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Top 10 Scary Hotel Stories

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Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top
10 – my name is Danny Burke – back with another scary video for you – this one is about hotels. I imagine that when you guys go to sleep at
night you feel safe being in your own home – its a familiar surround. What about hotels though? Do you still feel the same? Most of the time theres absolutely nothing
to worry about – but then you hear stories like this – and it kinda makes you think twice. Lets see what you make of the Top 10 Scary
Hotel Stories. Coming in at number 10 we have The Shadow
Men. This one comes from Reddit user Mythrin. He said he used to work in his Aunt and Uncles
hotel in a Scottish Village. One night, while sleeping in the staff quarters,
he was woken up from a loud banging noise in the corridor. He angrily got up, ready to tell people to
shut up so he could sleep – but the corridor was empty. THe walked to the end of the corridor to see
if there was anyone coming up the stairs from below and thats when he saw it. He said a figure was stomping up the stairs
– he said it looked like a shadow person but solid. There were no features on the face or clothes
on its body – it looked like someone wearing a black morph suit if you could see through
them. He ran back to his room and could hear the
banging for hours. The next morning, nobody else said they heard
anything and he kept the secret of the Shadow Man to himself … Moving on to number 9 we have Childrens Clothes. This ones comes from reddit user Loco Mojo. They said that one night when they were wroking
at a hotel, a man came down to the lobby area and began wandering around. He was acting very strange. He was talking to himself as he sat down at
a breakfast table before standing up and switching chairs at the table every few minutes. When they asked if he needed help he would
jerk a bit and mumble that he didnt need anything. After a few hours of this he went to his room
but then returned to say he had turned the heater on which had left him short of breath
and he needed an abuilance. Then, the fire alarms went off. When the fire crew came back down from the
room they kept asking if the man was alone – they said yes. After the fire crew left, they went to go
and look in the mans room. The sight shocked them – he had rearranged
all of the furniture, put the TV in the bathroom and had but his trash can in the middle of
the room and set it on fire. Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all was
that even though he was alone, there were small childrens clothes spread all over the
room … Coming in at number 8 we have The Elevator. This is a short but scary one that I think
everyone can appreciate. It comes from Reddit user TheDinomanShow. They said that one night they visited a hotel
and needed to use the elevator. They got in, went up to the 4th floor and
the doors opened. There stood a group of people waiting for
the elevator but they made no attempt to get in even though he was the only one in there. After a few seconds, the automatic doors closed
and just before they closed, when there was only a slight crack left, he heard one of
the people outside say -Why is the lift so full of people?- … thats the point where
Id start mashing the open doors button. At number 7 we have the Woman In Grey. This one comes from Reddit user Army Of Wombles. He said that once he worked as a waiter in
an old hotel in Scotland. They were expected special guests – two old
women who were friends of owner although as a fairly new waiter he hadnt met them before. Another waiter mentioned they had arrived
and told him him to go and put some win in their room as they were being helped out of
the car. So, they picked a bottle, opened it, got two
glasses and a tray and went over to the room. On the way, he heard some shuffling. Hed been told the stories about how the place
was haunted by the ghost of a woman in grey who had hung herself. Then, as he turned the corner, right in front
of him – he saw a woman, in old clothes, walking away from him – with no head. What. It turns out that it was actually one of the
old women who was arriving as a guest – she had osteoporosis which caused her head to
be below her shoulders – still a terrifying sight nonetheless. Coming in at number 6 we have The Footprints. This one is really mysterious – it comes from
Reddit user Fluxywild. They said they worked in a motel when they
were 17 or 18 – they were front desk but was asked by the housekeeping guy to come and
check something out in a room that was being cleaned. He got up there to see the housekeeping guy
standing in the middle of the room just pointing up at the ceiling. There was a set of bare foot prints on the
ceiling which was at least 10 ft high. Not a shoe print, a bare footprint. It was only in the middle of the ceiling too. They figured there was no way someone could
jump 10 ft upside down. There was also a single bullet left on the
bed. Whats going on with that story? Do we even want to know …
Moving on to number 5 now we have The Cold Bathroom. This one comes from Reddit user Scumbag760
– nice name. He used to work in security at a hotel in
California. Every night he got a sheet showing which rooms
were empty. It was his job to go through all the rooms
and make sure the lights were off and the windows secure. One night he went into a room and found all
the lights on – he began to turn them off and after turning the bathroom light off,
he noticed the room was freezing cold. He reached into the bathroom to turn the thermostat
up when suddenly the door just slammed. He ran out of the room and tried to close
the door behind him but the deadbolt pushed itself out of the lock and slammed into the
door frame. When he came back, the door was shut. He moved it around to see if it would close
but it wouldnt – he even tried slamming the door himself but it was too light weight to
even shut because it caught a lot of air. He said that was the last night he went into
that room. At number 4 we have The Dragging. This one comes from Reddit User Blue Pig. He was staying on a hotel one night while
travelling for work – it was one he had used quite a lot. Nothing strange had ever happened. One day, he crashed into bed exhausted and
tried to get some sleep as he had to be up early in the morning. He couldnt sleep though – there was this,
noise – a constant, shuffling noise from above. It sounded like someone was dragging a table
or chair across the floor – almost as if they were rearranging it. This continued almost constantly for 2 hours
– he called front desk to complain – they sent someone to the remove above to check
but there was nobody there – the room was empty. When he tried to get back to sleep, the noise
just started again … how creepy is that, anyone got a good theory? Coming in at number 3 we have The Partier. This one come froms Reddit where a guy said
he used to work front desk at a Marrior hotel. One night during the winter season the whole
hotel was booked out by high schools who were going on ski trips to nearby resorts. It was party central – it was chaos. He said people would ride furniture down the
water slide, punch holes in the walls to connect their rooms and cut open their mattress’
to hide drugs and alcohol. One night, a male student overdosed and was
found in the hallway. He was unconscious on the floor when the paramedics
arrived – he had no pulse and had to be defibrillated to be brought back to life. He was taken to the hospital for a few hours
but was somehow allowed to leave and returned to the party where he shouted -Whos Ready
For Shots- and continued to party. He literally died and then return to the party. Thats – I mean – what? Next up at number 2 we have The Clone. This one comes from Reddit User Infinity Girl. She told a story about her friends she refers
to as E and M. Im gonna call them Ellen and Mary. Ellen was her college roommate who worked
as the night manager for a newly built hotel. She brought Ellen coffee one night like normal
but found her sitting at the front desk shaking her head in confusion. Ellen said she had just checked in what could
only be described as the doppelganger of their other roomate, Mary. Ellen said she was exactly like Mary and that
she tried to show her a picture of Mary on her phone but she wasnt interested. They put it down to coincidence and drink
their coffee. At 2 AM, she decided to leave Ellen and go
home. At 2:30 AM she pulled into a garage and looked
at her phone to see a series of texts from Ellen to her and Mary at 2:17 saying -Stop. Not Funny. You guys suck. What the hell- … she was confused so she
called her back. Ellen sounded hysterical on the phone and
said that she saw her and Mary wearing the exactly same clothes as earlier, standing
in the main hallway of the hotel just staring at her. Ellen told them to stop joking around, the
front desk phone rang and by the time she turned to answer it, they had gone. Ellen eventually calmed down so she didnt
tell her the freakiest part of the story – when she got home that night, the kitchen clock
was stuck at 2:17 AM and right next to it was a phone of her and Mary smiling that she
had developed earlier that afternoon. Can you explain these creepy clones? Perhaps its a glitch in the matrix? Perhaps we will never know … And finally at number 1 we have Room Number
8. This one comes from Reddit User Vicerine. She said before she was born, her parents
decided to move ot the coast and open a hotel. Before they opened for guests, Her Mum and
Dad decided to clean all the rooms. One day, her Mum was in room number 8 doing
some vacuuming when the whole carpet started -rippling- … and I don’t mean just colours
or patterns. Her Mum said the entire carpet rippled in
a constant fluid wave type motion, lifting all the furniture and herself up and down
off the floor for about 10 seconds. Her Dad came running when he heard the screams. Her Mum said they were selling before the
place even opened but her Dad managed to convince her otherwise – she refused to ever step into
Room 8 ever again though … Well I have to say – I loved a few of those. They honestly scard me and thats coming from
a person who does a lot of these videos. Which one was your favourite? Would you like a part 2 or shall we do some
scary stories about other things in life? Let me know – Im Danny Burke, thanks for watching
and Ill see you all in the next video.

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