Tokio Hotel – Hinter Die Welt – Documentary – 2/4

Gu: “Guys, you splattered all over it!” TH: “Power Ranger power activated!” B: “Back in the days when I went to school I was styled pretty extravagantly every day.” “Because that was everything that I had.” “And now I’ve got a stage where I can express myself even more extremely as back in the days.” “So to a certain degree it is also an artistic figure.” “We didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t have money for extravagant clothing or stuff like that.” “And then I started to cut up shirts myself and I changed my own clothes.” “And that just continued. And then at some point I started to paint my nails and dye my hair.” “And that continued step by step somehow. You don’t quite realize that, it just happens by itself.” “It’s not necessarily dressing up because I don’t become somebody else in that sense.” “I know that there are a lot of people who think that I change into somebody who I am not in my private life.” “But that’s not the case.” “This rebellion with my looks when I was young…my piercings and so on…” “It was to stand against the things I found and still find stupid.” “I really wanted to provoke. I wanted to show the people how stupid it is.” “For example I had this PE/sports teacher who did not want to teach me because I had a white sports outfit which I really liked.” “He was some kind of old fascist. He told me to go to the girls to train with them.” “The headmistress had to come in, everybody had to be involved.” “It was never possible for me to adjust and to make my life easier doing so.” T:”If Bill would have been more normal I might have been too I think.” “But you never know…I think he was and still is the main force regarding many things.” “Especially in regards to being different concerning looks.” “He is the main force here.” “I think if Bill would have been totally boring, I might be more normal, too.” “Tom is extreme in his kind of way, too. But it’s somewhat different.” “He would have been- He wouldn’t have dared to do some things in his life if I wasn’t at his side.” “They might have turned out totally different elsewise.” “It’s the same with me, it was a form of security to always have him around, looking the way I did.” “He always had something protective about him.” T: “I don’t really know why…” “I kinda had the feeling that Bill has always been more affected when there were problems.” “I took the protective role in those situations and I’m still doing that today.” “When Bill is in trouble, I’m always the first to intervene.” B: “When we were living in the countryside…there were 20-30 year olds who wanted to beat us 12 year olds up.” “They wanted to piss on us and many more things. It was quite extreme.” “Every day was some sort of survival training, it was insane.” T: “At the end of 4th grade (10 years old), we moved from the city Magdeburg to a small village.” “I remember our first walk through the village, I had red shoelaces and some skinheads (18/19/20 years old)…” “They wanted to beat us up. And we didn’t know why, we didn’t even know about the political left and right back then.” B: “You start to get street smart. You avoid certain areas, do certain things and run away when you see certain people.” T: “I kinda felt attracted by the punk scene back then which was quite utopic for a 10 year old.” “But there wasn’t really a punk scene in the village. just some rare exceptions.” “But there was a scene in Magdeburg so we drove there early on after school. You sort of had to find your way in there.” “Riding the school bus was like going to war every morning for me.” “You always had to prove yourself.” B: “For quite some time our parents picked us up because they said we couldn’t take the bus anymore.” “I can’t imagine standing this through without Tom by my side. We always felt like two aliens.” B: “We can’t really imagine living without one another.” T: “We’ve always been together, even our emotions are sometimes in sync nowadays. Our views are very similar.” B: “He’s 10 minutes older than me.” T: “Clothes, looks, interests, we might be different there.” “But because we are like one circle and one fills up the one half and one the other.” “It’s basically like we are one person.” “If one is depressed, we both are. If one feels lonely, we both are lonely together.” B: “We both work like this together.” “The problem is that when one is with a partner, they automatically somewhat need to be the other one’s partner, too.” “Because when one of us is on the road, two foreign people are living together and they have to get along.” “Until now, that’s always been the problem.” “That’s pretty difficult. In the end, we always decide to stay together instead of saying like ‘Tom, you have to go!'” “That wouldn’t be a solution for us.” T: “The things people are looking for in a relationship, concerning the partnership” “That’s what Bill and I completely have, being together like this.” “Which means I only really need someone for the sexual part.” “And you always find that somewhere. And sometimes, you fall in love along the way.” “But I never wish for that, there is no desire for that.” “There are people, Bill for example, who really would like to have someone to love and be with.” “I don’t feel like that at all. If I wouldn’t fall in love for the rest of my life, I’d be fine with it.” B: “Can you take out the bridge for me so I can properly sing the end?” T: “You are the wine expert!”
B: “You see?!” B: “Don’t come after me if it breaks off.” T: “You are the alcoholic, you got the experience with it!” B: “And then you’ll come after me again…gosh this sucks.” T: “Nonononono. Give it to me!” T: “Is it even far enough inside?”
B: “Yeah yeah…” T: “It already crumbles.” B: “You’re not intended to do it with a pocketknife…” T: “Of course! It has a corkscrew!”
B: “Yeah … but the shitty kind…” B: “Aaaand you screwed up!” B: “Let me do it! Give it to me!” T: “What’s up with the second verse?” B: “Nothing! I don’t have a problem with it!” B: “Play the transition from the first chorus in the second verse and then see if it disturbs you.” B: “I couldn’t speak English for quite some time until we lived in America!” “In the beginning, I could only say my name and where I come from.” “We started with German lyrics.” “And I only listened to Nena and I had all her old records and cassettes.” “And I remember that I really started to sing and perform on my bed back then.” T: “Bill used to listen to a lot of Nena but only the old records from the 80s.” “I liked them, too. And I was kinda forced to listen to them since they were running all they.” “I was more into Aerosmith.” “Back then, Bill had a keyboard where he pressed play to start a drum beat in four-four time.” “And I played the guitar to it and we recorded that. Those were the frist songs.” B: “The arrangement was pretty shitty.” “As soon as Tom could do a new riff and we wrote something together, I wanted to play it live.” “We didn’t really have a masterplan where we thought about the sounds or what kind of singer I want to be.” “Also, God didn’t bless me with such a beautiful voice as Adele or Mariah Carey has for example.” “Instead I used to sing because I had fun and nobody told be how much of a talent I had or how great my voice was.” “Quite the opposite, actually. In the beginning, many said others could do it better.” “But I didn’t care, I wanted to be on stage, to perform and to entertain.” Ge: “Insane…” Ge: “We met the twins at the Gröninger Bad, that’s a club with an open stage.” “Where every more or less talented artist can play.” “Gustav and I met at the music school.” Ge: “It looks quite different in here, huh?”
Gu: “Indeed.” Ge: “And this was the place where we first saw Bill and Tom live on stage at their fascinating Black Questionmark show.” Gu: “They were at the Gröninger Bad and had their show with drums coming from the keyboard, Tom on his guitar and Bill on the microphone.” Ge: “Gustav and I were there and saw the show, we were always looking for a proper band back then.” “And then we offered our help to the boys.” “They were really relieved to finally have a decent bassist and drummer.” Ge: “That’s highly illegal what you’re doing here!” Ge: “I’m just following you…” Gu: “On the one side was the guitar amplifier and on the other side the bass amplifier.” “And the drums also were in here.” “Then there were some boxes up in the front and then the party started!” Ge: “It’s a miracle we still have ears.” Ge: “This door…”
Gu: “It’s still exactly this door.” Ge: “I think we practised every Wednesday, did we?” Gu: “Wednesdays, yes, but then we also did Tuesdays or Thursdays. We stepped up to twice a week.” Gu: “To maybe get a record deal one day, somebody being interested in us…” “I think that has been a wish for all of us and we’ll keep that in sight.” Gu:”Jesus Christ…” Gu: “This is the wall…” Gu: “A bit more over there maybe.” FYI: track is called “Schwerelos” by Devilish T: “We used to call ourselves Devilish. We wanted a name that didn’t need to be translated which sounds the same everywhere.” “And then came Tokio Hotel. But that had nothing to do with any thought towards Japan or something like that.” B: “I thought the name was cool but I had nothing to do with it.” “I had no idea what was going on in Tokyo. “I had nothing to do with manga.” “I never watched anime on TV.” Host: “Welcome to 1LIVE Talk, Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel.”
B & T: “Hi!” “Hello!” Host: “Pleasure to have you!”
T: “Pleasure to be here!” Host: “How offended are you when people are like ‘Tokio Hotel? They still exist?!'” B: “It’s okay. It differs from country to country. The perception in Germany is very different from the other countries.” “In America we’re like the next hot indie stuff while in Germany, we are a commercial band.” T: “If you’re not permanently present over here, people start to think you do not exist anymore.” Host: “Then came the breakthrough we all remember. You first joined 1LIVE in the summer of 2005. You were on school vacations back then.” “Then you joined us again in November and in April.” “You won an 1LIVE Krone. That wasn’t a start from 0 to 100 but to 1000.” B: “Thanks a lot! I don’t know what to say! That’s our first song, so many awards… thanks a lot!” Ge: “One of our producers saw us at the Gröninger Bad, the club we played our first band gig. “There he discovered and approached us, asking if we wanted to come to their studio.” Gu: “We’ve been to the studio for quite some time.” “We wrote songs together with the producer.” “And then there was this line ‘Hinter die Welt’/’Beyond the World'” “That was the first anecdote Bill had.” “And then they brainstormed around it.” Ge: “In the beginning, nobody really thought of ‘Druch den Monsun’ as the first single.” “The decision came in pretty late.” “But we’re glad it was the right one.”

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  1. cockerspanishgirl kiri says:

    I Got English Subtitles? WHY? You Don't Have IT? That Sucks!!!!! WTF!#googleit#duolingo#amupsetforyou#notfair

  2. cockerspanishgirl kiri says:

    OH! and Thank You! you Guys For This! You Guys Are Beautiful!!!!! All Four of You!#Sticktogether#onelove

  3. TheSteven1987 says:

    Eiskellerplatz Und unbedingt den Sudenburger Döner essen. Es gibt nichts vergleichbares.

  4. Letizia Cella says:

    i love them so much, they're so inspiring.

  5. Melli Moralapostel says:

    es ist schon witzig wie tom über das verlieben redet wenn man bedenkt, dass jetzt seine zweite Hochzeit ansteht 🙂 richtiger bad boy 😉

  6. TheGoodLeftUndone says:

    Ich hatte mit der Spritze gerechnet als der Arm vor dem Konzert abgebunden wurde.

  7. TOKIO HOTEL mary emiga Sydneykaulitz says:

    DANKE !!!

  8. Mellyssa says:


  9. JooJooBee says:

    Bill: “Back in the days when I went to school, I was styled pretty extravagantly every day”

    Also Bill: walking in the middle of the desert in a fucking fur coat ….. and heels 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. Maria Petlenko says:

    Somebody can give a link with English sub?

  11. gim says:

    9:09 plays in die nacht

  12. Pocholopocholo Curupipi says:

    Spanish subtitles please!!

  13. Lau Nomad says:

    this documentary makes me cry almost … i stoped listening to them when they made too many songs in english …. when i see baby bill with cute black hair singing durch den monsoon, my heart is getting back to life …

  14. Sarah Abarsan says:

    I love the way bill doesn't give a fuck about people judging him by the way he looks!!!!!! tbh the first thing that attracted me to tokio hotel 10 years ago, was this, and still is! it inspires me so much to be who i am and don't let the negative opinions get me to this day! Thank you! <3

  15. Sarah Abarsan says:

    the part where tom talked about bill's desire to experience love i really felt down 🙁 it's so sad he hasn't found it already i hope he finds it soon. if Bill takes candidates i would gladly volenteer 😀

  16. kadirizmastar says:

    Başlık Türkçe Mi yazıyor 😀

  17. Torchwoodies says:

    Super wie die beiden sich gegenseitig das Beste von und füreinander geben und dass Bis heute!!
    Ohne den jeweils anderen hätten sie sich vermutlich nicht so Selbstbewusst entwickelt oder hätten es zumindest schwerer gehabt ihr Ding zu machen und die Personen zu werden die sie wirklich sein wollen.
    Wirklich Beneidenswert

  18. just dk says:

    15:14 when Georg says "nhnn" i am like ok ok go to few seconds ago back. After listened that for more than 10 times I WAS PREGNANT. hahahah srry

  19. samantha martinez says:

    And now Tom is engaged to Heidi Klum 😂😂

  20. Linda says:

    Hahaha how you can walk on those shoes bill!! Omg I break my legs only by seeing them😂

  21. Galge says:

    Produzieren die nur noch englische Songs?

  22. Isa Bella says:

    Habe bei den beiden, wie ich auch bei vielen anderen Zwillingen, das Gefühl, dass sie immer die jeweils wichtigste Person im Leben des anderen sein werden. Schon unfair manchmal, Tom hat sich die "Liebe" nicht gewünscht und sie jetzt mit Heidi gefunden und Bill hat sich die Liebe gewünscht. Aber so geht das ja vielen im Leben. Vielleicht fällt es sogar genau denjenigen in den Schoß, die es so locker sehen. Hoffentlich geht es mit Heidi gut, denn ich denke die beiden gibt's nur im Doppelpack.

  23. Herz_BTK says:

    Bill, what does Georg see to you at minute 1:01 to 1:03 ??? his face OMG hahahahaahahahahahahahah i think its a GOOD thing what he sees

  24. MrSchelmo says:

    Fest und Flauschig brought me here

  25. Dönerteller Versace says:

    Die Musik gefällt mir zwar nicht, aber ich gönne euch den Erfolg vom ganze Herzen. Schön zu sehen, dass ihr euren Platz gefunden habt und euer Leben genießen könnt. Peace ✌🏻

  26. Europe's Many Faces says:

    irgendwie lächerlich, irgendwie amüsant … im großen und ganzen aber sicher übertrieben

  27. acemultivitaminsaft says:

    Hätte mir damals einer erzählt, dass der Rastalockengitarrist von Tokio Hotel mal Heidi Klum verräumt …

  28. Hannes N.M. says:

    Heute haben wir Mero oder Shirin David. Wann war Tokio Hotel mal in den Trends

  29. Irina says:

    Finde eure neuen Sachen so gut! Richtig toll, eine echte Band und deren musikalische Entwicklung zu sehen. Eine der wenigen soliden deutschen Bands 🙂

  30. Glacyneyla - Lifestyle says:

    Tom kurz bevor er Heidi Clum heiratet: "Wenn ich mich den Rest meines Lebens nicht mehr verlieben sollte, wäre das völlig okay für mich." ööööhm jaaaaa! XD

  31. Leo G says:

    Jungs die wissen wie es läuft.👍💪

  32. Ariel Li says:

    I cried at the scene where Gustav was holding his phone looking at their 14-year-old group photo

  33. saifai says:

    Odd observation, but I hadn't realized Georg's white shirt in that tour had glow in the dark patterns on it. 👍

  34. Sieren Tokiio says:

    Flashback, im so lucky to have met these special guys, if it were not for them i wouldnt be here

  35. Pawlos1066 says:

    Ich bin ehrlich. Damals fand ich die Band ziemlich peinlich, aber ich finde es großartig was daraus geworden und dass sie so lange durchgezogen haben. Und die Jungs jetzt so erwachsen zu sehen und die ganzen Hintergründe zu erfahren finde ich sehr interessant. Ich habe absolut Respekt vor der Leistung!

  36. Sonnenfinsternis88 says:

    Ironie des Schicksals. Bill wünscht es sich und was passiert? Tom bekommt es.

  37. Leen says:

    And now Tom is going to marry Heidi ♥️

  38. Melody says:

    Eigentlich total schlimm dass die beiden so dermaßen ausgegrenzt wurden… 🙁 echt beschämend wenn man denkt wie sich Menschen gegenseitig behandeln

  39. Ксилема Кетон says:

    Love these guys 💜💜💜

  40. Always Carla says:

    6:32 This is the cutest thing I will ever know

  41. Sarhahy Delgado Jimenez says:

    18:32 I'm very excited as if I had been there😁👏🏽

  42. Mimi says:

    Wahnsinn wie Tom noch sagt, ihn störe es nicht wenn er sich niemals verliebt und ewig Single bleibt und nun hat er gestern Heidi Klum geheiratet! Aber eine wirklich klasse Dokumentation die den Ruhm von allen Seiten zeigt. Komme selbst aus der Region und kann mich richtig in sie reinfühlen, war selbst immer der Typ Paradiesvogel früher x3

  43. Chairmane Hartung says:

    have you been to India, Sri-lanka?

  44. itgrrrlofsfbay says:

    As a devoted alien,I really find their documentary very interesting & thank god 4 English subtitles❣❣❣❣❣❣

  45. sco ens says:

    2:15 wenn auch wirklich garkeine Gefühle mehr da sind

  46. Dope Bike says:

    10:40 Heidi ran da!

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