This Is Embezzlement & Fraud!! – Bar Rescue, Season 4

We spent the whole night
putting together debt
in this place. as best as we could. And we’re about $400,000
in debt right now.Most of these things
we didn’t even know about.
There’s no rent paid.
That’s $5,000 a month
screwing us.Over $100,000.Jon:
So you have to pay
the rent here
because of the cross guarantee
to the theater.
– And you know that.
– That’s correct. So you’ve made a decision
not to the pay the rent. You told me that.So now you need to understand
if they didn’t pay the rent,
you’d be out of business. I can’t bleed over there because this bar
is mismanaged. Well, here’s last month’s
bank statements. I’m really disgusted when
I see the real numbers now. What are these expenses? Rental car, rental car… cafe, golf clubs… Golf clubs! Golf clubs! – Jon, that’s–
– Golf clubs! – One month! One month.
– Golf clubs! I don’t take a paycheck,
she doesn’t take a paycheck
in four years. Golf tees.
Golf country club. Golf lunch. Jon, I don’t– No, no.
That’s embezzlement. – Scott:You can lo–
– When you run personal expenses
through a company… – I don’t take a paycheck!
– …and don’t tell
your partners? – No–
– That’s ( bleep )
fraud, Scott. So see, if you agree
to a paycheck, your partners know that. When you do this,
they don’t. That’s why it’s fraud. You robbed the bank
and you didn’t get away
with it. This is the most incriminating
set of information against a manager
I have ever seen. ( scoffs )
Ah, God! How do I live?
How am I supposed to live? Are you that much
of a ( bleep ) idiot, Scott? – Scott:We don’t get
a paycheck.
– He doesn’t ( bleep ) get it. We don’t take a paycheck
for four years– Howard:Oh, my God.
The same ( bleep ) thing.
– How do you live?
– Barely! You’re getting
money from somewhere. Where? From the business. So you are getting paid then.
Aren’t you?No, I’m not getting paid.
Getting paid is getting
a paycheck.
– Jesus Christ!
– Scott:I used some money.Look, Jon,
if you add that up, that doesn’t even come
to $3,000 a month for two people
working 70 hours a week. – Two people working–
– But you have time to go to
a country club for dinner.Six times.But you’re working
all the time. All this is
on your head. Gonen, you are
a ( bleep ) clown, okay?Just shut your mouth,
all right?
Jon Taffer just called you
an embezzler. You’re a minority owner
in this business. You don’t have the right
to take a ( bleep ) dollar without their approval.And the fact that you’re
spending their money
and acting like a big shot doesn’t only make you
a failure, it makes you
a complete jerk.

100 Replies to “This Is Embezzlement & Fraud!! – Bar Rescue, Season 4”

  1. Jarrett Smith says:

    Not to mention a criminal!

  2. Charles F says:

    Saw that

  3. Delores Barnes says:


  4. N /A says:

    If you don't take a pay check find a new job

  5. Vermillion Dervish says:


  6. Carlos Martinez says:

    You've got two choices, Scott:
    Either pay back the money you embezzled from your employer or you're going to jail.

    BTW, both you & your wife are fired.

  7. KrosanBeast315 says:

    Who the hell still plays Golf these days? It is a dying sport, and one of the most environmentally destructive and wasteful sports ever created

  8. DaveAllen85 says:

    “Golf clubs! Golf clubs! Golf clubs!”

    “Jon, that…”



  9. Martin Leon says:

    Golf clubs

  10. Willa Hladun says:

    I'm taking a class in crime and deviance and was trying to understand what fraud/embezzlement was and this came up when I googled it. No lecture on earth could make it as clear as this video did lol

  11. Cali Tapia says:

    OMG that was awesome for the first video I see of this show! I need to see the whole episode!!!

  12. steven perez says:

    that's fraud and breach of contract

  13. steven perez says:

    how do you live let's see here how about not steal and not commit fraud you fucking moron

  14. N O R R says:

    GOLF CLUBS!!!!!!!

  15. Jarrett Smith says:

    Better to live in honest poverty than ill-gotten wealth.

  16. chris Purdy says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough PLAY GOLF…or at least buy clubs.

  17. Brandon Morris says:

    Dude at 0:41 looks like Lou Ferrigno

  18. Blastgamer77 says:


  19. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says:

    Has anybody else just been binging both Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmare videos?

    No? Just me?

  20. Andrew Kline says:

    This video almost makes me feel guilty that I golf.

  21. silky johnson says:

    He would make a great socialist, he's great at spending other peoples money!

  22. Rowan Williams says:

    Its like fraud and Florida just go together.

  23. gabriel blackmon says:

    ARE you that much of a f****ng Idiot Scott!?

  24. STEVE P says:

    If he doesn't get a paycheck, but still gets money from the business, he has to be stealing it. If he works 70 hours a week, how can he have time for cafe, golf, country club, golf lunch, etc?.

  25. Christian Frazier says:

    1:37 😂

  26. J.A.M says:

    LoL… 4yrs without a paycheck! 🤣🤣 my ass!

    Nobody would work without getting paid… as long as they were able to rent gold clubs and go out to dinner on the Co.s expense…
    he was getting paid plus being a fraud!

  27. Brian Acuna says:

    The look that came over Scott's face when they pulled out the books is priceless! That look literally said "Oh crap! I'm busted"

  28. TheCoolProfessor says:

    Arrest him!

  29. Jack Morgan says:

    Golf club bag, golf cart, golf video games…

  30. steven lindsay says:

    um….not for nothing….this guy should have bought his own golf clubs………

  31. BluePhoenix2013 says:

    Gawlf Clubs!

  32. peter papadimitriou says:

    Interesting stuff

  33. Lifter85 says:

    Don't mind that this guy's a criminal, just understand that he's a REAL JERK! lol

  34. Ya A says:

    G. O. L. F. C. L. U. B. S

  35. Kim Jensen says:

    Bet great scott wish he woud be beamed up

  36. Vendetta Australia says:

    Scott is a loser

  37. Shhh K. says:

    Lol dude sunk his bar for golf clubs

  38. TheSapphireDragon1 says:

    I would rather be a clown than an embezzler Scott

  39. toorpat 1 says:

    I know they made Scott look like a fool for TV purposes, but damn, he's every bit as ugly as his father.

  40. Big Dick All Day says:

    You need to turn a profit to collect a paycheck

  41. TelefaxTV says:

    "It doesn't only make you a failure… it makes you a complete jerk" is a Norm level line. Taffer is god

  42. M says:

    Golf clubs?!

  43. Adam Pimentel says:

    Imagine how much cash they're stealing from them if those are the things they're charging.

  44. Linda Loves Trump says:

    Lock him up

  45. boiled koolaid says:


    Jon: "How DO you live?"

    I was waiting for Scott to scream "GOLF CLUBS".

  46. GalaxyJazzGirl says:


  47. L says:

    "you're a clown"
    "you're an embezzler!"

  48. Deena Nelson says:

    Golf is vital to life. who knew?

  49. Jailyn Wilson says:

    Itd be different if he went to burger king or something but he went to a country club to eat wth

  50. anthony evans says:

    John; not only he's a jerk, HE'S A FUCKING PARASITE!!! Excuse my language…

  51. anthony evans says:

    We need some marijuana dispensaries here too..

  52. Mike Martin says:

    Golf clubs golf clubs mf business is failing but u goin to golf clubs if Jon would hve said tht I'll would hve been died laughing

  53. Jade Welch says:

    Him: “Ohhh gosh. How do I live?”
    Take a pay check each bloody month!! You don’t just buy whatever you want from the company accounts!! Plus how many freaking sets of GOLF CLUBS does one person need?!

  54. DevilinDisguise18 says:

    Love how taffer just lays into this guy!! So well deserved!!!

  55. Coffinsmoke says:

    They should be in prison.

  56. Mike Greensmith says:

    If he wasn't the owners son and wasn't a minority owner himself he'd be fired and sued for embezzlement in a heartbeat

  57. Fatt Jarbo Falseflag God says:

    If you weren't getting a paycheck for 4 years, it might've been a great idea to probably get into another field instead of stealing from your dad.

  58. SYDNEY HI says:


  59. Phinneus Prune says:

    John Taffer is the man

  60. Skippy the Alien says:

    this is why i hate golf

  61. ItzZz Dubstep says:

    Whats embezzlement?

  62. David Hutchinson says:

    Mr. Taffer is correct and on point. Fraud, up to ten years in a federal prison.

  63. Mega YouTube Fan says:

    1:56 – I'm reacting the same way.

  64. Dopey Tripod says:

    no golf clubs were harmed in the making of this video

  65. jhon doe says:

    Golf clubs + Golf clubs + Golf clubs =


  66. 420 gamer says:

    In a few years it'll be pot shop rescue

  67. Thomas Coursey says:

    Did they ever lock him up lol

  68. Raul Rubalcava says:

    At least it wasn't
    Lap dance
    Lap dance
    Lap dance
    Private show
    Lap dance
    Lad dance
    Private show

  69. sdushdiu says:

    An asshat on parade…

  70. chickenXbacon says:

    Damn it Scott.

  71. meathdetal says:

    you've just been… taffered

  72. Tika Hardy says:

    Does anybody know the episode/season?

  73. anthony evans says:

    Scott is a stupid is as a stupid does…

  74. J C says:

    My 2nd favorite taffer moment

  75. Christopher Howell says:

    Jon sure told Dave off.

  76. Brandon Moskos says:

    How do I live? 😂😂

  77. evan1238 says:

    Embezzlement aside, dude is piercing the corporate veil, and exposing himself and his wife to personal liability on behalf of the business… not smart. If (when) the business fails, creditors of the business could snag their house, car, and any other assets

  78. Queen-Wolf88's Youtube channel says:

    Did he really think he wasn't gonna get busted? Go to jail, Scott

  79. Hostem Humani Generis says:

    This show is a fraud….

  80. Holly Ridgeway says:

    He asks how does he live….but yet majority of the charges are stupid items such as rental cars, country club fees, golf, golf accessories..yea…thats all things he NEEDS to stay alive with…what an idiot.. he really wants ppl to believe those things are necessary… I hope they filed charges against him and his wife for fraud/embezzlement.

  81. UnderLust_Sins says:

    so the most incriminating evidence for fraud then? So…if he didn't change then his ass is in jail right? All that evidence?

    If he was given one last chance (Though I personally WOULDN'T have with that evidence) and he blew it his ass should be in jail for, well as John said, Fraud. right?

  82. dmt Handmade says:

    This is some low end Hunter Biden shit.

  83. Scott Wild says:

    This Scott gives all us Scotts a bad name.

  84. Shockeye00 says:

    "I don't take a paycheck." "Do you eat golf clubs?"

  85. Kevin Trujillo says:

    JoN TAfFer Just CaLleD YoU an eMbeZzlEr?!

  86. Michael Smith says:

    How is this man going to say he hasn't had / taken a check in four years. But he spends money on golfing which golfing is pointless to me in my opinion. But any way. He spends money on that. Things would be different if he was spending money on rent or food or essentials

  87. Gave Atched says:

    Thought that was Donald Trump's expenses lol

  88. ML Kang says:

    Taffer is a laffer. Scott just wants to live decent, as any worker deserves

  89. Mr. Blanch says:

    Jon is hilarous

  90. JohnEnigma says:

    How did Jon not walk out on them right then and there?

  91. Nekosenpai24 says:

    @0:45 = It was that moment Scott realized he fucked up… BADLY!!!

  92. Christopher Howell says:

    What would the prison sentence for six counts of embezzlement and fraud if Scott got caught?

  93. Eternally Senseless says:

    I felt some sympathy for this guy until he pulled out his bank statements.

  94. M C says:

    My mother embezzled 64k never told us untill it was to late

  95. James Hustler says:

    You can see the guilt on that guy’s face.

  96. FruitNDoggie says:

    So in all this time, the other owners never bothered to check the bank statements? I'd want to know where the $$$ is going if I was part owner of a failing business.

  97. Baby Doll says:

    You can see their faces at the beginning. They knew their theivings will be out in the open

  98. Paranormal Encyclopedia says:

    I don’t get a paycheck so i put groceries on the business… not great. But country club dues and golf clubs? Eff off

  99. WhenTheSkyTurnsDark says:

    Scott you bastard!

  100. michael majewski says:

    Dude really needs this guy to come look at bank statements and tell him dudes fucking him

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