Top 10 Strangest Owners On Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay is no stranger to bad taste. From bad food to bizarre concepts, Gordon’s
seen it all on Hotel Hell. It’s true that we never know what we’re
going to get when we tune into Hotel Hell, but some hotel owners are just downright strange. From complete snobbery, to paranoia, a total
ignorance about hygiene, an over the top love of Ferraris, and an obsession with Cher, there
have been intensely odd owners. These ten are the strangest we’ve seen on
Hotel Hell. Paranoid in Pennsylvania There are bosses, and then there are bosses. Some are great, others are just weird. The paranoid owner at the River Rock Inn was
definitely in the weird category. This owner was convinced all his guests were
out to get him. Ken left passive-aggressive notes all over
the kitchen, telling his staff to keep their hands off his stuff. Gordon was completely horrified, and confronted
Ken about the really weird notes. When Ken just didn’t get it, Gordon set
out to talk to the staff about the issue. And just like Gordon predicted, the staff
hated the notes. Even though Ken was stuck in his ways, this
was all he needed to realize his strange behavior was totally unnecessary. To top it off, Ken’s look went from dingy
to dapper. This one wasn’t too hard, all it took was
a little trust and a fancy scarf catapulting Ken from paranoid business owner to cool innkeeper. The Town’s Denial Karen Townsend runs the beautiful Town’s
Inn outside Washington DC, in a town called Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia. In a gorgeous location and in a grand old
home, you’d think Karen would keep this prime establishment in tip top shape. Think again. This place was a hygienic nightmare. Disgusting! The kitchen was so gross, Gordon couldn’t
handle it! The staff was overworked and stressed. The chef had completely had it… The worst part? Karen was so delusional, she had no idea that
any of this was a problem. Things took a turn when Gordon realized Karen’s
living situation. She seemed to think this was an amazing set
up. This made Gordon change his tune. He wasn’t mad anymore, he was worried. In the end, he still wasn’t sure Karen was
worth his time. But, he decided maybe there was hope for her. Gordon did his magic, flipping a much needed
makeover, and not just for the inn. In the end, Karen just needed a fresh start. The Monticello Intervention The Monticello Hotel is a beautiful, historic
hotel in Washington. A long-standing client base is now dwindling,
and it’s no surprise that the root of that problem comes from this truly strange owner,
Phillip. This experience was strange right from the
start. At first, it seemed like Phillip and his partner,
Ginger, were perfectly normal business owners. Then, we find out about the kitchen staff
– these chefs had so little money, they’d been forced to buy pre-boiled eggs. At the same time, Phillip owned a Rolls Royce! This logic was crazy! But when Phillip’s arrest for drunk driving
came to light, Gordon totally changed his tune. Phillip didn’t understand that he was responsible
for everything, even his own reckless behavior. On some level, he must have had a clue because
he worked the floor for Gordon. Gordon wasn’t impressed! Gordon did what he had to do, and he put on
an intervention with Phillip. At first, it didn’t work. Phillip was way too far gone. Gordon didn’t give up, though, and in the
end, Phillip came back to reality and decided to get sober. Flying High at the Applegate Some owners are totally with it and ready
to tackle any task. Others, well, it’s more of a joy ride. Take the owner of the Applegate River Lodge
in Oregon. He was really enjoying himself, maybe a little
too much. Eventually, he met Gordon, totally stoned. Right, so Richard… Okay, so… “Pa Butt” was… I guess we can say… an eccentric owner,
laid back to the extreme. Joanne is Pa Butt’s ex-wife, and it’s
unclear how she was ever married to this total hippie. Well, at least some people were happy at the
hotel. Still, by one in the morning, the party was
still going, and a lot of the guests weren’t feeling the love. This family was a million dollars in debt,
and Pa Butt wouldn’t deal with it. In the end, Pa Butt, or Richard, just wasn’t
interested in running a business, and Gordon made a wise decision. With weird Pa Butt relaxing and out of the
way, this family could now properly run a hotel. The Dream That’s a Nightmare No one ever said running a hotel is easy. It takes a long time to learn the ins and
outs of an inn. Still, the idea is to turn a profit. That wasn’t the case right now with the
Cambridge Hotel, located a short drive from New York City. The hotel is run by John and his wife Tina,
and the story of how he decided to buy the place is a little… odd. It gets weirder, and weirder. And the weirdness affected business, unfortunately. But John was too committed to see the problem. While he was involved and getting his hands
dirty, he wasn’t able to truly fulfill his role. As Gordon investigated this money pit, he
knew the real problem laid with John’s total inability to run a hotel. When Gordon forced John to back off and let
his staff do their jobs by throwing a Ladies’ Night, John took a moment to reflect, and
finally came around. In the end, it looked like the Cambridge Hotel
was finally waking from its nightmare. Meson de Cher Everyone has a dream, and if she could turn
back time, Cali would have found a way to become a professional singer. Instead, she was the owner of the New Mexico
hotel, Meson de Mesilla. She didn’t seem to understand what was required
of her hotel – a Southwest-located hotel with a Latin name that… It was pretty strange, given that… The hotel was in terrible shape, but what
Cali really cared about were her dinner performances. There were stages all over the hotel so that
Cali could sing. It was all a little out of control. That’s an understatement. What Gordon needed to do was make Cali as
crazy about her hotel, as she was about her singing. A talk with Cali could bring her back to reality. It seemed things were on the right track,
with an awesome makeover that embraced the beautiful New Mexico vibe. But, turned out Cali wasn’t quite ready
to take the plunge. So Gordon got personal with Cali in a final
effort to help her shed her crazy singing obsession. And at last, Cali got it… Cali putting the hotel first was music to
our ears. King of Juniper Hill The gorgeous Juniper Hill Inn was Windsor,
Vermont’s gem. A fancy, expensive inn, the place had a pretentious
reputation. Despite the fact that this hotel was hemorrhaging
gobs of money, this strange owner wouldn’t change anything at all. Robert started his introduction to Gordon
with a very strange admittance… Things didn’t get better when it became
obvious that Robert was being a total snob. But this obsession with being a high-class
man had gotten out of control. It should come as no surprise that this hoarder
lived in a pig pen. Unfortunately, there was no refuge with Robert’s
partner, Ari, who co-owned the place and was just as much of a snob. Robert wasn’t any better, strangely focused
on a history tour instead of dinner service. When Gordon tried to bring Robert into the
fold and actually help run the hotel, Robert couldn’t cope. So to give Robert a reality check, Gordon
got a little sneaky. And Gordon’s trick worked. Looks like Robert finally came down to earth. The
Hotel on Wheels San Diego’s Keating Hotel run by Eddie took
fun a little too far. This hotel was very red, and there were pictures
of Ferraris everywhere. From bad room service… to the funky furniture… Gordon was rearing to dig into Eddie from
the get-go. The first meeting didn’t go well – Eddie’s
vision was all based on buying a car. Gordon didn’t get it either. Eddie’s understanding of how to run a hotel
was completely out of whack. He was living on another planet, and Gordon
had to bring him back to Earth. When he finally released his grip and Gordon
put his expert touch on the hotel, the staff was overwhelmed, and so was Eddie. The Keating got a makeover, but most importantly,
Eddie got a reality check. Two for the Price of None Is two always better than one? Well, not always. At the Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota,
two sisters are not working at the caliber of even one competent person. One sister, Rina, couldn’t handle the pressure. Vanda is the other sister, and she was equally
clueless. The fact was, these two were spoiled and completely
out of their league. Rina seemed to do nothing at all. No wonder this place was a mess! Gordon staged his first intervention. Things escalated so badly, the GM quit, and
the sisters took no responsibility for the problem. When Gordon pulled the sisters aside for another
talk, he forced them to get real. So, it was time to find a way around all this. In a family discussion, the truth came out. A decision had been made, and we’d say it
was a pretty good one. Even better, someone normal returned to run
the show. With Mindy back and running the inn, and the
sisters coming back to reality, it looked like the Calumet Inn would survive after all. Beach Bum The Beachfront Inn and Inlet in Fort Pierce,
Florida was just this hotel, but the owner, Brian, was so clueless that this seemingly
perfect vacation destination was not reaching its potential. So, this looked like a classic case of cocky
owner with no idea what he was doing. But Brian wasn’t proud, he was just, well,
weird. He thought he was 34? Whatever you say. It got weirder… Like with this vending machine… thing. What’s worse? This beach hotel was short on beach towels. The problem with Brian was that he needed
to grow up. Turned out, his family was supporting his
operation. All the same, Brian never could quite wrap
his head around the whole management thing. Fed up, Gordon didn’t know what to do with
Brian. Still, he did a makeover and directed the
real issue right at Brian. But this time, the owner couldn’t get it
together, and Gordon was out! And there you have it, the strangest owners
on Hotel Hell. If you want to see more videos like this click
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    Among the hotels to suffer from bad owners, Monticello is one that stands out. Phillip lost it after multiple additional DUI arrests. The hotel isn't there anymore. Juniper Hill is, but after a foreclosure. And reportedly like Philip Lovingfossils, Ari was arrested as well.

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    It always amuses me when I see the owners who don't realize they're in the hospitality business, but are convinced they're in the entertainment business.
    Like the Cher impersonator, or the Sherlock Holmes imitator. Yes, you can combine the two. But the main focus has to be clean, comfortable accommodations, followed by delicious food. Then entertainment, however you can provide it.
    Most entertainment venues focus on hiring in acts, rather than providing the entertainment themselves. For example, Skipper's Smokehouse has been in business since 1980. The food is good; not Mechelen star, but it's not trying to be. But the entertainment is first class. In the year 2000, they won the W.C. Handy Award for being the best blues club in the USA.
    They also feature rock and roll and reggae, and some of the best bluegrass bands that ever existed have played there.
    They don't have accommodations. There are nearby hotels and motels if you don't want to drive home. They have their niche nailed down.
    A hotel that focuses on entertainment rather than accommodation makes me nervous.
    Once several years ago, my sister and I stopped in Tyler, Texas, on our way to Oklahoma City. She insisted on staying in a B&B. The place was packed to the ceiling with antiques and the owners were elderly. Each room was $100 a night.
    I wanted to stay at Motel 6 for $30 for one room. Clean, comfortable, two beds. But my goofy sister had money to spend and wanted to try something different.
    To be fair, the owners were quite nice and really needed the business. But I barely slept a wink, and the breakfast was awkward.
    The antiques were the entertainment. I was not amused. It was like "Night at the Museum" without Ben Stiller or Robin Williams.
    Tyler is a great city, though. If you get the chance, visit in the spring. They have a rose festival, and the fragrance pervades the entire town.:)

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