The Revamped SunCoast Park Hotel Disneyland – Tour & Review

The SunCoast Park Hotel is a great option
for a fun-loving, budget savvy traveler who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort & style. Stick around to find out if it’s for you
in this honest hotel review. Hey everyone this is Julia with Honest Hotel
Reviews and today I’m at the SunCoast Park Hotel, at the Disneyland Resort, giving you
an Honest Hotel Review. This video is not sponsored but if you like
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let our conscience be your guide. Here’s how our reviews work, each hotel
is graded on the same 4 categories which are Overall Experience, Hotel Amenities, Room
& Value this way you can compare it with other Disneyland area hotels we’ve reviewed. First up is overall experience. If The SunCoast Park Hotel looks familiar
to you, it’s probably because it used to be the Country Inn & Suites. Revamped & renovated into a chic Beach themed
hotel, now it’s under the tapestry collection by hilton. When we arrived at the hotel around 11 am,
they had a room ready for us and even gave us the option between a room on a higher floor
but close to the elevator, or on a lower floor but further from the elevator. We opted for the higher floor. Even though it’s close to the freeway, we
were never bothered by the noise like we have been at some other hotels. It may not be as close to Disneyland as we’d
like at a 15 minute stroll, but you’ve also got the option to pay a few bucks for uber
or Lyft or to use the Anaheim Resort Transit system. Even though you’re further from the park
and downtown disney, it is only a 5 minute stroll to Anaheim’s Garden walk where there
are a number of shops and restaurants. Unfortunately, we had to knock them down a
bit in this category because the morning we were checking out, I received a bill charging
us for parking…even though we didn’t have a car and mentioned that at check in. It was an easy fix, but it’s something that
shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But it did, so we had to give them a 3.5/5 The next Category is Hotel Amenities we were really happy with the quality of their
pool area and bar/restaurant that opens in the evenings. The pool is a fantastic size and is the kind
of place I’d love to hang out in the early afternoons for a little R&R before heading
back to the parks. I will say the number of lounge chairs are
a little sparse which may cause a problem if the pool gets busy. They also had a hot tub, restrooms and a place
to rinse off. The Lobby restaurant & bar had some great
looking food options and drinks at a good price compared to other hotels. another thing that… “raised the bar”
was the basket games available for guests to use while hanging out. Other hotel amenities include a business centre,
a gift shop in the lobby that sells gifts, snacks. Drinks and essentials, and a small fitness
centre that was clean and had a water filter for anyone looking to refill their bottles. The hotel doesn’t have a complimentary breakfast,
but they do offer a paid breakfast buffet if you’re looking for a quick and easy option
in the mornings. Overall we were happy with the amenities so
we gave them a 4 out of 5 We stayed in a Studio suite with 1 king bed
and were quite impressed with it for the price. The room was bright and the colour scheme
and theme of the room matched the rest of the hotel with more beachy decor. The layout of the room with the bed and sitting
area separated by the bathroom made the room feel very spacious. When you first walk in, you will find yourself
in a sitting area with a small double couch which pulls out to a bed, an arm chair, a
TV and a great little desk area. If you’re here for a longer stay, it is
really nice to have this extra space for hanging out. Next to the sitting area is a small cabinet
with a fridge, microwave and coffee maker. There is also a padded bench and full length
mirror. and a closet with Hangers, an iron and ironing board and extra bedding for the
pull out couch. The bed here is awesome. I had a fantastic sleep here, which doesn’t
normally happen for me in a hotel. It had great pillows and a wonderful mattress
and we weren’t bothered by the sound of the busy freeway outside our window. They had plenty of outlets at the bedside
too which is great. There was also a nice sized dresser for clothes
and another TV. Having the extra separation from the hotel
room door was really nice, especially since we picked the room closer to the elevator. The bathroom was nicely updated. everything was refinished to a high standard. It was clean, had lots of towels, nice toiletries,
a full sized hair dryer and this is also where you’ll find the in-room safe. Here are a couple things to keep in mind about
the room. Being an environmentally friendly hotel, you
need to put your key card in the card holder to activate the lights but we like that it
helps conserve energy. Now, There’s no proper luggage holder. If you have a small bag you can certainly
use the bench, but it’s not suitable for a medium to large suitcase. We found this room extremely clean and very
comfortable, so we’ve given it a 4/5. When we booked this hotel, it was after it
had first re-opened and so we managed to get a really good rate. We expect this hotel will probably be a mid-range
priced hotel price since it is nicely refinished, but a little further away from he park. We’ve reviewed A LOT of hotels in the Disneyland
area. If you compare this hotel to a similarly priced
hotel right across the street from the park, you definitely won’t be as close to the
park, but basically everything else will be better. it’s clean, it’s really comfortable, has
a great pool and great staff. We can easily give the sun coast hotel a 4
for value. This gives the SunCoast Hotel an overall score
of 3.875/5 which is a great score in our books. We recommend this hotel to anyone who wants
a comfortable and stylish, budget friendly hotel and doesn’t mind a 15 minute walk,
or spending a couple bucks to uber or bus to Disneyland. If you’re considering other hotels in the
Disneyland area we post new videos every week. Head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at for more hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Julia and this was another honest hotel

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  1. Honest Hotel Reviews says:

    Hey everyone 👋 thanks so much for watching 😀 have you ever had an unexpected charge on your hotel bill? What was it for? Here, we were charged for parking even though we didn’t have a car. It was an easy fix…just a surprise! We still recommend this hotel though. It was an honest mistake.

  2. Jack Lol says:

    I have never heard of this hotel before so this is definitely a surprise!

  3. Playtime with Pinkie and Co says:

    We travel to Anaheim a lot! We really appreciate your reviews

  4. Melody Jones says:

    The next hotel that needs a renovation is the Clarion. What a mess that place is. They charged us a fee at check in and it was never refunded. We’ll never stay there again, so, thank you for good ideas for clean places to stay.

  5. Works Hard 4 MK3 says:

    OMG I had no idea you had another channel. Thank goodness I watched Ed & Mindy's livestream. Me-Me and I have been wondering & worrying & praying. Glad you are making content. Hope you are both doing WONDERFUL, you have been missed. 😘😘

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