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Tips for Waking Up Early + Stationery | 3rd Year of Medical School Vlog | VLOGMAS 6

Good morning guys! So a lot of people ask me about time management
and how I can get up so early in the morning and all that but I actually have a lot of
trouble getting up in the morning. I’m really not a natural morning person. It takes a lot of tools. I’ll show you guys what I use. So you guys know my Withings watch. This has a built in alarm clock so it vibrates
at the time you designate it, so that it can gently wake you up. I usually also have several alarms set up
on my phone. Usually I like to have a little bit of a cushion–like
snooze time, I find that to be just psychologically comforting to know that I can snooze so I
know it’s not the best habit but I do snooze on my phone. And I have my sunrise alarm clock which I
think is the best way to wake up. This alarm clock will gradually start to brighten
about 30 minutes before I’m supposed to wake up and it’s pretty effective I think. It really wakes my body up and you can set
it to either play the radio or it has some sounds that it can wake you up with. It has some bird noises and some like waves
and things like that. Lastly, I have my alarm clock from IKEA. This has like the most terrible sound and
this one is like my last resort. I only use it like maybe like couple times
a month. Usually all these other things that I have
will wake me up but this is sort of my just in case alarm and it’s pretty terrible to
wake up to. So I’m headed out to my office now. I got my breakfast and I have my lunch here,
I have my gym bag in here, have my water bottle in here, and I’m ready for the day. Hi Candy! Tell me about your day. You must play a cute trick before I can give you food. Oh that’s cute! Hi guys, I’m back from my office. It’s about 3:45. It was a shorter day cause it’s Friday. I’m going to do a leg workout. I’m gonna try to do like an easier more beginner
friendly workout. Something you can do without a ton of equipment. And then after that I’m gonna go to Costco
and do some grocery shopping. So this is the book that I like to look at
if I want some ideas on what to work out and what work outs to try. So this is the Women’s Health Big Book of
Exercises. I’ll link the book down below in the description
box. There is a same one from Men’s Health which
is almost page for page the same thing so it doesn’t really matter which one you get. Different chapters target different parts
of the body and it has all these exercises, so it tells you what’s a good form, and how
to do each exercises and also variations of the same exercises depending on what equipment
you have and your skill level. So some with a bosu ball, some with a swiss
ball. A lot of options, there’s a ton of exercises
in here and part of getting used to working out and starting out is just trying different
things out and finding out what works for your body and what you’re comfortable with
and having all these options is really helpful. Definitely recommend this book. So I just got back from the gym and I’m gonna
go do some grocery shopping now. And I’m gonna stay home and do some video
editing then. So I’m back from the grocery store so it’s
Friday night and I’m taking it kind of easy. I have a full day of studying tomorrow because
my exam is about a week away. So what I’m really doing tonight is planning
out what I’m going study tomorrow so I don’t waste any time when I get to school tomorrow
to study. I’m also planning out next week because I
know next week is gonna be really busy so I’m just writing out where I’m gonna be, what
I have to do and some of the last minute stuff before this rotation is over. So next I wanna share with you guys some of
the items that I have on my online shop. I’m gonna show you guys three items in more
details, and in more details than what you can see from the pictures so you guys can
get a better idea on what the items look like and how I’m using those items. So the first thing that I wanna talk about
is my to-do list. You guys have seen my to-do list in a lot
of the videos. This to-do list is cool cause it comes in
a notebook format so you can fold it up and bring it with you to school or library or
cafe. But the really cool thing about this to-do
list is that it has a bottom fold that folds up, so it stand up on it’s own and you can
have the list in front of you wherever you are and you can get everything on your to-do
list done. The next item that I’m going to talk about
is the desk weekly planner. This planner is meant to be on your desk. It’s not really meant for carrying around
with you but it’s mean to stay on your desk by your computer so you can kind of plan out
your week and create little check list and write down where you’re gonna be and what
you’re gonna do that day generally, so that you can be more organized when you’re at home. My favorite part about this planner is that
it doesn’t have the dates written in, so some of the weeks where you don’t really need a
planner or you don’t really have a lot going on you can actually just skip that week and
start fresh from the following Monday. So there are 60 pages in this one planner
so you can use it for over a year if you use it every week or you can use it for even longer
if you’re not using it every week. So there is a month section you circle and
you just right the dates of the week and you can keep yourself organized that way. It also comes in a lot of different paper
patterns which are really pretty. Last thing I’m going to talk about are the
multi-pens. You guys know I’m a huge fan of multipens. But the multi-pens that I have been seeing
in the US are very limited in color. So I really wanted to find some multipens
that have different colors so that you can really organize your notes and add a little
bit of individuality into it. The first one is a basic one and thats the
basic one that you’ll use for most of your notes. This one has black ink, blue ink and red ink. Then I got two other pens that are neon color,
Neon A has neon yellow, blue and pink in it. The blue and pink are dark enough that you
can write with it and take notes, the yellow is more like a highlighter color so it’s nice
to highlight some text with a thinner pen so that’s what I would use it for. Neon B has neon orange, purple, and green. These are all dark enough that you can take
notes with them but these are also great for underlining texts, and writing notes on the
side. So these three multipens, I think they’re
really versatile. I love the way it feels when you write with
them and I highly recommend them. All the items I just mentioned can be found There are some other items that I didn’t take
about in there if as well if you guys wanna check it out. I know a lot of you guys have asked about
international shipping and I’m working really hard to make that happen but I’m thinking
most likely after my shelf exam which is on Friday but once the exam is done I’ll be in
my winter break so I’ll have a little more time to work on shipping stuff. So I’m gonna close the vlog here thank you
guys so much for watching. This vlogmas has been really fun and I’m really
enjoying myself and I hope you guys are liking it as well. I will see you guys tomorrow! Bye!

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