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The Squad | Frosty Flights & Durr Burger | Original Fortnite Animation

(suspenseful music) – Jesus. I’m freezing my buns off. – Buns, you say? – Not those kind of buns. (growling)
(gun firing) – God, I hate this game.
(record scratching) I mean, line? Oh, oh okay. Up there. There’s a lot of metal in my skull. – Stand back. (exploding) – Yes. Looks like there’s a plane here. – Wait, why did we even come in here if the plane is outside? – Who the hell wrote this piece of sh– (suspenseful orchestra music) – Here we are at The Squad Season Finale. All the stars are just now arriving. – [Camera Man] Todd, Todd. Can we get a photo? – Yeah, I’m super excited
about this finale. But what I’m even more
excited to share with you guys is the climate change documentary I’m executive producing. – My dress, it’s an Alexander Wang. – Yeah, what? My mouth is small? Is it that big of a deal? – A season three?
(sniffing) Dude, I don’t (beeping) know. I’m holding out. I need at least seven figures. – [Camera Man] Right. And, aren’t you supposed
to be a robot llama? – Come here. (yelling)
(beeping) (suspenseful music) – Alright, one, two, three. (guns firing) Just give me one second. (light music) – Well. (beeping) – Let’s head northeast. There’s cover there, and I think the storm is
clear in that direction. – No. You’ve got no say in this, little boy. Huntress and I will decide. – No. For years, I’ve heard a voice in my head, saying, follow D Rift. I kept thinking I should be looking for a dimensional rift. And maybe the voice just had some sort of Jamaican accent or something. But now, with my new
biotechnology, I realize, D Rift is drift. – Huh, follow me, (beeping). (haunting music) – This, this is it. – What do you mean, it? Also, whatever happened to Yeet? – He got vaulted, just
like everything else I’ve ever loved in this game. – Oh my gosh. So much history. Now where are they? – Who are they? – Guys, I haven’t been
entirely truthful with you. I’m not a robo-llama. I’m not really even Nuar. – You’re the Hamburglar? – That’s right. That’s how I was getting
all those McFlurries. And now, for my ancestors, I must destroy this tomato temple. And I need to defeat–
– [Ninja] Not so fast. – Ninja, we knocked him. He should’ve died. – Unless. – He had a squat with him in the game. – [Burger] Well well well. – [Hamburglar] There they are. – That’s right, Hamburglar. Why don’t you put your
ancestors’ spirits to rest now. And defeat us. – This is crazy.
(bells dinging) – No, it’s history. During the food fight wars,
my people were destroyed. Tomatoes thrown all over them, ridiculed. So I became the Hamburglar to find the Burger and defeat him. But he grew strongly with
his other edible allies. – That’s right. And nobody is gonna–
(grunting) – Not so fast, beef boy. (suspenseful music)

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