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Top 7 Most Popular Indian Restaurant Dishes | Indian Food Taste Test Episode-8 with Nikunj Vasoya

Hello friends welcome to the another episode
of Indian food taste test. I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to taste some of the
most popular Indian restaurant dishes, which are available almost in every restaurant and
everywhere in India. I hope if you get chance to come in India then try dishes which I suggest.
If you are travelling by road then you can see small-small places where you can eat the
real authentic Indian food, we called it Dhaba. Today I have ordered 7 most popular Indian
restaurant dishes which are almost available in every restaurants, these are the most popular
and everybody in India likes to eat this dishes. So friends these are the 7 dishes which I
ordered, all these are very popular in India and almost every Indian likes to eat this
in restaurant most often. So the first dish is known as Dal Fry, this is Nan which is
very popular in bread, this is Jira Rice, this is called Lassi, I have ordered the mango
lassi, these are the three very popular Indian curries which are available in almost every
restaurant, this one is the Veg Kolapuri another one is Veg Kofta and this one is the Butter
Pander Masala. All these are very much popular in almost every Indian restaurant, I personally
like all of them very much, whenever we go to restaurant with family or friends, we order
one or two dishes from this. This Nan, Dal Fry and Jira Rice are must for every Indian.
So friends now I am going to start trying all these dishes. First a fall I am going
to start with Pander Butter Masala, paneer butter masala is seriously very good Indian
curry, it is very rich creamy, if you like paneer then it will be very good dish for
you. Another one is the Malai Kofta, you can order malai kofta as a sweet or spicy as you
wish but I don’t like very much sweet so I ordered it little spicy, regular malai kofta
comes sweeter but you can customize it and make it little spicy. Kofta is so soft and
with this gravy it is really very good and specially with butter naan, you can have it
with paratha but I always prefer it with nana because we can’t make this kind of nana at
home. Now the third curry is Veg Kolapuri, it is another very popular dish, it has lots
of vegetables in it, so with all this paneer dishes it’s a good complementary dish to order,
veg kolapuri has the little different taste from the other curries, it has the lot’s of
green vegetables in it and it gives the real smoky taste which everyone likes to eat. Now
I am going to try Dal Fry and Jira Rice, it is a dal of lentils, they just gives tadka
to it, it goes very good with plane rice or Jira rice as your choice but I ordered Jira
rice because it is very good, very delicious you can taste lentils in it, very sandy texture
of it, it’s really very good, every Indian prefer in lunch or dinner and in many regions
of India people likes the rice dishes. It is lassi world’s famous Indian dessert drink,
it is very popular in north India side but you can find it in almost everywhere in India
and it has lots of flavor, you can order plane lassi, you can order mango, strawberry, chocolate
lassi, there are so many varieties of it, they use real mango in it with this creamy
yogurt and ice cream it is really very good, you can happily end your lunch or dinner with

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