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This Empty Field Is Technically a Restaurant

(upbeat music) (classical music) – The earth is my ingredient, and I embrace it with all of my heart. Never letting human invention or tools taint its natural perfection. At Farme, I cook in the spirit
of the best chef I know, my mother, Mother nature. (dramatic music) Everything must be fresh at all costs. My restaurant is about something, it’s not just food, it’s not just eating, in fact, sometimes it’s
neither of those things. – Julia cares about the environment. When she started she
would ask questions like, where did this is food come from? How did it get here? Why don’t you know? Why are you sweating? Where are you going? Oh you think I can’t outrun a motorcycle? – [Vendor] Have a great day. – Are these strawberries local? – Yeah, they’re grown like
50 miles down the road. – Oh, really? So, to you, using a car
to transport strawberries dozens of miles is local? – Well, I mean–
– Tell me what you mean. – It–
– Go on. – I didn’t always understand myself, that’s why my first job
was at a Salads, Only! Their food was criminal, they bought frozen corn, they got pears from a store, they washed every dish before using it. There was too much human interference. – One time I made her a birthday cake, and she called poison control. – Return from whence you came.
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. – Return from whence you
came, my beautiful babies. – Whoa, whoa, lady would you please stop? – She’s always been a nut. – At some moments, I wondered
if I’m losing my zen. If I was losing my connection
to what the ingredients were. I’m taking the beauties from the land. So that’s when I quit. (dramatic music) When people asked why I started Freshe, I said, “I’m on the hunt
for the perfect tomato.” They laughed, but I wasn’t joking, nor have I ever joked. Food can only be natural and fresh if it is as mother nature intended with no middle man
interfering with her design, why would you want to tamper
with her creation, anyway? Would you try to interfere
when Michelangelo was painting? Would you tell DaVinci that
his sculpture was too close to a radioactive site? But some didn’t see my vision. The health inspector shut us down, and I have no idea why. – That place was gross. She took that nature thing too far. I mean, no one should get bitten
by a snake at a restaurant. A snake, a snake! – I may never know why we got shut down, but the whole ordeal made me see that I had a lot of soul searching to do. I mean, Freshe still
had plates and tables, and that just didn’t sit right with me. – Please leave me alone! – Last time I checked,
50 miles is 50 miles, not local, you pervert! Hey, call 911, somebody call 911. (dramatic music)
(bird gawking) I got the idea for Farme one day when I fell on the ground, and as I bled into the dirt, I looked around me and I thought, “This isn’t dirt, it’s a plate”, and the grass, a vegetable, and the bugs, a protein, and the sticks, utensils, and the flowers, garnish, and the puddles, a sink, and the trees, maitre d’s, and the bushes were bus boys, and the beetles are expediters, and the clouds sommeliers, and then a deer walked by,
she was the food critic, and that’s when I knew this was a restaurant idea. – You couldn’t find
Farme twice if you tried. First time I went there was by accident, I was driving on a dirt
road, and skidded off. It was dark, desolate, there’s
nobody around for miles, and then I discovered, wait a minute, I’m in the
middle of a restaurant. – Farme connects you to food. It’s ten thousand acres
of field and woods. Julia let’s her patrons loose on the land to fend for themselves. It is illegal, dangerous, and the freshest food I’ve ever tasted. – You may think I’m an idiot. It’s your dessert. That I’m some wild woman
living in the woods, trying to sell you two
different types of milk, from two different teats of
the same goat for a $150, but you know what, I’m living my dream. – Oh, it is quite sweet. Can I at least get a cup? – Cups are a middle man. Keep sucking. – Believe it or not, that’s
just a taste of Gods of Food. To watch the rest of the series, go to and sign up
for your free trial today. It will be life changing, you don’t wanna miss out on this because you have missed out
on so much in your life. – I just wanted a scrambled egg. – This is fresher. (dramatic music) Can you taste that perfection?
(man choking) Nothing like it.

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