10 Replies to “The Silent Explosion – A visit to the Osho International Meditation Resort”

  1. Hans Mattsson says:

    Soon I will being there.It was love to a woman that started something inside me.Thinking about Mystick rose.Yes old I am but inside I will find myselfe as responsibility to mankind.

  2. Isabelle cotty says:

    I was there from 1990 until 1992 !!!…

  3. LaLa says:

    Thanks for uploading this video.

  4. Jaswinder Sran says:

    heaven on earth…essy jagah nahi dekhi kabhi….lekin inke charge s jaroor aam aadmi afford nahi kar sakta….enrtycharge galat hai..

  5. supriya singh says:

    How much charges for 1 month staying ? I want to go for 1 month

  6. Kittyin Indy says:

    Can I visit Osho’s body’s final resting place? I would love to visit and meditate near him.

  7. Jocelyn Norah says:

    Love the music

  8. Hoàng Lê says:


  9. Birthless deathless says:

    How much i have to pay?

  10. epic Gamer129 says:


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