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The Stanley Hotel | Room 217 | Ghost Tour & Paranormal Investigation | REDRUM!

hi there welcome to room 217 of the
Stanley Hotel I’m staying here tonight I’m going to do a paranormal
investigation I’m also going to give you a quick tour of the Stanley first and go
over its haunted history the Stanley Hotel was opened in 1909
built by Freelan Oscar Stanley its location at the foot of Colorado’s
Rocky Mountains was chosen strategically to assist mr. Stanley with his
tuberculosis with fresh air being the main form of treatment at the time the
Stanley Hotels bold architecture is striking against a scenic backdrop and
has attracted many upper-class vacationers for over 100 years
today it is best known for being the inspiration for Stephen King’s
bestseller horror novel The Shining and for being one of the world’s most
haunted places there are many ghost stories that exist within the Stanley
Hotel it is home to multiple spirits and is an extremely active site for
paranormal activity Freelan Oscar Stanley and his wife
flora supposedly haunt the hotel they built Freelan continues to look after
the property’s operations being seen all throughout the hotel and flora is
apparently responsible for unexplainable piano music coming from the music room
and concert hall the concert hall is said to be the most haunted building on
the Stanley Hotel property it is haunted by several spirits including a former
groundsman named Paul and a homeless woman rumored to have frozen to death
named Lucy multiple children’s spirits also haunt the premises the basement of
the concert hall contains a haunted mirror with mysterious origins many who
have taken photographs of their reflections in the mirror have picked up
images of spirits standing next to them the fourth floor of the stanley hotel
is rumored to be extremely haunted the ghosts of children continue to play in
this area and can be heard running and giggling down the corridors room 401 is
supposedly haunted by former land owner Lord Dunraven and features a closet that
opens and closes on its own accord room 428 is also a paranormal hotspot having
furniture which moves around by itself and the ghost of a cowboy who watches
you sleeping from the foot of the bed the grand staircase located in the main
lobby of the stanley hotel is another paranormal hotspot multiple people have
picked up apparitions of women descending the staircase dressed in
old-time clothing in their photographs the Stanley Hotel is built on top of an
underground tunnel system which former staff members used to navigate the
property it is rumored that some of these workers continued to haunt this
area with the chef being responsible for smells of phantom home-cooked meals
filling the area a grey ghost cat with glowing green eyes has also been spotted
in the tunnel I attempted to communicate with any spirits who may have remained
within the tunnel area via a spirit box session I did not receive any
intelligent responses room 217 is the hotels most requested and
most famous room it is where famed horror author Stephen King spent a night
which resulted in his inspiration for writing The Shining King and his wife
arrived at the stanley Hotel in 1974 they were placed in room 217 and were
the only guests to spend the night at the hotel as it was about to close down
for the season during his stay King had a nightmare
that his young son was strangled to death by a firehose in the hotel he
woke in fright got up to have a cigarette and by the time he had finished he had
the storyline for his novel The Shining fleshed out in his head room 217 is also haunted by the spirit
of Elizabeth Wilson a former maid at the hotel in 1911 she entered the room to
investigate why the gas lighting had been extinguished only to trigger an
explosion from the candle flame she held her body was thrown through the floor of
the room to the level below she survived the explosion with a broken ankle and
went on to live a long life many believe she has returned to her former workplace
in death and may be responsible for the high instances of paranormal activity
inside room 217 I attempted to make contact with Elizabeth or any other
spirits which may reside within room 217 hi guys we are currently sitting in room
217 of the Stanley Hotel which is said to be one of its most haunted rooms
gonna try a quick spirit box session and see if we can communicate with anything
which may be inside the room did you just try to say something
to us? my name is Amy I would like to know your name. Are you from Colorado? Is this your favorite room in the Stanley Hotel? What’s your name? During the night I also attempted several EVP’s but didn’t pick up anything compelling all
right guys I’m going to give another spirit box session and go ahead and see
how I go is there anybody in this room with me
that wants to talk? Elizabeth why do you hang out in room 217? do you like
having guests stay in this room my name is Amy. Who am I talking to? Were you hurt in an explosion here? Who am I talking to? hey guys thanks for watching so I
managed to survive the night inside room 217 if you want to check out a bit more
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