The Story of the El Diablo [Bar scene] | Suicide Squad

See I was born with the Devil’s gift. Kept it hidden most of my life, but.. The older I got, the stronger I got. So I started using it. For business. You know? The more power on the street I got the more firepower I got, like that shit went hand in hand. You know one was feeding the other. Ain’t nobody tell me no. Except my old lady. You know she used to uh pray for me. Even when I didn’t want it. ¿Y esto? / what is this? Otra vez con tus pendejadas / Again with your bullshit God didn’t give me this why should he take it away? Hey! This is our home! You put that back where you found it. I’m taking my kids to mom’s. You ain’t taking my kids nowhere! See when I get mad I-I lose control, you know. i just- I don’t know what I do. ‘Till it’s done. And the kids? He killed them. Didn’t you? Own that shit! Own it! What do you think is gonna happen? Huh? Hey Harley come on. What you would just? Think you can have a happy family, and coach Little Leagues, and make car payments? Normal is a setting on the dryer! People like us, we don’t get normal- Why is it always a knife fight every single time you open your mouth? Ya know outside… You’re amazing. But inside, you’re ugly. We all are. We all are! Except for him. He’s ugly on the outside too. Not me shorty. I’m beautiful! Yeah you are! We don’t want you here. Get to the part in that binder saying I was sleeping with her? Yeah. I’ve never been with a witch before what’s that like? Apparently, that’s why the creatures chase him all the time ‘cuz the witch is scared of him. The only woman I ever cared about, is trapped inside that Monster. If I don’t stop the witch it’s over. Everything is over everything You’re free to go. Your daughter writes you every day. Every single day. You had these the whole time? You had letters for my daughter the whole time. I’m Gonna get you there. And you’re gonna end this Imma carry your ass if I have to. Because this shit’s gonna be like a chapter in the Bible. Everybody’s gonna know what we did And my daughter is gonna know that her daddy is not a piece of shit

100 Replies to “The Story of the El Diablo [Bar scene] | Suicide Squad”

  1. Gilli N luv wit Ju says:

    Diablo 🔥

  2. Christina Taamu says:

    She said “ yeaaaah you are 😉 “ 😂😂😂

  3. Swagg Surfer says:

    4:17 fantastic acting by Will here, movie was a miss, but had its moments.

  4. sacura605 says:

    I dont get hoe katana deals with her hair like that… I would go insane

  5. hey mambang tanah says:

    Rick flag ruins this movie

  6. Tyren Brown-Taylor says:

    This scene could have saved this movie

  7. Gillian Rose says:

    This was the best written scene of this movie tbh.

  8. Andrew Murdough says:

    1:52 and for a moment, Dr. Harleen Quinzel came out to lay into Diablo

  9. Gaming Freak says:

    Holy shit someone need to do the something they did to Deadpool in that one Wolverine movie in the last part just with out the healing abilities

  10. JSavacado says:

    Everyone is sucking Diablo's dick. Meanwhile I'm appreciating Will Smith carrying this fucking train wreck of a film.

  11. Funny viral says:

    No sound

  12. Mission to be A Man says:

    “You’re free to go”
    (Proceed to run off and murder innocent people.)

  13. Sam Mazaheri says:

    0:30 wtf

  14. E Diablo says:

    diablo is my favourite DC character

  15. Lazy Lion6 says:


  16. Ella P. says:

    His story was by far the saddest. Made me actually cry.

  17. VOLD GAMER says:

    diablo was the only cool character

  18. Dre Taylor says:

    El Diablo was the best character. A fallen warrior who seeks redemption, but through sacrifice. Rest easy my friend, and sit on your throne of flames 🔥👑

  19. MixaOnPC1080p says:

    Diablo's wife is 🔥

  20. tsromann says:

    Love how Harley says ‘normal is a setting on the dryer’ and then later in the hallucinations scene Harley’s is her pressing a setting on a dryer..

  21. Hooked On Chronics says:

    Not me Shorty. I’m B E A U T I F U L

  22. Jiwoo PARK says:

    When they gave him the letters, it makes me wonder, who's the real bad guy here?

  23. Demogorgon says:

    “Why is it always a knife fight, every single time you open your mouth?”

  24. MelonPie :3 says:

    If he's the son or something of fire how did he die by it

  25. Dima is a tree. says:

    I cringed so hard at 2:37


    "not me shawty, i'm beautiful"

    Me: I'm weak

  27. Ontario Freight inc says:

    They are like rockstar games, they kill of your favorite character, and they won’t care at all about you

  28. Kiero Asahki says:

    It’sWhy the fuck did Flag even let them walk away to this bar? These are criminals. He’s spent the rest of the movie talking about how he’ll blow their brains out if they try anything with no indication otherwise, so why are they allowed to now just do whatever they want? Oh because we need the cliche pity party scene where we learn that maybe, just maybe, these criminals, (might I add some of the most terrible people alive second to only a handful of batman’s rogues) aren’t completely terrible people (even though they in fact, are completely terrible people).

    This movie did wrong what the comic and animated film did right. You can write villains as horrible, selfish, downright terrible people without remorse, and they’ll still make good protagonists. You can write super heroes hell bent on justice as antagonists. Being a protagonist and being a good person are not synonymous.

  29. e s says:

    Edgy as fuck

  30. Beast Den says:

    Man I hate that bitches voice

  31. Naython Iemsisanith says:

    0:30 aint nobody tell me no…

    atta boi

  32. StormyFX says:

    Does this have anything to do with mgk? 😂

  33. Arizona Yu says:

    They made Harley so beyond annoying in this movie. She’s not like this.

  34. Razzi Azhan says:

    They are bad but don't kill kids

  35. sad dance says:

    Damn nigga slap my ass too

  36. roblox savage says:

    “I’m butiful” nigga no you ain’t

  37. GalacticHypernova says:


  38. Kyonna Hicks says:

    🃏 joker and Harley are a good couple

  39. Travis Mitchell says:

    Can anyone pinpoint what he’s eating at 0:39?
    I remember in the theater, my friend thought it was spaghetti which it isn’t.
    But that didn’t stop us from singing “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, but changed the lyrics to “Diablo’s Spaghetti

  40. Eminem is the GOAT says:

    Even 4 deranged psychopaths care about 2 little kids

  41. Meghan Bunter says:

    When it gets too 4:18 I crie its just so sad

  42. Blood Rage says:

    So when he loses control he bursts into flame do uhhhh…….what happened when he was f ing her wife.did he cum fire ?

  43. Tousif Hafeez says:

    I thought of this scene today and now it pops up in my YouTube recommendations.

  44. Golden Boy says:

    This movie sucked ass

  45. Elias Rivera says:

    When a story leaves even the most cold hearted villains shook, you know it was brutal what he did

  46. iloveyoutubeverylittle says:

    El Diablo, Harley, are the best in this movie.

  47. Luis Alicea Concepcion says:

    There’s another movie of Harley queen is called forgot but it was like birds of prey.

  48. The Damned Damsel says:

    this was actually an ok scene until harley opened her mouth

  49. Niels says:

    Leo Valdèz?

  50. Monric says:

    Most unique character has the least to offer. Hate that.
    Edit: Except the boomerang guy and that one guy who tried to escape

  51. Unknown Rapper says:

    Man having a face like killer croc is cool
    Want dat

  52. michaelpenuela says:

    Harley saying own that shit made me cringe so bad for some reason

  53. uhhbitch says:

    Normal is a setting on a dryer – go back to hot topic , begone thot

  54. Ruben Olguin says:

    Lmao, those creatures chasing flagg was never established 😂 wtf was this writing.
    What a terrible movie 😂😂😍

  55. Mr. Sheppard says:

    1:15 remind me batman and robin. scene with Mr. Freeze in cage

  56. Dima is a tree. says:

    Diablo was so cliché lol
    This whole movie kinda was which is why it was a huge fail.

  57. CZ ZENBON X says:

    3:41 captain boomerang lol

  58. stvcanada Brooklyn outlaw says:

    Isn't t street marts and listening

  59. Arturia Pendragon says:


  60. Ally burch says:

    That’s sad

  61. nicole serlick says:

    Did you know he lost in beatbox battles wow and he was battling Deadpool but dad shot

  62. Mochi Yakima says:

    This movie’s making me sad. WHY IS IT MAKING ME SAD!

  63. 1SpicyBoi says:

    Their are a lot of bad people on earth but some of those people are not bad they just made a bad decision

  64. TheDarkWebExpert trust noone says:

    I hate harley

  65. TheDarkWebExpert trust noone says:

    Not me shorty im bootifl

  66. TheDarkWebExpert trust noone says:

    Yeah u r

  67. Davide says:

    Joker has been evading taxes since 2013

  68. oDinked says:

    So cringe

  69. Abraham Yanes says:

    You know…. Some people in California blame the Californian fires on this movies character..

  70. Alif Rahman says:

    When I watch this movie the first timw I know that El Diablo is a good guy.

    I really wanted to see a solo movie for this guy because why not.

  71. Cyber Star says:

    It is nice that Suicide Squad's made a group of villains & ad with different demographic of styles. Harley as Punk Rock, Enchantress as a goth, Joker as a pimp, Captain Boomerang as a Brony(?) (That's odd) & El Diablo as a cholo

  72. Loki says:

    The story was good, the lines after were not, especially from Harley

  73. PRO APPS says:

    3:10 simon, jjjaajjajaaja… Will Smith diciendo Simon, jajajajaja

  74. JonatasMonte says:

    Harley Queen is the internet.

  75. Vincent Pham says:

    2:32 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Yuliano Arturo Molina Jiménez says:

    Y esto otra? vez con tus pendejadas

  77. Isaias Morales says:

    Lamest character

  78. Romario Siergio Castillo-Hernandez says:

    But if he made children,they supposed to have some of his powers, for example, to be able to survive the fire, right?

  79. Ays Ber says:

    Deathshot really is soft in the heart yall 😂

  80. Checkerzzz gaming Hi says:

    Isn't that cute under the glass is A Sexy Woman Fire See Jews Are the light to keep sun everyday you should of read the Torah I read Satan's book and Koran and Bible and Torah

  81. Rishi Deorah says:

    Control flames cantrip, nice

  82. Joseph Vallejo says:

    0:38 y esto!

    0:42 otra vez con tus pendejadas.

  83. Steve S. says:

    deutscher titel aber englischen video….sry aber das ist rotz

  84. A B says:

    She needs to just be naked in every scene and shut the fuck up

  85. Senpai LemonPop says:


  86. Raghav Gaming says:

    what is the name of movie of diablo which show in this clip .. i want to know the movie name

  87. Aleyda L. says:

    Funny how Harley seems to be pissed that someone harmed kids. 😂
    When she has done it herself.

  88. Theodore Reyes says:

    The league of Villians looks different than I remember

  89. Ilai Steiner lahoud says:

    El diablo and killer croc are my favorite looking guys

  90. potato team says:

    Bro i ship el diablo and Harley lmfao also he was my favorite person in the movie

  91. MFTW says:

    This was the best scene

  92. John Lim says:

    4:31 when your friends arent good enough to rank up and you gotta backpack them

  93. TheWestcoastDAVEY says:

    Best and only good scene in the movie

  94. FBI says:

    El diablo is now in the fire nation

  95. Mount Everest says:

    I legit started crying when Deadshot said what he said. Bout not wanting his daughter to believe he’s shit. I felt that. Wish my daddy believed in that.

  96. FLOWPRO AM-MIC says:

    I actually find the movie ok….

  97. Itachi Uchiha says:

    2:37 not me SHORTY I’m beautiful
    Harley: yea you’re –


  98. Roudter says:

    Freakin' comic strip writers…..

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