Hey guys! It’s our first night in Japan ever, and we’re sleeping at a capsule hotel in Tokyo. The one we stay at welcomes both men and women, however, the floors are divided by gender. Little did we know while booking, That this hotel is located in Koreatown. So if you’re into K-Pop and Korean food, you’re in luck! [Music] Please go up to the reception desk on the 8th floor. Fei and I are just about to check into our capsule hotel. My locker number is #543, Let’s take a peep at our guide sheet. By the way, it’s super quiet inside the locker room. Inside the locker, our amenity bag was waiting. Let’s see what’s inside. Fresh pair of slippers, toothbrush with a mini-tube of paste, There are also PJs which you’ll see later. We take out what we need for the night. The rest is packed away like a jigsaw puzzle. That wasn’t too challenging. As for our shoes, to the top they go. (whispering) It is time to wash up, so Fei and I are gonna get naked and clean. Squeaky, Squeaky clean! (still whispering) Time to shower! (normal voice) The bathroom was trippy. Between every mirror and panel, there was an equal width of empty space. As you walk by, you’d get surprised. Is that person on this side, or that side? And where am I? Then I encountered the most friendly toilet of all. When I entered the stall, it opened its mouth and greeted me with blue light. [Beep] Wow, wowie, wow. Check out this hallway of two-storied pods. Each pod was marked with a number, incidentally making the floor look like a ruler. (Inaudible whispering) (Party Music) (Happy Music) The slippers camouflage with the floor, let’s tidy them up so they don’t get confused with a neighbor’s. Upon closer inspection, there is a dimming switch. Cool, but not yet. For the next bit, I had to silent vlog, because our neighbors were sleeping. There’s only one outlet? Noooooo! The pillow looked like a curvy bean. Ooh, a concave shelf. Perfect to fit your phone. About that one-outlet dilemma, my phone is in the red zone, so let’s charge that first. Next up, we do a little organization. I’m oober gentle while handling plastic bags. Considering how quiet it is, my neighbors will likely hear every crinkle. (music) I’m learning that this pod is stretch-friendly. The width is narrow enough so I can push my fingers to my toes. And yes, I’m definitely feeling this. I may be just sunburnt, but it sure is getting toasty in here. Just a tad. My eyes are getting heavy, but before retiring to bed, I must edit and upload a video. It is 11:14 pm. I go to the lounge for better posture. 2:45 am, makin’ progress. By the way, I’m turning 30 in about two hours. I’m the only one here, and I like it! The janitor stopped by, and look how neatly he aligned the chairs! Such precision… (clock ticking) That building looks like it’s pointing its index finger into the sky. Or even giving a thumbs up. We just checked out, and… (laughing) How did you enjoy your sleep? It was good, but it was hot. Yeah, it was hot. It felt stuffy. When I entered the pod around 5 am, it did get cooler. So we should come back here again? (both) I would. Wouldn’t you? It’s fun. Yeah, it’s fun. Lotta fun. (crunch) Three days later, I slept at another capsule hotel. The same company, but a different branch. The one at the Narita Airport. The shower rooms were the same- a perfect copy and paste. I noticed a vertical slit above the door. I reckon it’s for steam to escape and to assist in preventing mold. (no spoken dialogue) (whispering) Here our pajama uniforms are dresses. At least for the females. There are sleeping pods for the men, they’re on the other side of this hotel. It’s not even 6 pm, but I’m going to head into my pod, I’m going to do some work, edit videos, I’m also hoping to squeeze in some writing time. Instead of giving us cards with a QR code, here they give us an actual key. Unlike the north (inaudible) branch, this hall has only one side filled with pods. Still looks cool though, and the bedding was firm in both experiences. I was given the upper pod, which has its pros and cons. If you’re a light sleeper, I recommend bringing earplugs. It was mostly quiet, until my neighbor farted. Note to self: avoid eating cheese if you’re lactose intolerant. In the background played the soundtrack of gentle ocean waves. Stay tuned for more Japan videos. Until then, check out my other travel vlogs, and get updates on my social media. Seeya in a few days!


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