Tokyo Motel Bill’s first wage + english/dutch/french subtitles

hey, people today is a real top day I got my first wage today I’m ofcourse totally crazy and I did power shopping I bought everything that I’ve always wanted for example, here the CD of Tokyo Motel, yeah or here the pirate ship it’s for my nephew when he’s born someday and I’ve got myself a real tattoo cool right? when you have as much money as me you can afford everything really everything hello Bill 8 o’clock is time to go to bed ok, eight thirty yes am I cool or am I cool? but then you have to go to sleep yesbob the builder, can we fix it?but the best is yet to come yesterday, I bought myself a new car tadaa 8 cilinders, 300 HP totally crazy but the best about this is I don’t have to drive it myself with that, I can completely relax in this exclusively
for me designed security seat rock ‘n roll

6 Replies to “Tokyo Motel Bill’s first wage + english/dutch/french subtitles”

  1. Savannah Porter says:

    thanks so much 4 the subs and if u could please make more im sure people would agree

  2. meowrit says:

    Whahaha, omgosh, this is SO hilarious! XD

    I love Tokio Hotel, but this is SO funny xD

  3. lovewwe13 says:

    Hahaha!!I agree I love them but this is so cute bill did kinda used to talk like this no offense to bill i still love him.

  4. Stephie2007 says:

    haha "ROCK N ROLL!!" and 'Bill' is in that car seat! XD

  5. Bluepudding22 says:

    Is this still made?

  6. ally cat says:

    Dani California 2:10

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