to run this
restaurant, kitchen-wise. He works hard in the kitchen, and I actually get to sit down for once. So, tell me a bit about this seafood
stew? What am I looking at? Well, we have rainbow trout, we have shrimp and scallops, and some sweet roasted peppers and spinach. Then we serve that on a curried red pepper bisque, and then garlic crostini and aioli on the side for dipping. This is our Reuben sandwich. We serve it at lunch time. It’s our homemade everything Reuben. We make the bread. We make the sauerkraut. We slow cook the corned beef overnight, and we make a sweet and spicy mustard sauce for it, and homemade pickles on the side. Tell me about the duck rolls. That is our duck confit, it’s spiced up with a little bit of cinnamon,
nutmeg and black pepper and, yeah, mix it with a little bit of cream cheese and roll it in phyllo, and crisp it up in the oven, and it’s served with a peach and hot pepper marmalade So, a little sweet, and a little spicy. Now, before your sticky toffee pudding, do you want some of these duck rolls? I want the Rueben. Sticky toffee pudding is a favorite
dessert here at August Restaurant. It’s a date cake, and it’s served with a warm toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream, and surprisingly, it’s entirely
gluten-free. Why do you get a Reuben and I get dessert? Goes better with my beer. Well, before a fight breaks out, we can solve this by ordering another fork, and another spoon. Maybe two spoons, and I can have a little bite of that. Either way, it’s too good to look at. LET’S EAT! I can’t wait to dig into this mmm Flaky. You have it all over you. Flaky is the reference to this, not to you. Just so we’re clear.

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