The Secret Life of Pets/TJ’s House Restaurant & Pet Place, Phnom Penh

Okay, we’ve just arrived at TJ’s House and I’ll let you know what you can do here. They have many dogs and cats in the house that you can play with. They also have a restaurant. So if you want to see what they have inside, just wait a moment and we’ll go inside. But before we go in, I’m feeling really hungry and I’m going to order something to eat. So a little before, I ordered seafood fried rice and a blue margarita. Oh! Delicious! It’s super sweet, so if you don’t like sweet this might not be a good choice for you. Because sweet tastes the best that’s why I have a big belly. Now, I just finished eating and I feel full. Okay, let’s go inside. I’m standing in front of the cat area, but I can’t go inside because it has been raining these past couple of days and the rain got into their enclosure so the owner is fixing their area now. I hope I will see them next time because I actually love cats more than dogs. Attendant speaking: The one sitting on you is almost 5 months. What about him? Attendant: He’s 1 year old. I’m a person who’s afraid of big animals because when I was young I was bit by a dog. In the beginning I felt scared, but now it’s okay. They are so cute! Okay, so thank you guys for watching this video. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe. I’ll see you guys soon for the next video!

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    Nice video bro

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    good bro

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    Nice one 👍😀🐾

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    Hi my dear friend. Nice video. Like 6

  5. hey samnang says:

    TJ's House and Tj's Cafe were the first "pet cafes" in Phnom Penh. Now we have quite a few that I will try out soon! Have you been to a pet cafe before? Where in the world is your favorite pet cafe? Let me know in the comments below!

  6. MGB crypto says:

    Very nice 👍

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    OMG the dogs are SOOOOOOOO CUTTTTTE!!!!!! hahaha. I would love to go there!

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  9. Truong Anh Thu says:

    I love cats and dogs

  10. Peter and Yen says:

    Ooooo what a cool place so many cute dogs everywhere. They have so many cats too! Great to hear you speaking in your native language thanks for the subtitles 👍

  11. Hey samnang says:

    Dogs and Cats ( Love )

  12. Nick and Helmi says:

    blue margarita haha 😀 that is indeed super blue samnang – these feels like those pet cafes in japan 😀 – adorable dogs – so its a restaurant and a zoo as well 😀 two in one, cant get any better than that…

    hey i was also scared of dogs when i was young, wasnt bitten though 😀 but now i have a dog and cant live without hehe

  13. deadeyeXXX productions says:

    Cool restaurant and pet place! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up #15 and hope you have a great day !

  14. Leon and Tash says:

    Haha, bro your reaction when you taste the margarita is classic, haha, love it! We're big margarita fans. We could tell you were little nervous with the big dogs at first, but awesome to see they settled down and you began to enjoy it. Great video man.

  15. The Stalinios says:

    Big belly? Where? lol
    The fried rice looks amazing! I love fried rice! OMG so many cute puppies!

  16. Jeffles Changy says:

    Good to see that you're back mate! That blue margarita actually looks pretty good! I would just surrender myself when I'm seeing all these cats and dogs haha, they're so cute! 😀

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    Love the cafe!!! That drink looks delicious! What a fun place!!

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    very nice video fam, new sub to show some support, i hope you don't mind doing the same for a friend.

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    Hey Samnang ! Nice video ! Are you in Cambodgia ?

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    hahahahah u tried to make face like that… lovely food , lovely pets…those dogs really loved u. mate…. lovely vlog… stay connected..

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    Such smooth shots!!

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    awesome video!! your editing is amazing…keep up the great content! I just subscribed to you! i recently made my own youtube channel and would love if we could support each other 🙂

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    Very nice video :))))

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    Aww so much love! We've never been to a cute pet cafe before, but we went to a reptile and insect cafe in Japan which was super cool and weird.


    Great video. I am ur new subscriber.lets support each other.

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    ធ្លាប់តែមើលបងនិយាយអង់គ្លេស ដ៏ឥឡូវនិយាយខ្មែរ មានអីខប់ស៊េរី

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    Wow so many cute dogs! Big Husky! They just love you! Very enjoyable video that easy to watch to the end! Enormous thumbs up 27!


    #244 new subscriber here 😊 wow ! Beautiful dogs 😊… I love dogs … Mmmmmm blue margarita looks good !! 😋😋😋 thank you for sharing you nice video … Hope you can also return the support back … Thanks so much 😊

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    Great video and filming, those dogs were so cute! Thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

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    Wow a great place to go Samnang. Full of gorgeous dogs. Great video my friend.

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    Fantástic dogs

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    I enjoyed hearing you speak Khmer in this video. Thanks for adding the subtitles so I could keep up. By the way, I'm also a cat person 👍

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    Pretty interesting place, They loved you good one friend ❤️🥂

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    Can you tell me where is this place? I would love to visit there😆

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